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Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition
  "Experience the Adventure" 3-D Motion Cards
LucasFilm / Recot, Inc. - 1997

Notes: These lenticular cards measure approximately 2-1/2" x
2-1/4", and were distributed in bags of Doritos or Cheetos
chips. The cards do not have titles, and the descriptions
for disks that I don't have and for the rare cards were found
(thanks!) at The Star Wars Collector's Bible.

     No.             Scene

1 in a Series of 6   Han Solo and Chewbacca enter hyperspace 
2 in a Series of 6   Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vader 
3 in a Series of 6   X-wing Attack 
4 in a Series of 6   Rebel Frigate versus Star Destroyer 
5 in a Series of 6   Imperial Shuttle lifts off 
6 in a Series of 6   Han Solo in Falcon's gun turret

CHASE CARDS (1:20,000 bags)

  ---                Luke Skywalker chops Boba Fett's blaster 
  ---                Princess Leia and C-3PO on Hoth 

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