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Star Wars Trilogy Collection - Movie Trading Cards
Merlin - 1997

No.   Text                                           Movie

  1   The Rebel ship's escape is halted              Star Wars
  2   Rebel troops prepare to be boarded             Star Wars
  3   Princess Leia with R2-D2                       Star Wars
  4   C-3PO and R2-D2 leave in an escape pod         Star Wars
  5   Scavanging Jawas capture R2-D2                 Star Wars
  6   R2-D2 and C-3PO are reunited                   Star Wars
  7   Sandtroopers on foot and dewback               Star Wars
  8   Sandcrawler outside the Lars' homestead        Star Wars
  9   Luke and C-3PO search for R2-D2                Star Wars
 10   Luke and Ben find a damaged C-3PO              Star Wars
 11   R2-D2 plays Ben the princess' message          Star Wars
 12   Vader interrogates Princess Leia               Star Wars
 13   A jawa falls from the back of a ronto          Star Wars
 14   Ben Kenobi wields his lightsaber               Star Wars
 15   Han is held up by Greebo                       Star Wars
 16   Jabba the Hutt confronts Han Solo              Star Wars
 17   The Millennium Falcon blasts off               Star Wars
 18   The Death Star destroys Alderaan               Star Wars
 19   The Death Star pulls in the Falcon             Star Wars
 20   Hiding out in the smuggling compartments       Star Wars
 21   The rescuers wait for a lift tube              Star Wars
 22   Han tries to stop the garbage room walls       Star Wars
 23   Ben and Darth Vader finally duel               Star Wars
 24   Luke swivels in his gun port                   Star Wars
 25   The Rebel base on Yavin 4                      Star Wars
 26   X-wing fighters blast off into battle          Star Wars
 27   X-wings attack the Death Star                  Star Wars
 28   The Death Star trench                          Star Wars
 29   TIE fighters thunder down the trench           Star Wars
 30   TIE fighters pursue Luke Skywalker             Star Wars
 31   Vader fires at Luke's X-wing fighter           Star Wars
 32   Han and Chewbacca come to the rescue           Star Wars
 33   Rebel fighters flee from the Death Star        Star Wars
 34   Massassi Main Throne Room                      Star Wars
 35   The honoured heroes stand together             Star Wars
 36   Luke Skywalker astride his tauntaun            The Empire Strikes Back
 37   The ferocious wampa ice creature               The Empire Strikes Back
 38   Ben instructs Luke to go to Dagobah            The Empire Strikes Back
 39   Luke in the bacta rejuvenation tank            The Empire Strikes Back
 40   The imperial fleet arrives at Hoth             The Empire Strikes Back
 41   Princess Leia briefs the Rebel pilots          The Empire Strikes Back
 42   AT-AT walkers stalk the Rebels                 The Empire Strikes Back
 43   Imperial forces overrun the Rebel base         The Empire Strikes Back
 44   TIE fighters in pursuit of the Falcon          The Empire Strikes Back
 45   The Falcon enters an asteroid field            The Empire Strikes Back
 46   Emperor Palpatine contacts Vader               The Empire Strikes Back
 47   Solo steers the Falcon out of danger           The Empire Strikes Back
 48   Luke in battle with Darth Vader                The Empire Strikes Back
 49   Yoda raises Luke's X-wing                      The Empire Strikes Back
 50   Boba Fett tracks the Millennium Falcon         The Empire Strikes Back
 51   The Falcon lands in Cloud City                 The Empire Strikes Back
 52   Ben and Yoda warn Luke                         The Empire Strikes Back
 53   Darth Vader and Boba Fett                      The Empire Strikes Back
 54   Han and Leia kiss each other farewell          The Empire Strikes Back
 55   Han Solo frozen in molten carbonite            The Empire Strikes Back
 56   Lando Calrissian gasps for breath              The Empire Strikes Back
 57   Han Solo is loaded onto Slave I                The Empire Strikes Back
 58   Jedi warriors battle with lightsabers          The Empire Strikes Back
 59   Luke is sucked into the reactor shaft          The Empire Strikes Back
 60   The Rebels flee to the Millennium Falcon       The Empire Strikes Back
 61   Lightsabers clash in bitter battle             The Empire Strikes Back
 62   Darth Vader slices off Luke's hand             The Empire Strikes Back
 63   Luke hangs from a weather vane                 The Empire Strikes Back
