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Terminator 2 (Stickers)
   Topps - 1991

Notes:  Thanks much to Antonio Maurizio La Monica for the update!

Box: 48 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 5.45 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                       Type

  1   I'll Be Back
  2   Terminator
  3   Sarah Connor
  4   Young John Connor
  5   The T-1000
  6   L.A. 2029
  7   Men Vs. Machines
  8   Endoskeleton Patrol
  9   In Search of John
 10   Sarah's Nightmare
 11   A Date with Destiny
 12   Big-Rig Pursuit
 13   Fiery Escape
 14   We've Gotta Rescue Mom
 15   Protector ... or Assassin?
 16   Programmed To Kill
 17   The Refuge
 18   Saving Sarah from Herself
 19   Not-So-Friendly Persuasion
 20   Armed and Dangerous
 21   Guardian of Tomorrow
 22   The Combatants
 23   No Problemo
 24   Battering Van
 25   The T-1000's Aerial Exit
 26   Road Warriors
 27   Blasting a Big-Rig
 28   Besting the Behemoth
 29   Battered But Unbowed
 30   Warrior Out of Time
 31   A Clash of Titans
 32   Against the Mercury Man
 33   Sarah Faces Death
 34   The Deception
 35   Hasta La Vista, Baby
 36   A Final Farewell
 37   Programmed To Protect
 38   More than a Machine
 39   Adult John Connor           Puzzle Back
 40   Cycling Cyborg              Puzzle Back
 41   Mankind's Enemy             Puzzle Back
 42   I Need a Vacation           Puzzle Back
 43   Saviors of the Earth        Puzzle Back
 44   The Killing Machine         Puzzle Back


 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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