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Return of the Jedi Album Stickers
Topps - 1983

No.   Scene

  1   Approaching Death Star, top left
  2   Approaching Death Star, top center
  3   Approaching Death Star, top right
  4   Approaching Death Star, middle left
  5   Approaching Death Star, middle center
  6   Approaching Death Star, middle right
  7   Approaching Death Star, bottom left
  8   Approaching Death Star, bottom center
  9   Approaching Death Star, bottom right
 10   Luke Skywalker
 11   Darth Vader
 12   Title banner, top left
 13   Title banner, top center
 14   Title banner, top right
 15   Title banner, bottom left
 16   Title banner, bottom center
 17   Title banner, bottom right
 18   Luke outdoors, top
 19   Luke outdoors, bottom
 20   Luke (face)
 21   Luke at battle station
 22   Darth and Luke, antenna platform
 23   Emperor and Luke
 24   Han (face)
 25   Han firing, top
 26   Han firing, bottom
 27   Han with gun
 28   Han with plans
 29   Han outdoors
 30   Leia, top
 31   Leia, bottom
 32   Leia (face)
 33   Leia, gowned
 34   Leia, slave girl, top
 35   Leia, slave girl, bottom
 36   Lando (face)
 37   Lando leading guards
 38   Lando as bounty hunter and Leia
 39   Lando as bounty hunter, top left
 40   Lando as bounty hunter, top right
 41   Lando as bounty hunter, bottom left
 42   Lando as bounty hunter, bottom right
 43   Jabba, upper left
 44   Jabba, upper right
 45   Jabba, lower left
 46   Jabba, lower right
 47   Salacious Crumb, top
 48   Salacious Crumb, bottom
 49   Alien life form
 50   Beedo and a Jawa
 51   Gammorean guard
 52   Chewbacca and Leia as bounty hunter
 53   C-3PO, upper left
 54   C-3PO, upper right
 55   C-3PO, lower left
 56   C-3PO, lower right
 57   Bib Fortuna and Leia as bounty hunter
 58   Sly Snootles
 59   Keyboard player
 60   Band singer
 61   Sly's band art, top left
 62   Sly's band art, top right
 63   Sly's band art, bottom left
 64   Sly's band art, bottom right
 65   Han in carbonite
 66   Leia views carbonite, left
 67   Leia views carbonite, right
 68   Han melting
 69   Han and Leia kiss, left
 70   Han and Leia kiss, right
 71   Jabba with slave Leia, C-3PO, Bib, left
 72   Jabba with slave Leia, C-3PO, Bib, right
 73   Luke with Gamorrean guard
 74   R2-D2, top
 75   R2-D2, bottom
 76   Slave Leia and Jabba, left
 77   Slave Leia and Jabba, right
 78   Above the Sarlacc pit, left
 79   Above the Sarlacc pit, middle
 80   Above the Sarlacc pit, right
 81   Luke with light saber, top
 82   Luke with light saber, bottom
 83   Boba fights Lando, top left
 84   Boba fights Lando, top right
 85   Boba fights Lando, bottom left
 86   Boba fights Lando, bottom right
 87   Guards fight Luke, top left
 88   Guards fight Luke, top middle
 89   Guards fight Luke, top right
 90   Guards fight Luke, bottom left
 91   Guards fight Luke, bottom middle
 92   Guards fight Luke, bottom right
 93   Hanging over pit, left
 94   Hanging over pit, right
 95   Slave Leia attacks Jabba
 96   Hanging on to Lando, top left
 97   Hanging on to Lando, top right
 98   Hanging on to Lando, bottom left
 99   Hanging on to Lando, bottom right
100   Gammorean guard
101   Slave Leia attacks pilot, left
102   Slave Leia attacks pilot, right
103   Yoda, left
104   Yoda, right
105   Briefing chamber audience
106   Mon Mothma, top
107   Mon Mothma, bottom
108   Han (face)
109   Generals Lando and Han
110   Admiral Ackbar, left
111   Admiral Ackbar, right
112   Ackbar (face), top
113   Ackbar (face), bottom
114   Crew on board, left
115   Crew on board, right
116   Han on bridge
117   Droids on Forest Moon
118   Stormtrooper fired upon
119   Wicket discovers Leia
120   Leia, top
121   Leia, bottom
122   Leia and Wicket
123   Heroes netted, top
124   Heroes netted, bottom
125   Ewok chieftan, left
126   Ewok chieftan, right
127   Wicket, top left
128   Wicket, top right
129   Wicket, bottom left
130   Wicket, bottom right
131   C-3PO and chieftan
132   Baby Ewok, top left
133   Baby Ewok, top right
134   Baby Ewok, bottom left
135   Baby Ewok, bottom right
136   R2-D2 confronts Wicket
137   Han tied up, left
138   Han tied up, right
139   Leia intervenes
140   Chewy and Leia, top
141   Chewy and Leia, bottom
142   Stormtrooper on speeder, left
143   Stormtrooper on speeder, right
144   Trooper on speeder art, top left
145   Trooper on speeder art, top right
146   Trooper on speeder art, bottom left
147   Trooper on speeder art, bottom right
148   Ewok shaman
149   AT-ST, top
150   AT-ST, bottom
151   Leia and Han captured
152   Firing on droids and Ewok, left
153   Firing on droids and Ewok, right
154   Stormtroopers advance, left
155   Stormtroopers advance, right
156   Emperor, top
157   Emperor, bottom
158   Luke and Darth on stairway
159   Luke and Darth
160   Darth and Luke saber fight, left
161   Darth and Luke saber fight, right
162   Y-Wing fighter, left
163   Y-Wing fighter, right
164   One-man fighter, left
165   One-man fighter, right
166   Y-Wing fighter, left
167   Y-Wing fighter, right
168   Larger ship, left
169   Larger ship, right
170   Millenium Falcon, top left
171   Millenium Falcon, top right
172   Millenium Falcon, bottom left
173   Millenium Falcon, bottom right
174   Larger ship, top
175   Larger ship, bottom
176   Victory celebration, left
177   Victory celebration, right
178   Luke and Han
179   Han and Leia, left
180   Han and Leia, right

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