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Tarzan's Savage Fury
   Topps - 1953

Notes: These early cards were sold in exactly the same boxes and packs, and with 
the same 3-D glasses, as the more common "Tarzan & the She Devil" set. The She 
Devil cards are green on both sides, while the Fury cards have orange backs. The 
3-D viewers for the "Analglyphic" images were generally supplied by the merchant, 
but one was included in each 5-cent pack. Card backs give descriptive text and 
Jungle Land facts. Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the original list! The titles 
below use the capitalization shown on card fronts. American Card Catalog reference 
is R714-22. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

  1   jungle master
  2   treachery
  3   a strange plan
  4   living bait
  5   gaping jaws
  6   Tarzan fights
  7   Tarzan meets Joe
  8   jungle friends
  9   food needed
 10   terror-filled eyes
 11   jungle travel
 12   Tarzan and Jane
 13   in the water
 14   danger approaches
 15   the meeting
 16   magic tricks
 17   memory of the past
 18   Jane's plea
 19   on the trail
 20   black death
 21   facing a rhino
 22   building a raft
 23   crossing the river
 24   the hippo charges
 25   rescue
 26   Mountain Terror
 27   desert torture
 28   the water hole
 29   deserted village
 30   the cannibals
 31   cannibal attack
 32   a direct hit
 33   Tarzan's fight
 34   The Wazuri
 35   surrounded
 36   the Wazuri village
 37   The witchdoctor
 38   the prisoners
 39   the torture machine
 40   Wazuri chief
 41   temple of diamonds
 42   Tarzan's mission
 43   Cheeta's discovery
 44   Rokoff's magic
 45   thieves at work
 46   murder!
 47   a message for Tarzan
 48   Tarzan's old home
 49   inside the hut
 50   thieves' escape
 51   over the cliff
 52   Tarzan in danger
 53   threat to Jane
 54   Joe and the lions
 55   help from a pal
 56   Tarzan's fury
 57   death for a killer
 58   race against time
 59   Jane is saved
 60   homeward bound

 --   Tarzan 3D (3-D viewer)

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