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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
(Episode III)
   Topps - 2005

Notes:  Limited further information and scans are found at the Topps web archive. 
A checklist of sketch cards, populated with images when available, is found at 
Keith Jakubowski's site. Thanks to Kenny for the base checklist and updates, 
and to Brian Hancock (Sebulba-X), Mike Kloc, and Joel Welle for more updates! 

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 6 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.71 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 16 boxes per case.
Common sets: approximately 1.57 per box.
Retail Mini-Box: 6 packs of 7 cards.
Collector Tins (6 different): 3 Retail packs + 1 exclusive card.
Bubble packs: 2 Retail packs + 1 exclusive card.

No.   Title


  1   Anakin Skywalker
  2   Darth Vader
  3   Padmé Amidala
  4   Obi-Wan Kenobi
  5   Yoda
  6   Mace Windu
  7   Chancellor Palpatine
  8   Darth Sidious
  9   Count Dooku
 10   General Grievous
 11   Chewbacca
 12   Tarfful
 13   Bail Organa
 14   C-3PO and R2-D2
 15   Nute Gunray


 16   The Jedi
 17   The Sith
 18   The Separatists
 19   The Senators
 20   Clone Troopers
 21   Separatist Droids


 22   Jedi Knights To The Rescue
 23   Anakin's Daring Raid
 24   Battling The Buzz Droids
 25   Facing An Old Enemy
 26   Clashing With The Count
 27   The Fury Of Dooku
 28   Count Dooku's Execution
 29   R2 Does His Part
 30   "What About Plan 'B'?"
 31   Enter...General Grievous!
 32   Beheading A Droid
 33   Dueling With General Grievous
 34   To Fight Another Day
 35   Another Happy Landing!
 36   Dream...Or Premonition?
 37   Star-Crossed Lovers
 38   Seeking Yoda's Advice
 39   Heir To The Future
 40   Conferring With The Council
 41   The Secret Of Eternal Life
 42   Obi-Wan's Plan Of Attack
 43   Utapau On Alert
 44   The Rampaging Wheel
 45   Formidable Foes
 46   Vanquishing Grievous
 47   Arresting The Chancellor
 48   A Sith Lord Revealed
 49   Mace Vs. Palpatine
 50   The Jedi Betrayed
 51   Unstoppable Clones!
 52   Planet Of The Wookiees
 53   A Farewell To Friends
 54   The Terrible Truth
 55   The Sith Apprentice
 56   An Alliance Severed
 57   Slaughter Of The Separatists
 58   His Mad Reign Begins
 59   Yoda's Fight For Life
 60   The Path I Cannot Follow
 61   War of the Jedi
 62   Brother Against Brother
 63   Struggle In The Senate
 64   The Force Unleashed!
 65   Consumed By The Dark Site
 66   Anakin's Fiery Fate
 67   Escaping From Palpatine
 68   The Birth Of Luke And Leia
 69   More Machine Than Man
 70   An Alliance Of Evil
 71   Dark Days, Brighter Tomorrows
 72   Saving Luke Skywalker


 73   Coruscant
 74   Utapau
 75   Kashyyyk
 76   Mustafar


 77   Buzz Droids
 78   Lightsabers
 79   Jedi Starfighters
 80   ARC-170 Starfighters
 81   Droid Tri-Fighters

Production Art

 82   Galactic Rescue
 83   Wookiee World
 84   A Deadly Duel
 85   Showdown On Mustafar
 86   In Exile On Dagobah


 87   From Jedi To Sith
 88   Old Friends Revisited
 89   A Trilogy Fulfilled

 90   Checklist / Title Card


Etched Foil Panoramic Puzzle Cards (1:6 packs, Hobby and Retail)
    (art by Duursema & Parsons)

  1   Bail Organa with Leia, Beru Lars with Luke, Owen Lars
  2   Darth Vader (rebuilt à lá the OT)
  3   Poggle the Lesser, Nute Gunray, San Hill
  4   Chewbacca & Tarfful
  5   Saesee Tinn, Plo Koon, Quinlan Vos
  6   Luminara Undulli, Adi Gallia, Barriss Offee

Special Collector's Edition Lenticular Morphing Cards (1:24 Hobby packs)

1 of 2  Twenty-year-old Anakin ... (Padawan Anakin to Vader)
2 of 2  Led astray by promises ... (Hooded Vader to Helmeted Vader)

Lenticular Morphing Cards (1:24 Retail packs)

1 of 2  Even as a nine-year old ... (Young Anakin to Vader)
2 of 2  After three years on the front line ... (Jedi Anakin to Vader)

Case-Topper Lenticular Morphing Card (Hobby cases)

Bonus  (3-panel lenticular card, Young Anakin to Vader in 6 images)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:36 Hobby packs)

   Level A: 1:777 packs
   (approx. 100 or 1:6993 packs for each artist, if made in equal numbers)

