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Star Wars Attack of the Clones Widevision
   Topps - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Wess Worden for the promo updates!  Further
information and scans are found at the Topps web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.13 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Senator Amidala's Starship
  2   Amidala and Her Jedi Allies
  3   The Senator's Anxious Protector
  4   A Deadly Scheme
  5   The Jedi Pursuers above Coruscant
  6   Danger Dead Ahead!
  7   Spectacular Speeder Chase
  8   Running for Her Life
  9   Saying "No" to Death Sticks
 10   The Mysterious Assassin
 11   The Jedi Council's Plan
 12   A Chat with Dexter Jettster
 13   Yoda's Students Light the Way
 14   The Secrets of the Planet Kamino
 15   Kamino's Amazing Clone Factory
 16   On the Way to Jango Fett
 17   Star-Crossed Young Lovers
 18   Skywalker's Destiny Beckons
 19   Obi-Wan vs. Jango Fett
 20   The Kamino Landing Pad Battle
 21   Return to Mos Espa
 22   Jango and Boba on the Run
 23   Dodging a Galactic Blast
 24   Obi-Wan's Daring Maneuver
 25   Anakin's Quest
 26   The Tusken Raider Camp
 27   Possessed by the Dark Side
 28   A Final Farewell... And Promise
 29   Obi-Wan's Desperate Message
 30   To Rescue a Jedi
 31   Enter... The Droid Factory
 32   A Jedi Takes Control
 33   Conveyor Belt Peril
 34   An Attacker... Stomped!
 35   A Titan Rides the Belt
 36   Challenge of the Geonosians
 37   Airborne Rescuer R2-D2
 38   The Vat of Death
 39   A Disassembled Droid
 40   Have Lightsaber, Will Throttle
 41   Surrender... To Fight Another Day
 42   Dooku's Moment of Triumph
 43   Outworlders at the Stake
 44   Roar of the Savage Reek
 45   Insect-Like Behemoth
 46   Padmé on Top of Things
 47   Clash of the Arena Beasts
 48   Droids on All Sides
 49   Fett's Blast of Death
 50   Jedi Warriors in Action!
 51   The Politician and the Padawan
 52   "Where Are We? A Battle? Oh No!"
 53   Attack of the Super Battle Droids
 54   Against Overwhelming Numbers
 55   Help from On High
 56   Salvation from the Skies
 57   Yoda and His Clone Troopers
 58   Clones Attack Dooku's Forces
 59   March to Enemy Headquarters
 60   No Chance against the Enemy
 61   Fantastic Droid Warfare
 62   Against the Big Guns
 63   Juggernaut of Justice
 64   Geonosian Fortress under Siege
 65   Dooku's Makeshift Escape
 66   On the Trail of Count Dooku
 67   An Impulsive Anakin... Overwhelmed
 68   The Power of a Jedi Knight
 69   Lightsaber Slugfest
 70   Master Yoda Uses the Force...
 71   ... Against the Evil Might of Dooku
 72   A Contest of Skill and Power
 73   Duel of the Jedi Masters
 74   The Last Jedi Standing
 75   Dooku's Escape from Geonosis
 76   Parners in Galactic Tyranny
 77   A New Order for the Universe
 78   Beginning of the Great Clone War
 79   The Wedding of Anakin and Padmé
 80   Checklist


Autographed Cards (1:24 packs)

   Group 1, 1:29 packs [1:522 if equally available]

 --   Amy Allen as Aayla Secura
 --   Kenny Baker as R2-D2
 --   Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks
 --   David Bowers as Mas Amedda
 --   Ayesha Dharker as Queen Jamillia
 --   Matt Doran as Elan Sleazebaggano
 --   Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars
 --   Ronald Falk as Dexter Jettster
 --   Jesse Jensen as Saesee Tiin
 --   Zachariah Jensen as Kit Fisto
 --   Nalini Krishan as Barriss Offee
 --   Jay Laga'aia as Captain Typho
 --   Alethea McGrath as Jocasta Nu
 --   Rena Owen as Taun We
 --   Mary Oyaya as Luminara Unduli
 --   Andrew Secombe as the voice of Watto
 --   Matt Sloan as Plo Koon
 --   Leeanna Walsman as Zam Wesell

   Group 2, 1:194 packs [1:776]

 --   Silas Carson as Ki-Adi-Mundi
 --   Silas Carson as Nute Gunray
 --   Frank Oz as Yoda
 --   Bonnie Piesse as Beru Whitesun

   Group 2a, 1:288 packs [1:288]

 --   Bodie Taylor as Clone Trooper

   Group 3, 1:570 packs [1:570]

 --   Daniel Logan as Boba Fett

Card Album

 --   (Binder)
 --   (6-pocket pages)


P1    (Spider Droid)
S1    (Spider Droid; U.K. distribution)

DVD Promos (available with DVD pre-order from

W1    In Love And War
W2    R2D2 To The Rescue
W3    Jedi vs. Battle Droid
W4    Saved By Clone Troopers
W5    Yoda Prepares For Battle 

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