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Star Wars Collectible Stickers
  Panini/SkyBox - 1996
  Panini - 1996

Note:  Also distributed as a 60-card factory set in album. There isn't any printed checklist
or text on the cards, so you will have to live with my descriptions of the scenes portrayed.
The stickers distributed in North America by SkyBox had blue backs, while the Panini-only
stickers had black backs.

No.   Scene

 1    Stormtroopers in corridor
 2    C-3PO & R2D2 (left)
 3    C-3PO & R2D2 (right)
 4    Luke learns light saber (left)
 5    Luke learns light saber (right)
 6    Hooded Ben and Luke
 7    Not the droids you want
 8    Vader interrogates Leia
 9    Stormtrooper blasting corridor
10    Bar patrons slug-like & leonine
11    Bar patrons big-eyed greyheads
12    Ben in Mos Eisley bar defense
13    Waiting at the Falcon
14    Darth towers over Leia
15    Powering up the Falcon
16    Let the Wookiee win
17    Negotiating with Han
18    Ben at data pillar (left)
19    Ben at data pillar (right)
20    Jedi Knight with light saber
21    Vader and Obi-Wan battle
22    Chewie and Han
23    Han targeting
24    Rebel tactical display (left)
25    Rebel tactical display (right)
26    Shot down conduit (left)
27    Shot down conduit (right)
28    C-3PO & R2D2
29    Heroes' curtain call
30    Hanging from Hoth cave
31    Draining the tauntaun
32    Luke's regenerative bath
33    Hoth snow bunker defense
34    Two droids and a guy
35    Firing AT-ATs
36    Darth leads the troops
37    Falcon avoiding the Empire
38    Fleeing the TIE fighters
39    Masked Chewy (top)
40    Masked Chewy (bottom)
41    Approaching Dagobah
42    Doused droid
43    Luke wielding light saber
44    Ramp to Cloud City
45    Londo's guided tour
46    Troopers and Lobot (left)
47    Troopers and Lobot (right)
48    Shooting at Vader
49    Darth's banquet table (left)
50    Darth's banquet table (right)
51    Han howls
52    Bounty hunter takes control
53    More rebels captive
54    Cave confrontation
55    Carbonized!
56    Droids at Jabba's door
57    She caught a wookiee
58    Jabba's dancing gal
59    Aboard the sand flyer
60    Light saber cuts through
61    Rebel congress
62    Back on the Falcon
63    Endor jungle
64    Wicket captures a princess
65    Firing from walkers
66    Palpatine on the throne

©2000, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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