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Star Wars: Countdown to Star Wars The Last Jedi
   Topps Now - 2017

Notes: These cards were released, oine card per day, exclusively on the Topps 
website, leading up to the cinema release in December 2017. Card backs show a 
puzzle image.

No.     Title                                       Print Run

  1     Rey Encounters Luke Skywalker                 775
  2     Canto Bight Casino Patrons                    511
  3     Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer                       549
  4     The Canto Bight Police Collect Information    508
  5     Captain Phasma                                610
  6     First Order Enforcer Kylo Ren                 547
  7     Resistance Pilot C'ai Threnalli               537
  8     The Resistance At Work                        489
  9     Bargwill Tomder                               474
 10     Protocol Droid C-3PO                          560
 11     Resistance Fighter Finn                       502
 12     Captain Phasma Leads The Attack               494
 13     Fathiers of Canto Bight                       506
 14     The Resistance Prepares for Battle            477
 15     Canto Bight Police Take To The Air            489
 16     General Hux Considers the Situation           479
 17     Chewbacca Pilots the Millennium Falcon        664
 18     The Jump to Lightspeed                        598
 19     Resistance General Ematt                      496
 20     Resistance Droid BB-8                         640

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