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Star Wars Episode 1 - Series 2
Topps Widevision - 1999

Notes:  The 80-card basic set is the same for the Hobby and Retail box distribution.
Each distribution method has chase cards exclusive to it: four Chrome cards and six
Embossed Foil cards. The Hobby set also has three oversized "box-topper" cards.
Thanks much to Wess Worden for the promo update!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 8 Widevision cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.55 per box with perfect collation.
Large Retail Display Box: 36 packs of 8 cards, approximately 3.54 sets.
Small Retail Display Box: 24 packs of 8 cards, approximately 2.36 sets.
Retail "Box Sales Only": 11 packs of 8 cards, approx. 1.10 sets.

No.   Title                                    Type

  1   Table of Contents                        Title Card
  2   Qui-Gon Jinn                             Fantastic Characters
  3   Obi-Wan Kenobi                           Fantastic Characters
  4   Anakin Skywalker                         Fantastic Characters
  5   Darth Maul                               Fantastic Characters
  6   Captain Panaka and Queen Amidala         Fantastic Characters
  7   Jar Jar Binks                            Fantastic Characters
  8   The Neimoidians                          Fantastic Characters
  9   Boss Nass                                Fantastic Characters
 10   R2-D2                                    Fantastic Characters
 11   C-3PO                                    Fantastic Characters
 12   Darth Sidious                            Fantastic Characters
 13   The Jedi Council                         Fantastic Characters
 14   Yoda                                     Fantastic Characters
 15   Sebulba                                  Fantastic Characters
 16   Watto                                    Fantastic Characters
 17   Jabba the Hutt                           Fantastic Characters
 18   Captain Tarpals and the Gungan Warriors  Fantastic Characters
 19   Slave Community                          Environments of Wonder
 20   Atop the Stone Head                      Environments of Wonder
 21   Podracing Arena                          Environments of Wonder
 22   Coruscant                                Environments of Wonder
 23   Landing Ship Interior                    Environments of Wonder
 24   Theed Power Generator                    Environments of Wonder
 25   The Walking Droid Fighter                Heroes in Flight
 26   Jedi Reprisal                            Heroes in Flight
 27   Blasted by the Force                     Heroes in Flight
 28   Qui-gon Cuts Through                     Heroes in Flight
 29   Destroyer Droids                         Heroes in Flight
 30   STAP Warfare                             Heroes in Flight
 31   Stampede!                                Heroes in Flight
 32   The Escape Party                         Heroes in Flight
 33   Cutting down Battle Droids               Heroes in Flight
 34   Courageous Astromech Droid               Heroes in Flight
 35   Encountering Anakin                      Heroes in Flight
 36   Watto's Gamble                           Heroes in Flight
 37   Podracing Rivals                         Podracing Thrills
 38   Teemto Gears Up                          Podracing Thrills
 39   Podracers in Position                    Podracing Thrills
 40   Quadinaros Makes Ready                   Podracing Thrills
 41   Pit Droid Dispute                        Podracing Thrills
 42   Arriving in the Arena                    Podracing Thrills
 43   The Crowd Goes Wild                      Podracing Thrills
 44   Anakin's Challenge                       Podracing Thrills
 45   Through a Rocky Canyon                   Podracing Thrills
 46   Sideline Friends                         Podracing Thrills
 47   Beware of Tusken Raiders!                Podracing Thrills
 48   Ratts Tyerell                            Podracing Thrills
 49   Collision Up Ahead                       Podracing Thrills
 50   Streaking across Tatooine                Podracing Thrills
 51   Sebulba's Foul Plan                      Podracing Thrills
 52   High-Speed Climax                        Podracing Thrills
 53   Fury of the Podrace                      Podracing Thrills
 54   The Winning Podracer                     Podracing Thrills
 55   The Mighty Gungan Army                   The Land Battle
 56   Fantastic Weaponry                       The Land Battle
 57   Blasting Through!                        The Land Battle
 58   Gungan Shields                           The Land Battle
 59   Battlefield: Naboo                       The Land Battle
 60   A Hapless Hero                           The Land Battle
 61   Hostage to Their Will                    A Planet Beseiged
 62   Inside the Theed Central Hangar          A Planet Beseiged
 63   "Get to Your Ships!"                     A Planet Beseiged
 64   Naboo Starfighters Taking Off            A Planet Beseiged
 65   The Queen's Volunteer Forces             A Planet Beseiged
 66   Palace Attack                            A Planet Beseiged
 67   Releasing the Droid Starfighters         Galactic Warfare
 68   Blast of the Quadlaser Cannons           Galactic Warfare
 69   Celestial Combat                         Galactic Warfare
 70   Droid Starfighter Assault                Galactic Warfare
 71   Droid Control Ship Crisis                Galactic Warfare
 72   Immobilizing the Enemy                   Galactic Warfare
 73   The Menace of Maul                       The Force Is With Them
 74   Fierce Combatants                        The Force Is With Them
 75   His Moment of Truth                      The Force Is With Them
 76   Battle to the Death                      The Force Is With Them
 77   Dueling with Darth Maul                  The Force Is With Them
 78   Hang On, Obi-Wan                         The Force Is With Them
 79   A Time To Rejoice                        Epilog
 80   Series Two Checklist


Chrome Cards (1:18 Hobby packs)

H-C1  Threat of the Destroyer Droids
H-C2  Departing an Underwater World
H-C3  An Appeal to Boss Nass
H-C4  Blasting the Gungans

Embossed Foil Cards (1:12 Hobby packs)

H-E1  The Neimoidians
H-E2  Battle Droids
H-E3  The Invasion Begins
H-E4  Sebulba on the Move
H-E5  Starpilot Skywalker
H-E6  Darth Maul

Oversized Cards (Hobby Box-Topper)

1of3  Darth Maul
2of3  Cutting Down the Battle Droids
3of3  Courageous Astromech Droid

Chrome Cards (Retail) (1:18 Retail packs)

C1    Sea Creature Peril
C2    Escapees on Tatooine
C3    Podrace Excitement
C4    Control Ship Attack

Embossed Foil Cards (Retail) (1:12 Retail packs)

E1    Commander Droid
E2    Jar Jar Binks
E3    Jabba the Hutt
E4    Sebulba
E5    Anakin Skywalker
E6    Boss Nass


P1    Racing With Conviction
P2    Sebulba's Deception

Oversized Promos
  (4" x 7-5/8", polybagged together in SW Galaxy Collectors magazine)


©1999-2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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