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Jack Kirby's TeenAgents Promo Series
Topps Comics - 1993

Notes:  Except for #0, the cards were distributed cello-packed in sets of three, 
in TeenAgents comic books.  Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the list!

No.   Title                      Artist(s)			    in Issue

 0    Aurik                      Adam Hughes                     #4
 1    Seera                      Richard Howell, Joe Sinnott     #1, #4
 2    Monitor                    Walter Simonson                 #1, #4
 3    Kaza                                                       #1, #4

 4    Dijit                      Neil Vokes                      #2
 5    Kordala                    Lea Hernandez                   #2
 6    Ornk of the Blood Legion   Mike Zeck                       #2

 7    The Kreech                 Neil Vokes                      #3
 8    Lord Ghast                 Neil Vokes                      #3
 9    Phtheris                   Neil Vokes                      #3

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