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Tarzan & the She Devil
   Topps - 1953

Notes:  These early cards were sold in exactly the same boxes and packs, and with 
the same 3-D glasses, as the scarcer "Tarzan's Savage Fury" set. The She Devil cards 
are green on both sides, while the Fury cards have orange backs. The 3-D viewers 
were generally supplied by the merchant, but some were inserted in packs. American 
Card Catalog reference is R714-21. Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the list!

1-cent Pack: 1 card + 1 stick of bubble gum.
5-cent Pack: 5 cards + 1 stick of gum.

No.   Title

  1   Lord of the Jungle
  2   Leaping Death
  3   Arrival at Dagar
  4   A Plan Is Made
  5   Tarzan and His Mate
  6   Under-Water Fun
  7   Cheeta Steals an Egg
  8   Help Is Needed
  9   Running thru the Jungle
.10   The Lion Leaps
 11   Looking at the Slaves
 12   Waiting to Strike
 13   Tarzan Attacks
 14   Freeing the Slaves
 15   Cheeta Joins the Fun
 16   Race for Safety
 17   Surrounded by Guards
 18   Fight with a Giant
 19   Tarzan Throws Selim
 20   Over the Wall
 21   Practice for Battle
 22   The Safari Approaches
 23   Rolling Death
 24   Tarzan's Ultimatum
 25   The Elephants Approach
 26   Treachery Is Planned
 27   The Laikopos Are Trapped
 28   Struggle against Capture
 29   Escape from Flames
 30   Through the Trees
 31   Tarzan Falls
 32   The Ropes Are Broken
 33   Can Jane Be Dead?
 34   Captured
 35   Threat from a Snake
 36   Carried to Safety
 37   Tarzan Is Whipped
 38   Moving Through the Jungle
 39   Slashing Jaws
 40   Cheeta Tries to Help
 41   The Stockade Is Built
 42   The Faithful Friend
 43   After Fresh Food
 44   Bullets against Tusks
 45   Treachery Is Overheard
 46   Jane Is Trapped
 47   Tarzan Is Helpless
 48   A Shot in Time
 49   Tarzan Sees Jane
 50   Tarzan Submits
 51   The Gun Is Ready
 52   Tarzan's Yell
 53   An Answer from the Jungle
 54   The Elephants Charge
 55   "Into the Stockade"
 56   Jane Must Be Rescued
 57   Not a Minute to Lose
 58   Rocky Protection
 59   The Laikopos Are Free
 60   Free Once More

 --   (3-D viewer)

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