 64   Leia returns to rescue Luke                    The Empire Strikes Back
 65   The Falcon speeds away from Bespin             The Empire Strikes Back
 66   Chewie attempts to repair the hyperdrive       The Empire Strikes Back
 67   Vader leaves the Star Destroyer's bridge       The Empire Strikes Back
 68   Luke and Leia watch the Falcon leave           The Empire Strikes Back
 69   The search for Han Solo begins                 The Empire Strikes Back
 70   The Rebel fleet flies onward...                The Empire Strikes Back
 71   Vader's shuttle approaches the Death Star      Return of the Jedi
 72   The Death Star's main docking bay              Return of the Jedi
 73   On route to Jabba's palace                     Return of the Jedi
 74   R2-D2 plays Luke's message to Jabba            Return of the Jedi
 75   The Max Rebo Band performs for Jabba           Return of the Jedi
 76   Leia is discovered by Jabba the Hutt           Return of the Jedi
 77   Luke uses the Force on Bib Fortuna             Return of the Jedi
 78   The rancor bears down on Luke                  Return of the Jedi
 79   Jabba's sail barge skims across the desert     Return of the Jedi
 80   The fierce desert battle begins                Return of the Jedi
 81   Han ignites Boba Fett's rocket pack            Return of the Jedi
 82   Jabba exhales his final breath                 Return of the Jedi
 83   Leia points the barge's gun at the deck        Return of the Jedi
 84   The Rebels flee the exploding sail barge       Return of the Jedi
 85   Emperor Palpatine's shuttle arrives            Return of the Jedi
 86   Luke is told the truth by Ben Kenobi           Return of the Jedi
 87   Admiral Ackbar briefs the rebel pilots         Return of the Jedi
 88   Han prepares a surprise attack                 Return of the Jedi
 89   An Imperial scout trouper fires his blaster    Return of the Jedi
 90   Darth Vader stands before his master           Return of the Jedi
 91   The Rebels' story is told by C-3PO             Return of the Jedi
 92   Luke finally faces Darth Vader again           Return of the Jedi
 93   The rebel fleet jumps to lightspeed            Return of the Jedi
 94   Lando and Nien Numb at the Falcon's helm       Return of the Jedi
 95   The rebel ships begin their attack             Return of the Jedi
 96   Swarms of TIE fighters retaliate               Return of the Jedi
 97   An AT-ST attacks the rebels                    Return of the Jedi
 98   Lando flies toward the imperial fleet          Return of the Jedi
 99   Father and son engage in a vicious duel        Return of the Jedi
100   The shield generator radar dish is destroyed   Return of the Jedi
101   Darth Vader turns from the dark side           Return of the Jedi
102   Ackbar watches the fallen Star Destroyer       Return of the Jedi
103   X-wings retreat as the Death Star falls        Return of the Jedi
104   Darth vader / anakin skywalker laid to rest    Return of the Jedi
105   The rebels celebrate together                  Return of the Jedi
106   Luke Skywalker                                 Character Profiles
107   Han Solo                                       Character Profiles
108   Leia Organa                                    Character Profiles
109   Obi-Wan Kenobi                                 Character Profiles
110   Chewbacca                                      Character Profiles
111   C-3PO                                          Character Profiles
112   R2-D2                                          Character Profiles
113   Darth Vader                                    Character Profiles
114   Yoda                                           Character Profiles
115   Boba Fett                                      Character Profiles
116   X-wing Fighter                                 Vehicle Profiles
117   Death Star                                     Vehicle Profiles
118   Sandcrawler                                    Vehicle Profiles
119   Millennium Falcon                              Vehicle Profiles
120   TIE Fighter                                    Vehicle Profiles
121   Imperial Shuttle                               Vehicle Profiles
122   AT-AT                                          Vehicle Profiles
123   Star Destroyer                                 Vehicle Profiles
124   Vader's TIE Fighter                            Vehicle Profiles
125   Check List


Case-Topper Cards


©1997-2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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