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Star Wars: The Twin Suns Promo Set - 2010-2012

Notes: Cards from this reenactor/cosplayer organization were available at 
various shows, often for signing by the person appearing.

No.   Title                        Role

   Series 1 (2010)

  1   Ainsley Parks                General Rabbit
  2   Derek Mazer                  Royal Guard
  3   Barry Pike                   Count Dooku
  4   Steve Sansweet               Honorary Member
  5   Bette Standerfer             Tusken Raider
  6   Shelley Lytle                Stormtrooper
  7   Lorenzo Cruz                 Mandalorian
  8   Barry Pike / Derek Mazer     Holmes/Watson Jedi

   Series 2 (2012)

  9   Bridget Parks                Babe A Fett
 10   Scott Wall                   Republic Commando Sev
 11   Mary Franklin                Honorary Member
 12   Ainsley Parks                Imperial Knight
 13   Ramon Hernandez Jr           Stormtrooper
 14   Item(s): Costumes            Members
 15   Joshua Rhoads                Sergeant Sinker
 16   The Twin Suns / Checklist #1

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