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Tall Stacks
Design Dimensions - 1992

Note:  Generally distributed and sold as a factory set.

  Delta Queen
  Belle of St. Louis
  Belle of Louisville
  Quad City Queen
  Island Queen
  Mississippi Queen
  Bonnie Belle
  Southern Belle
  West Virginia Belle
  Spirit of Cincinnati
  Becky Thatcher
  Josiah Snelling
  Jonathan Padelford
  Queen of Hearts
  P.A. Denny
  Anson Northrup
  J.A. Roebling Bridge
  The Calliope
  (Save $35 at LensCrafters)
  (FeatherWates, Light As A Feather)
  (Give the Gift of Sight)
  (Tall Stacks Stamps)
  Special Collector's Edition Trading Cards [Title Card]

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