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Star Wars Episode 1 Widevision
Topps - 1999

Notes:  Thanks to Doug Bargfield for filling in most of my gaps!  The first series of
Episode 1 widevision cards was issued in three varieties:  "hobby", "retail", and retail
"tins."  The hobby packs included chromium inserts and cards from the 40-card expansion
set (1 card per pack; also sold in separate packs at retail).  The retail packs included
foil cards and stickers.  Each tin included seven packs and an oversized chromium card.

No.    Title                                 Subset

Common Set

   1   Episode 1:  The Phantom Menace
   2   Trade Federation Rendezvous
   3   The Guardians of Peace
   4   Begin Landing Your Troops!
   5   Protocol Droid Surprise
   6   Over Nabod Swampland
   7   An Awkward Introduction
   8   New Friend of the Jedi
   9   Destination: Otoh Gunga
  10   ... In Big Dudu Dis Time!
  11   Jar Jar's Life-Debt
  12   The Gungan Sub
  13   What Lurks Behind ...
  14   Tongue of Terror
  15   Escaping the Opee Sea Killer
  16   The Sando Aqua Monster
  17   The Colo Claw Fish
  18   The Queen's Palace in Theed
  19   An Emergency Escape
  20   Aboard the Transport Ship
  21   The Dark Lord Called Maul
  22   A Brave Little R2 Unit
  23   Refueling and Repairing
  24   Space Junk for Sale
  25   Bargaining with Watto
  26   A Message from Mos Espa
  27   Obi-Wan On Board
  28   A Tasty Treat for Jar Jar
  29   Snagged by Sebulba
  30   Anakin Confronts His Rival
  31   Conscience of the Queen
  32   Sid Bibble's Plea
  33   Hit by a Sandstorm
  34   Dinner in a Slave Hovel
  35   Padmé Doesn't Approve
  36   Either Way, You Win
  37   Young Hero ... Or Bug Squash?
  38   Podrace Preparations
  39   A Mouthful of Energy
  40   Hard-Working Astromech Droid
  41   Darth Maul on Tatooine
  42   Inside the Podrace Hangar
  43   Skeptical Toydarian
  44   A Day at the Podrace
  45   Presiding over the Podrace
  46   They're Off!
  47   Intergalactic Spectators
  48   He's on the Leader
  49   Skywalker Rules!
  50   The Call to Destiny
  51   Escape from Tatooine
  52   On the Way to Coruscant
  53   Palpatine's Political Ploy
  54   Qui-Gon and the Jedi Council
  55   The Galactic Senate
  56   Twelve Concerned Jedi
  57   Tested He Will Be
  58   Facing Mace Windu
  59   Judgement of the Jedi
  60   Unspeakable Alliance
  61   Binks Leads the Way
  62   An Audience with Boss Nass
  63   Her True Identity Revealed
  64   The Mysterious Enemy
  65   Trade Federation Tanks Close In
  66   Orders from OOM-9
  67   Battle Droid Formation
  68   Preparing for the Assault
  69   The Battle Droid Army
  70   Qui-Gon's Fight for Life
  71   Star Pilot Ric Olie'
  72   Attacking a Space Station
  73   Unexpected Help from Anakin
  74   Jedi vs. Sith
  75   Young Skywalker's Gamble
  76   Defeat of the Battle Droids
  77   Their Evil Scheme Shattered!
  78   The Lightsaber Duel
  79   A Jedi Falls
  80   Star Wars Episode I Checklist

