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Teen Beach Movie Photocards
   Panini - 2013

Notes: Cards feature color photos/screen shots for the Disney Channel movie on 
fronts, with captions/titles and card numbers on backs. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Panini website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 checklist of card images.
Common sets (108): approx. 1.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   I like to soak in the water!
  2   Get ready for the next big wave!
  3   I love surfing!
  4   This sand is burning!
  5   Brrr, it's so cold!
  6   We're waiting for the perfect wave!
  7   Who knows how our future will be!
  8   "Mack. We're in the movie!"
  9   It's normal to quarrel with friends! All that matters is... making up!
 10   Singing by the seaside!
 11   Mack and Brady can't stop singing!
 12   Me and you, we'll always stick together!
 13   Time to say goodbye
 14   We're such a nice couple!
 15   Something bad must have happened to Mack!
 16   We're the Sixties guys!
 17   I am really cool!
 18   Woe to those who contradict me!
 19   It's fun to meet new people!
 20   You always make me smile!
 21   It's always hard to say goodbye
 22   I can smell a party on the seaside!
 23   See you soon, my friends!
 24   We're the best together!
 25   I'm lost in your eyes...
 26   A love song always works!
 27   This place is so romantic!
 28   Let's have a slumber party!
 29   "You have to ask a boy out, without asking him."
 30   Time to tell secrets!
 31   What do you think of my style?
 32   I look pretty in red!
 33   More slumber party fun!
 34   Make way for the rodents!
 35   Brady or Tanner? That is the question!
 36   "You like what you see?"
 37   "I guess I literally fell for you, huh?"
 38   Pretty Sixties girls!
 39   Looking good in pink!
 40   Let's sing together!
 41   Everyone listens when Lela sings!
 42   So much clapping!
 43   "You totally saved my life!"
 44   "It's even better now that you're here."
 45   I'm a real Rocker!
 46   To the rhythm of Rock'n'Roll!
 47   Come on, let's dance all together!
 48   We're the best!
 49   I have no match!
 50   We look totally groovey!
 51   They're a couple of nuts!
 52   What about a pool game?
 53   "No one has ever beaten me on the waves."
 54   Rivals or friends? Friendship wins!
 55   Friendship rules!
 56   All we do is eat, hang, and surf!
 57   I'm Seacat, the funnoy one on the seaside!
 58   Do you want to dance with me?
 59   Strike a pose!
 60   My smile dazzles!
 61   Do you like my Sixties look?
 62   Sea and surf, I couldn't do without them!
 63   I'm as deft... as a sea cat!
 64   Nice to meet you, I'm Rascal!
 65   My name is McKenzie, but everybody calls me Mack!
 66   I love the surfer life!
 67   Do you want to be my friend?
 68   Nothing is better than a day at the beach!
 69   Let's have fun together!
 70   Let's play with the ball!
 71   How stylish!
 72   My board under my arm and I'm off... Looking for the wave!
 73   Hey, you talking to me?
 74   I'm ready for the party!
 75   One, two, three, come and dance with me!
 76   Life smiles at me!
 77   The seaside is my home!
 78   Jump with me!
 79   That's the surfer life!
 80   I have no doubt... You're too nice!
 81   We're the cutest couple ever!
 82   We have fun together!
 83   It's nice to have someone to hug!
 84   Brady, Mack... and the board!
 85   We love the Sixties!
 86   Never contradict a girl!
 87   On the crest of a wave!
 88   We stick together!
 89   Girl power!
 90   Two styles, one love: Surf!
 91   The gang's all here!
 92   Struts style!
 93   I'm so cool. Right?
 94   I like to change my style!
 95   Up for Biker style!
 96   My name is Chee Chee, and that's me!
 97   You talking to me?
 98   I love pink!
 99   Sway, bop and shimmy!
100   I'm super cool!
101   Look at those muscles!
102   His eyes are mesmerizin!
103   Move your feet!
104   I've got rhythm in my blood!
105   Can you do that?
106   We're the cool ones!
107   Sixties glamour!
108   Engines roar... We're the Rodents!

 --   Checklist [1:pack]

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