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Teddy and the Yeti
   Wagon Wheel Comics - 2010

Notes: This series promotes the comic series, and is generally sold as a boxed 
set. Further information and scans are posted at the Teddy and the Yeti website 
and blog.

Box: Base set of 18 + 1 sketch card + promo(s).

   No.    Title                            Artist(s)

Base Cards

     1    Against All Odds!                Phil Hester, Duane Redhead, Karin Rindevall
     2    First Meeting                    Duane Redhead, Karin Rindevall
     3    Submarine Rescue                 Duane Redhead, Nic Chapuis
     4    Information Overload             Duane Redhead, Nic Chapuis
     5    Choosing Sides                   Duane Redhead, Paul Little
     6    Barton's Secret                  Duane Redhead, Nic Chapuis
     7    Ted Takes Over                   Duane Redhead, Paul Little
     8    Wynn's Decision                  Duane Redhead, Paul Little
     9    Aftermath                        Duane Redhead, Caroline Jamhour
    10    Ted                              Duane Redhead
    11    Yeti                             Duane Redhead
    12    Amadeus Wynn                     Jorge Correa, Jr., Paul Little
    13    Dr. Edwin Barton                 Mario Wytch
    14    Fedor                            Travis Sengaus
    15    Craxl                            Alan Gallo, Paul Little
    16    Many Man                         Leonardo Pietro, Paul Little
    17    Space God                        Karin Rindevall
    18    1/1 Artist Sketch Card [blank]

Artist Sketch Cards (1:set)

    18    Jorge Correa      
    18    Danny Cruz        
    18    Alan Gallo        
    18    Ken Hunt          
    18    Jeff Lafferty     
    18    Paul Little       
    18    Jeff McClelland   
    18    Leonardo Pietro   
    18    Duane Redhead     
    18    Karen Rindevall   
    18    Travis Sengaus    
    18    Mario Wytch       
    18    (others?)


Promo 1   (Ted and Yeti)                   Antonio Crespo
SDCC 01   (Yeti in gold; SDCC 2012)        Jeff Lafferty
SDCC 02   (Ted in black; SDCC 2012)        Jeff Lafferty
SDCC 03   (Yeti in green; SDCC 2016)       Joe Bodon

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