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Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis
   Schutter-Johnson Candy - 1934
   Canadian Chewing Gum Co. - 1934

Notes: Reference number R147. Card fronts feature color artwork; card backs show 
descriptive text. The Canadian version has text in both English and French; both 
were inserts in Tarzan of the Apes candy packages. Titles below are based on the 
version shown on card fronts. Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the list! Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   The Urge of Tarzan.
  2   The Letter.
  3   The Messenger.
  4   The Journey.
  5   The Change.
  6   A Mystery.
  7   The Serpent's Gorge.
  8   Disaster.
  9   Peril Ahead!
 10   The Captive.
 11   The Call to the Apes.
 12   Major Falsburg.
 13   The Rescue.
 14   The Phantom Fleet.
 15   The Spy's Story.
 16   Treachery!
 17   Through the Trees.
 18   The Electric Menace.
 19   The River of Danger.
 20   The Cliff of Death.
 21   The Last of His Tribe.
 22   A Priceless Gift.
 23   Terror by Night.
 24   Tarzan Reconnoiters.
 25   The Hidden Menace Overcome.
 26   Alone: The Apes and the Electric Curtain.
 27   The Inland Empire.
 28   The Camp of Death.
 29   Saved by Inches.
 30   Floating to Death.
 31   The Plains of the Dead.
 32   The Fight at the Water Hole.
 33   Karl in Danger; the Flying Turtle.
 34   The Fight. Tarzan vs. Lothar.
 35   Danger in the Depths.
 36   The Elephants' Graveyard.
 37   The Enemy at Last.
 38   The Warning.
 39   Danger Revealed.
 40   The Cliff of Death: Nila Restored.
 41   Tarzan Approaches.
 42   Secrets of the Empire.
 43   Death of a Fiend.
 44   Hall of Isis: Figures of Wax.
 45   The Double Rescue.
 46   The Secret Entrance.
 47   The Crystal Vault.
 48   Priceless: The Diamond Trillion.
 49   Vaults of the Empire.
 50   The Parting.

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