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Star Wars (Wonder Bread)
Wonder Bread - 1977

Number     Title

One        Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamill
Two        Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - Alec Guiness
Three      Princess Leia Organa - Carrie Fisher
Four       Han Solo - Harrison Ford
Five       Darth Vader
Six        Grand Moff Tarkin - Peter Cushing
Seven      See-Threepio - C-3PO
Eight      Artoo-Detoo - R2-D2
Nine       Chewbacca
Ten        Jawas
Eleven     Tusken Raiders
Twelve     Stormtroopers
Thirteen   Millenium Falcon
Fourteen   Star Destroyer
Fifteen    X-Wing
Sixteen    TIE - Vader's Ship

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