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Tales from the Crypt
Cardz - 1993

No.   Card Title                                        Episode/Issue     Title

  1   This blood's for you!                               27              The Trap
  2   The crypt's a beach!                                33              The Undertaking Parlor
  3   Bone Appetite!                                      37              Spoiled
  4   Maggot P.I.                                         51              Werewolf Concerto
  5   Straighten up and die right!                        22              Television Terror
  6   Sergeant Pepper's Open Heart Club Band              25              Loved to Death
  7   The King is in the crypt                            25              Loved to Death
  8   The ghoulish gourmet                                49              Split Personality
  9   How about a delicious brain muffin?                 49              Split Personality
 10   These guys are all choked up                        44              The New Arrival
 11   Trimming fat off healthcare                         44              The New Arrival
 12   Heads will rock 'n roll dude                        32              Easel Kill Ya
 13   This speeder missed the bridge by a foot            32              Easel Kill Ya
 14   Dances with Werewolves                              15              The Four-Sided Triangle
 15   I Have a Green Thumb for Horror Culture             11              Three's a Crowd
 16   Bedtime Gory Telling                                37              Spoiled
 17   This one has me stumped                             34              Mournin' Mess
 18   The man of your screams                             22              Television Terror
 19   The line just went dead                             25              Loved to Death
 20   It's a skull ... dummy                              25              Loved to Death
 21   Planting A-Head for the Future                      49              Split Personality
 22   Fourth and ghoul to go                              49              Split Personality
 23   We're working with a skeleton crew                  44              The New Arrival
 24   Bartender ... give me another shot                  44              The New Arrival
 25   Can't take my eyes off of you                       32              Easel Kill Ya
 26   I sure get a charge out of this!                    32              Easel Kill Ya
 27   T.V. or not T.V.                                    15              The Four-Sided Triangle
 28   I've just swept a double header                     11              Three's a Crowd
 29   Business is dead                                    37              Spoiled
 30   This will cost you an arm and a leg                 34              Mournin' Mess
 31   For a minute there, he lost his head                51              Werewolf Concerto
 32   This place is starting to bug me                    31              The Reluctant Vampire
 33   Warning ... Stay out of the crypt - tonight!        25              Loved to Death
 34   I've got a bone to pick with you                    49              Split Personality
 35   Take another little piece of my heart               49              Split Personality
 36   Cannibal soup ... Mmm, mmm, good!                   44              The New Arrival
 37   Three heads are better than one                     44              The New Arrival
 38   You've got the right thumb, baby .... ... Uh huh    44              The New Arrival
 39   Party 'til you puke ... It's Murder Gras!           32              Easel Kill Ya
 40   I only read it for the articles                     15              The Four-Sided Triangle
 41   Another swinging single                             27              The Trap
 42   Sometimes this job really sucks!                    33              The Undertaking Parlor
 43   L.L. Crypt with a def grip                          34              Mournin' Mess
 44   You look m-a-a-velous!                              51              Werewolf Concerto
 45   You're booked for Club Dead ... Bone voyage!        31              The Reluctant Vampire
 46   Please take my money ... But don't kill me again!   25              Loved to Death
 47   Let's look black to the future                      49              Split Personality
 48   The coroner will see you now                        49              Split Personality
 49   Fake left and drive for the casket!                 49              Split Personality
 50   His handicap is simple... He's dead                 44              The New Arrival
 51   Open wide and scream ... aaah!                      44              The New Arrival
 52   This joker's wild!                                  32              Easel Kill Ya
 53   I'm having a wonderful slime!                       15              The Four-Sided Triangle
 54   I've got you under my skin!                         40              This'll Kill Ya
 55   My left hook is deadly accurate                     50              Strung Along
 56   So, what makes you think people don't like you?     30              Dead Wait
 57   Loony Tunes for Dead Heads                          50              Strung Along
 58   There's a hair in my "head drop" soup               35              Split Second
 59   The prime cuts are specially tagged                 30              Dead Wait
 60   Hey baby... Did anyone ever tell you ...            45              Beauty Rest
 61   Werewolf Strikes Again                              April, 1950     The Crypt of Terror
 62   Living Corpse                                       June, 1950      The Crypt of Terror
 63   Voodoo Drums                                        August, 1950    The Crypt of Terror
 64   Day of Death                                        October, 1950   Tales from the Crypt
 65   Cooper Dies in the Electric Chair                   December, 1950  Tales from the Crypt
 66   Down in the Grave                                   February, 1951  Tales from the Crypt
 67   Locked in a Mauseleum                               April, 1951     Tales from the Crypt
 68   Danger ... Quicksand                                June, 1951      Tales from the Crypt
 69   Mataud Waxworks                                     August, 1951    Tales from the Crypt
 70   Sacred Graveyard                                    October, 1951   Tales from the Crypt
 71   Axe                                                 December, 1951  Tales from the Crypt
 72   Buried Alive                                        February, 1952  Tales from the Crypt
 73   Coffin Burier                                       April, 1952     Tales from the Crypt
 74   Underwater Death                                    June, 1952      Tales from the Crypt
 75   Hand Chopper                                        August, 1952    Tales from the Crypt
 76   Woman Crushed by Elephant                           October, 1952   Tales from the Crypt
 77   Lower Berth                                         December, 1952  Tales from the Crypt
 78   Jack the Ripper                                     February, 1953  Tales from the Crypt
 79   Werewolf                                            April, 1953     Tales from the Crypt
 80   Taxi Driver                                         June, 1953      Tales from the Crypt
 81   Skeleton Burial                                     August, 1953    Tales from the Crypt
 82   Axe Man                                             October, 1953   Tales from the Crypt
 83   Children in the Graveyard                           December, 1953  Tales from the Crypt
 84   Underwater Monster                                  February, 1954  Tales from the Crypt
 85   Knife Thrower                                       April, 1954     Tales from the Crypt
 86   Stake in the Heart                                  June, 1954      Tales from the Crypt
 87   Falling from a Plane                                August, 1954    Tales from the Crypt
 88   Guillotine                                          October, 1954   Tales from the Crypt
 89   Rat Takes Over His Life                             December, 1954  Tales from the Crypt
 90   Werewolf Man Being Hunted                           February, 1955  Tales from the Crypt
 91   Top Ten Tunes                                                       Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 92   T.V. from the Crypt                                                 Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 93   Favorite Last Meals                                                 Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 94   Maddest Musicians                                                   Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 95   Stars from the Crypt                                                Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 96   The Four Basic Food Groups                                          Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 97   Favorite Past Times                                                 Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 98   Cliches from the Crypt                                              Cryptkeeper's Favorites
 99   Hang-Outs or Haunts                                                 Cryptkeeper's Favorites
100   Favorite Flicks                                                     Cryptkeeper's Favorites
101   The Puppeteers Who Give the Big Guy Life
102   The Mad (But Nice) Scientist: Kevin Yagher
103   Clothes Make the Man(iac)
104   The Crypt Crew in Action
105   Makeup!
106   Show Biz Rag Sez Crypt a Keeper
107   "Are You Def? It's The Crypt Jam!"
108   Moguls of Mayhem
109   John Kassir - A Voice that Can Raise the Dead
110   The Original Genius of the Crypt: Bill Gaines


Holograms (1:18 packs)

H-1   (The Cryptkeeper in bed)
H-2   (The Cryptkeeper at the table)
H-3   (Imagination of Bill Gaines)

Tekchrome Card (1:72 packs)

T-1   (The Cryptkeeper)


 --   (Unnumbered)

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