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Tattoo Art - Limited Edition
   Frank Eachus Publishing - 2012

Notes: Primarily distributed as a boxed set, with 50,000 printed.

No.   Title                                                Subtitle

 --   Attention Tattoo Artists, Models, and Historians     (header/information card)
 --   (header/information card                             (header/information card)

  1   Joshua White
  2   Gabriel Cece
  3   Durb Morrison
  4   Pepper
  5   Tanane Whirfield
  6   Pat Patterson
  7   Guy Atchison
  8   Trevor Wilson
  9   Bart Andrews
 10   Mike DeVries
 11   Keith Ciaramello
 12   Tattoo Liz
 13   Oil on Canvas - by Pepper

Turn of the 20th Century Promotional Tattooed Performers Posters

 C1   Annie Frank
 C2   Don Manuelo
 C3   Angelika Schwarz
 C4   La Belle Irene
 C5   Maude Stevens Wagner                                 Tattooed Ladies of the Past
 C6   La bella Angora

Tattoo History

 H1   Tukukino
 H2   Jean Baptiste Cabri                                  Tattooed Men of the Past
 H3   Nora Hildebrandt
 H4   Olive Oatman
 H5   Captain Constentenus
 H6   Frank Deburdg


Autographed Art Card (1:4 sets)

 13   Oil on Canvas - by Pepper


 P1   Tattoo Liz (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 P2   Durb Morrison (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 P4   Bart Andrews (Motor City Comic Con)
 P5   Tattoo City Underground (Tattoo & Piercing Expo)
 --   Durb Morrison (Hell City Tattoo Fest)

   Series 2 Promo Cards (series was not released)

 --   Mike Siderio

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