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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Tin Set
Metallic Impressions - 1996

Notes:  These metal cards were issued as a complete factory-sealed tin set,
limited to 49,900 copies. Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the original

No.   Title

 41   Death Star Reborn
 42   In Jabba's Clutches
 43   Cloaked Calrissian
 44   Droid Dilemma
 45   Max Rebo Band
 46   Han is Rescued
 47   The Rancor Pit
 48   Aboard a Skiff
 49   The Escape Begins
 50   Leia and Luke Escape
 51   Ackbar in Command
 52   Wily Wicket
 53   Imperial Scout
 54   Welcome to Endor
 55   Battle of Endor
 56   Lord Vader Commands
 57   Emperor's Trap
 58   On Target
 59   Final Battle
 60   Checklist

 --   Certificate of Authenticity


 P3   Promotional Sample - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

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