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Star Wars: The Art of Ralph McQuarrie
  All-Metal Collector Cards
Metallic Impressions - 1996

Note:  Distributed as a limited-edition (12,000 sets) factory set in a large
(4-3/8" x 7-3/4") designer tin.

No.   Front Title                                   Back Title

  1   Star Wars Poster Concept                      Character Sketches
  2   C-3PO and R2-D2                               The Star Wars
  3   Faceoff                                       Poster Concept - Luke and Leia
  4   Darth Vader and Luke's Lightsaber Duel        Poster Concept - Full Cast
  5   Imperial Stormtrooper with Lightsaber         Paperback Cover
  6   Escaping the Jawa Sandcrawler                 Tusken Raider
  7   Luke and the Twin Suns of Tatooine            Falcon in Docking Bay - Early Concept
  8   Falcon in a City in the Clouds Hangar         Watching from the Death Star
  9   Death Star Interior                           Luke and Leia in Death Star Reactor Core
 10   Y-wing Fighters - Early Concept               The Main Throne Room, Rebel Base on Yavin Four
 11   Imperial Walkers Attack Tauntaun Rider        Rebel Soldiers in the Ice Trenches
 12   Millennium Falcon Escapes Space Slug          Star Destroyers
 13   Luke and Yoda                                 Rendezvous with Destiny
 14   TIE Fighter Approaches a City in the Clouds   Darth Vader Awaits
 15   Confrontation in the Carbon-Freezing Chamber  Luke and Leia
 16   The Droids Seek Jabba                         In the Custody of a Gamorrean Guard
 17   Luke in Jabba's Lair                          Above the Sarlacc Pit
 18   Rebels Plot Attack                            Speeder Bike Chase
 19   Dark Lord's Arrival                           Duel of the Jedi
 20   Emperor's Throne Room                         Luke Attacked by the Emperor

 --   Certificate of Authenticity                   Set. No. _ of 12,000
 --   Why Metallic Impressions?                     (Advertising Insert)

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