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Teddy Girls: the Pin-Up Art of Ted Kimer
   Jacquelin Smith Designs - 1995

Notes: Sold as a boxed set, with two "subsets" sold separately.

Box: Base set + credits + 1 Suite Hearts.

No.   Caption

  1   Ready, aim, aim, aim...
  2   Two Glamourous!
  3   Now this is my favorite part...
  4   Peek-a-boo!
  5   What I meant was practice makes perfect...
  6   He said he would call -- and he did!
  7   I thought 'T-backs' were confident golfers...
  8   What a great idea!
  9   Let me explain about global warming...
 10   It is not one size too small!
 11   I'm glad you appreciate my point of view!
 12   I'll be turning over in about five minutes...
 13   With a look and a smile
 14   Diamonds and feathers and pearls - oh my!
 15   Oooooh! You can see through it?
 16   Your ride is here...
 17   Yes in fact; it is my business!
 18   Do you think it's too risqué?
 19   Peek-a-boo!
 20   I would love to, but I'm late...
 21   How do you like the new 1-piece uniforms?
 22   So what if I can't do windows!
 23   This honeymoon will never end!
 24   Why yes this is evening wear!
 25   Is this what you expect me to wear?
 26   It's not what you say rather, how you say it!
 27   This gal can shoot from the hip!
 28   I just can't seem to top this!
 29   Head over heels!
 30   Not only could I dance all night...
 31   Pretty as you please!
 32   Just as soon as I get my boots on...
 33   It's gorgeous! Can I put it on the other hand?
 34   Prowess
 35   Destiny can change; I'll try another outfit...
 36   Which part of 'no' didn't you understand?

 --   Teddy Girls Factory Set One (paper insert; trifold)

The Suite Hearts Subset (sold separately; # to 3850)

  1   Kelly Stevens / Certificate of Authenticity
  2   Here is my 'Arc de Triomphe'
  3   Shouldn't you be on bended knee?
  4   Just ten more reps...
  5   Want to watch me work out?

Sassy Five by Sevens (5" x 7"; sold separately; # to 1900)

 --   Peek-a-boo!
 --   I've got two legs up on the competition!
 --   Ready, aim, aim, aim...
 --   Let me explain about global warming...
 --   Now this is my favorite part...

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; # to 150)

 --   (80-card panel)

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