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Tee Vee Skyflyers
   Feature Pak Candies - 1952

Notes: Cards are 69 mm x 75 mm, but were distributed in 3-card strips (1-6, 7-12, etc.) 
plus 30 foil badges: one strip, one badge, and candy in a cardboard woodgrain box that 
serves as a simulated television with cutout screen. American Card Catalog reference 
is R814. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

  No.    Title

     1   One Night A Visitor Came To Our House
     2   Aloon, A Little Man From Space Beyond
     3   He Was Very Friendly And Made Us Laugh
     4   Gift Of Space Suits
     5   A Ride Over The Town
     6   Goodbye To A Friend
     7   Looking At Home From Planet-Viewer
     8   Another Adventure
     9   A Trip to Aloon's Planet
    10   Friendly Welcomers
    11   His Father, The King
    12   Traveling Over City Streets
    13   Half-Way Stop Stations "The Big Dipper"
    14   Rocket Repair And Checkup
    15   Another Station-Star for Refueling
    16   At Weather Star To Check Flying Conditions
    17   Suspended Refreshment Stand
    18   Sky Journey
    19   Milky Way Highway
    20   Searching The Space Underneath
    21   There Are Still Undiscovered Planets
    22   Space Deer
    23   Planet Goat
    24   Chicken and Duck on Mars
    25   Moon Rabbits
    26   Remote Controlled Space Farm
    27   Jupiter Mule
    28   Space Dog
    29   Metal-Plated Bird
    30   Fierce Planet Rhino-Bull
    31   Gyroman Formation
    32   Starman Driving Back Star Dragon
    33   Sun Resistant Suit
    34   Spiral Ship Preparing To Leave Rocketport
    35   Looking Down From Floating Dome City
    36   Space Pig
    37   Exploding Planet
    38   Dome City With Protective Covering
    39   Radar Planet Station
    40   Radar Patrol Finding Lost Man
    41   Interplanetary Police
    42   Moving Through Space Blizzard
    43   Space Navigator
    44   Revolving Into Universe
    45   Viewing Moon Through Telemagnifier
    46   Blizzard Scout Car
    47   Suspended Space Patrol Station
    48   Space Patrol Helmet
    49   Fogman Throwing Radar Waves
    50   All Star Man Baseball Game
    51   Space Patrol Exploring Unknown Planet
    52   Fog Man With Radar Weapon
    53   Rocket Ship Zooming Into Space
    54   Starmen Gazing Into Space From Ship
    55   Self Breathing Creature From Unknown Planet
    56   Self Breathers In Patrol Ship
    57   Star Man Shooting Through Space
    58   Flying Saucers Over Moon
    59   Rocket Fleet Over City
    60   Rocket Airport

   --    Tee Vee Skyflyers - Space Pictures & Space officer Badges

Sticker Badges

     1   Universe Commander
     2   Universe Brigadier
     3   Universe Ace
     4   Universe Marshall
     5   Universe Deputy
     6   Universe Captain
     7   Five Star Space General
     8   Four Star Space General
     9   Three Star Space General
    10   Two Star Space General
    11   Space Brigadier
    12   Space Commander
    13   Space Ace [wing left]
    14   Space Captain
    15   Space Lieutenant
    16   Space Navigator
    17   Space Marshall
    19   Interplanetary Police
    20   Space Patrol Leader
    21   Five Star Planet General
    22   Four Star Planet General
    23   Three Star Planet General
    24   Two Star Planet General
    25   Planet Commander
    26   Planet Marshall
    27   Planet Deputy
    28   Planet Flight Leader
    29   Planet Explorer
    30   Space Ace [wing right]

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