Expansion Set

X-1    Pit Droids at Work                    Podrace
X-2    A Jarred Jar Jar                      Podrace
X-3    Droids in Watto's Junk Shop           Podrace
X-4    Anakin's Podracer                     Podrace
X-5    Watching from On High                 Podrace
X-6    Monitoring the Podrace                Podrace
X-7    A Final Word from Watto               Podrace
X-8    Sebulba Gets Ready To Race            Podrace
X-9    Flying Across the Desert              Podrace
X-10   Winning the Podrace                   Podrace
X-11   With a Pal Like Jar Jar ...           Jedi vs. Sith
X-12   Streets of Mos Espa                   Jedi vs. Sith
X-13   Knights of Light and Dark             Jedi vs. Sith
X-14   Dark Lord of the Sith                 Jedi vs. Sith
X-15   The Jedi Council                      Jedi vs. Sith
X-16   Can This Boy Be a Jedi?               Jedi vs. Sith
X-17   Questioning Anakin                    Jedi vs. Sith
X-18   Of Destiny and Great Danger           Jedi vs. Sith
X-19   The Judgement of Mace Windu           Jedi vs. Sith
X-20   Holo-View of Darth Sidious            Jedi vs. Sith
X-21   Jar Jar of Otoh Gunga                 Aliens
X-22   A Toydarian Named Watto               Aliens
X-23   Four-Footed Transportation            Aliens
X-24   Podrace Fever                         Aliens
X-25   Sebulba Coming Up Fast!               Aliens
X-26   Anakin's Pals and Helpers             Aliens
X-27   On-Screen Podrace Excitement          Aliens
X-28   It's All Up to Boss Nass              Aliens
X-29   Citizens of the Sea                   Aliens
X-30   Battle Droid Flanking Viceroy         Aliens
X-31   Awaiting the Jedi                     Droid Battle
X-32   Trade Federation Tanks Upon the Hill  Droid Battle
X-33   Armored Warships Advancing            Droid Battle
X-34   OOM-9 Surveys the Battlefield         Droid Battle
X-35   The Trade Federation's Finest         Droid Battle
X-36   The Reconfigurators                   Droid Battle
X-37   Wardroids on the March                Droid Battle
X-38   Naboo Fighter Surrounded              Droid Battle
X-39   Last Line of Droid Defense            Droid Battle
X-40   Day of the Battle Droid               Droid Battle

Chrome Cards (Hobby)

 C1    Palace of Queen Amidala
 C2    The Tatooine Adventure
 C3    Space Junk Dealer Watto
 C4    The Incomplete Threepio
 C5    Juggling Jar Jar Binks
 C6    Betting on Sebulba
 C7    A Gathering of Jedi
 C8    Forces of Justice Closing In

Mirror Foil Cards (Retail)

F1     Anakin Skywalker
F2     Qui-Gon Jinn
F3     Obi-Wan Kenobi
F4     Queen Amidala
F5     Jar Jar Binks
F6     Watto
F7     Darth Maul
F8     Nute Gunray
F9     Battle Droid
F10    C-3P0 & R2-D2

Stickers (Retail)

S1     Qui-Gon Jinn
S2     Obi-Wan Kenobi
S3     The Neimoidians
S4     Jar Jar Binks
S5     Darth Sidious
S6     Queen Amidala
S7     C-3P0
S8     Padmé Naberrie
S9     Anakin Skywalker
S10    Watto
S11    Darth Maul
S12    Mace Windu
S13    Sebulba
S14    Battle Droids
S15    Boss Nass
S16    The Galactic Senate

Tin Box Chrome Inserts

1 of 5   Anakin Skywalker
2 of 5   Darth Maul
3 of 5   Obi-Wan Kenobi
4 of 5   Queen Amidala
5 of 5   Qui-Gon

Trivia Cards (Hallmark)

H-1    Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
H-2    Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda            
H-3    Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi    

Promo Cards

SW0    (Non-Sport Update Gummy Award)
SW1    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #2)
SW2    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #1)
SW3    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #2)
SW4    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #3)
SW5    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #3)
SW6    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4)
SW7    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4)
SW8    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #5)
SW9    (Star Wars Galaxy Collector #6)
0      (Chromium, Episode One Official Souvenir Magazine)
00     (Chromium, Episode One Official Souvenir Magazine)
000    (Chromium, Star Wars Galaxy Collector #6)

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©1999, 2000, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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