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Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 3D Widevision
   Topps - 2015

Notes: This series was packaged as a factory base set with one sketch card and one 
other hit.  Further information and scans are posted at the Topps website.

Box: 2000 numbered sets.\

   No.   Title

     1   Raid on the Invisible Hand
     2   Jedi Knights at the Ready
     3   An Unexpected Plunge
     4   Rescuing the Chancellor
     5   Duel with Count Dooku
     6   Heroes Taken Prisoner
     7   Turnabout Is Fair Play
     8   Challenge of General Grievous
     9   Going Their Separate Ways
    10   The Droids on Coruscant
    11   Anakin Skywalker's Dilemma
    12   His Future Before Him
    13   Addressing the Jedi Council
    14   The New Mission
    15   A Special Relationship
    16   On the Wookiee Planet
    17   Defending the Republic
    18   Wookiees on the Warpath
    19   Each Jedi to His Task
    20   General Kenobi and His Troops
    21   A Gathering of Separatists
    22   Kenobi versus Grievous
    23   The Master Manipulator
    24   Mentor or Menace?
    25   The Chancellor Strikes
    26   In Pursuit of the General
    27   Clone Trooper Attack
    28   Consumed by the Dark Side
    29   Of Passion and Destiny
    30   Master Yoda Stikes Back
    31   A Tragic Discovery
    32   Padmé's Dilemma
    33   Betrayed by Love
    34   Down But Never Out
    35   Showdown in the Senate
    36   Yoda's Final Gasp?
    37   Titans of Mustafar
    38   Brother Against Brother
    39   Saved by Sidious
    40   Birth of the Star Twins
    41   Reconstructing Anakin
    42   The Dawn of Darth Vader
    43   Partners in Galactic Terror
    44   Awaiting Freedom's Return


Autograph Cards

         Variants include Base (unnnumbered), Silver (# to 15), and Gold (# 1/1). Shown below are 
         varieties that have been observed.

   --    Anthony Daniels as C-3PO                        15     1
   --    Bai Ling as Senator Bana Breemu         unn     15     1
   --    David Bowers as Mas Amedda              unn     15
   --    Ian McDiarmid as Chancellor Palpatine           15
   --    Jeremy Bulloch as Captain Colton        unn     15
   --    Kenji Oates as Saesee Tiin              unn     15     1
   --    Kenny Baker as R2-D2                            15
   --    Nina Fallon as Stass Allie              unn     15     1
   --    Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca               unn     15

Medallion Cards

         Variants include Bronze (# to 60), Silver (# to 30), Gold (# 1/1); and sketch cards.

   --    Anakin Skywalker                          60    30            sketch
   --    Darth Vader                               60    30            sketch
   --    Chewbacca                                 60    30     1      sketch
   --    Clone Trooper                             60    30     1      sketch
   --    General Grievous                          60    30     1      sketch
   --    R2-D2                                     60    30            sketch
   --    C-3PO                                     60    30     1      sketch
   --    Yoda                                      60    30     1      sketch

Manufactured Patch Cards

         Variants include Bronze (# to 60), Silver (# to 30), and Gold (# 1/1).

1 of 4   Darth Vader                               60    30
2 of 4   Chewbacca                                 60    30
3 of 4   C-3PO                                     60    30
4 of 4   Obi-Wan Kenobi                            60    30

Sketch Card Artists

         Includes Regular Sketch Cards or Medallion sketches.

         Adam Talley                           Regular     Medallion
         Adrien Rivera                         Regular
         Andrew "Drone" Cosson                 Regular
         Andy Fry                              Regular
         Ashleigh Popplewell                   Regular
         Bill Pulkovski                        Regular
         Brandon Gallo                         Regular
         Brian DeGuire                         Regular     Medallion
         Bruce Gerlach                         Regular
         Carlos Cabaleiro                      Regular     Medallion
         Chad "CWM" McCown                     Regular
         Charles Hall                          Regular
         Chris Henderson                       Regular     Medallion
         Chris West                            Regular     Medallion
         Dan Bergren                           Regular
         Dan "Smif" Smith                      Regular
         Danny Haas                            Regular
         Darrin Pepe                           Regular     Medallion
         Dennis Budd                           Regular
         Eric Kowalich                         Regular
         Eric Lehtonen                         Regular
         Erik Maell                            Regular
         FLOSI                                 Regular     Medallion
         Francois Chartier                     Regular
         Frank Kadar                           Regular     Medallion
         Hayden Davis                          Regular
         Howard Russell                        Regular
         Irma "Aimo" Ahmed                     Regular
         Jamie Cosley                          Regular     Medallion
         Jared Hickman                         Regular
         Jason Adams                           Regular
         Jason Chalker                                     Medallion
         Jason Sobol                           Regular
         Jeff Benitez                          Regular
         Jeff Mallinson                        Regular
         Jessica Hickman                       Regular
         John Sloboda                          Regular     Medallion
         Jordan Maison                         Regular
         Josh Bodwell                          Regular
         Kaela Croft                           Regular
         Ken Knudsten                          Regular
         Kimberly Dunaway                      Regular     Medallion
         Kris Penix                            Regular
         Kyle Babbitt                          Regular
         Lak Lim                               Regular
         Lee Lightfoot                         Regular
         Lord Mesa                             Regular
         Marcia Dye                            Regular     Medallion
         Marck Labas                           Regular
         Matt Hebb                             Regular
         Matt Stewart                          Regular     Medallion
         Matthew "MSM" Minor                   Regular
         Melike Acar                           Regular
         Michael 'Locoduck" Duron              Regular
         Mick and Matt Glebe                   Regular
         Norvien Basio                         Regular
         Pablo Diaz                            Regular     Medallion
         Patricia Ross                         Regular
         Patrick Giles                         Regular     Medallion
         Paul "Gutz" Guttierez                 Regular     Medallion
         Rich Kunz                             Regular
         Rhiannon Owens                        Regular
         Rich Molinelli                        Regular
         Robert Hendrickson                    Regular
         Robert Teranishi                      Regular
         Roy Cover                             Regular
         Ryan van der Draaij                   Regular
         Scott Rorie                           Regular
         Shane McCormick                       Regular     Medallion
         Sol Mohamed                           Regular     Medallion
         Stephanie Swanger                     Regular
         Steven Burch                          Regular     Medallion
         Tanner Padlo                          Regular
         Thom Glinski                          Regular     Medallion
         Tim Dowler                            Regular
         Tim Shay                                          Medallion
         Tion Medon                            Regular
         Todd Aaron Smith                      Regular
         Tom Carlton (fish skeleton)           Regular     Medallion
         Tony Miello                           Regular
         Veronica O'Connell                    Regular
         Ward Silverman                        Regular
         Wilson Ramos Jr.                                  Medallion

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Promos

         Four other promo cards were distributed elsewhere.

    11   BB-8 on the move!
    67   Kylo Ren ignites his Lightsaber!
    76   Finn on the run!
    96   The Millennium Falcon

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