      Jeff Carlisle
      Jeff Chandler
      Justin Chung
      Chris Eliopoulos
      Dave Fox
      Monte Moore
      Kilian Plunkett
      Juan Carlos Ramos
      Cat Staggs

   Level B: 1:357 packs (approx. 200 or 1:3570 each artist)

      Cynthia Cummens
      Dave Dorman
      Kieron Dwyer
      Scott Erwert
      Brandon McKinney
      Amy Pronovost
      David Rabbitte
      Chris Trevas
      Russ Walks
      Brent Woodside

   Level C: 1:493 packs (approx. 300 or 1:2465 each artist)

      Joseph Booth
      Joe Corroney
      Matt Haley
      Mike Lilly
      Brian Rood

   Level D: 1:863 packs (approx. 400 or 1:1726 each artist)

      Otis Frampton
      William O'Neill

   Level E: 1:194 packs (approx. 500 or 1:1358 each artist)

      Ryan Benjamin
      Matt Busch
      Paul Gutierrez
      Dan Norton
      Dan Parsons
      Robert Teranishi
      Sarah Wilkinson

   Level F: 1:1131 packs (approx. 600 drawn)

      James Hodgkins

   Level G: 1:134 packs (approx. 1000 or 1:670 each artist)

      Christian Dalla Vecchia
      Davide Fabbri
      Grant Gould
      John McCrea
      Howard Shum

   Level H: 1:333 packs (approx. 2000 drawn)

      Thomas Hodges

   Level I: 1:221 packs (approx. 3000 drawn)

      Randy Martinez

Die-Cut Stickers (1:3 Retail packs)

  1 of 10   (Fireball helmet)
  2 of 10   Grievous
  3 of 10   (Vader, Chewbacca, Yoda, Anakin)
  4 of 10   Jedi
  5 of 10   Sith
  6 of 10   Darth Vader
  7 of 10   Yoda, (helmet)
  8 of 10   Vader
  9 of 10   Sith Lord
 10 of 10   (Darth helmet with flames overhead)

Temporary Tattoos (1:3 Retail packs)

  1 of 10   (Flaming helmet)
  2 of 10   (Clone Trooper helmet)
  3 of 10   Vader
  4 of 10   (Helmet in red/black crest)
  5 of 10   Yoda
  6 of 10   Sith
  7 of 10   Jedi
  8 of 10   Grievous
  9 of 10   (Helmet in round red circle)
 10 of 10   Sith Lord

"Sculpted Vader" Embossed Foil Cards (1:6 Retail packs)

  1 of 10   (Lightsaber over chest below left forearm)
  2 of 10   (Lightsaber over right shoulder at ready, "batter up")
  3 of 10   (Framed in circular door)
  4 of 10   (Lightsaber raised at right, ready)
  5 of 10   (Saber in right hand, full cape)
  6 of 10   (Head and chest in door, saber in right hand)
  7 of 10   (Saber off to right, facing camera)
  8 of 10   (Lightsaber over left shoulder)
  9 of 10   (Helmet framed in door)
 10 of 10   (Saber in right hand, across chest)

Holograms (1:12 Retail packs)

  1 of 3   Yoda
  2 of 3   Clone Trooper
  3 of 3   Vader

Collector Tins (with 3 Retail packs + 2 exclusive cards)

 --       (Gold with Vader Figure)
 --       (Lightsaber battle)
 --       (Vader framed by flames)
 --       (Vader facing forward, lightsaber up)
 --       (Vader left profile, lighsaber out)
 --       (Darth Sidious)

Exclusive Tin Bonus Cards (1 per tin)

  A       (Gold with Vader Figure)
  B       (Lightsaber battle)
  C       (Vader framed by flames)
  D       (Vader facing forward, lightsaber up)
  E       (Vader left profile, lighsaber out)
  F       (Darth Sidious)

Tin Bonus Story Cards (1 per tin)

 1 of 6   Rescuing Palpatine
 2 of 6   What Price Love?
 3 of 6   Battling General Grievous
 4 of 6   Destroy All Jedi
 5 of 6   At War With Darth Sidious
 6 of 6   Clash Of The Jedi

Blister-Pack Bonus Cards (1 per Blister Pack)

 B1   Gen Grievous
 B2   Yoda
 B3   Clonetrooper

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 P1   The Circle Is Complete (Anakin duels Dooku; Diamond distribution)
 P2   The Circle Is Complete (Anakin faces battle droid; Non-Sport Update, retailers)
 P3   The Circle Is Complete (Mace Windu with Jedi Masters;
 P4   The Circle Is Complete (General Grievous; Celebration III)
 P5   The Circle Is Complete (Chewbacca; Wizard)
 --   On Sale April 2005 (dealer sell sheet)
 --   A Force To Be Reckoned With (dealer sell sheet)

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