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William Shatner's Tek World
   Cardz - 1994

Notes:  The checklist cards show titles that are not shown on the actual cards. Thanks 
much to Philip Brazina, Steve Carter, and Jason Kettelman for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.85 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Card Text                       Title from Checklist Cards

  1   Jake Cardigan                           Jake Cardigan
  2   Sid Gomez                               Sid Gomez
  3   Beth Kittridge                          Beth Kittridge
  4   Walt Bascom                             Walt Bascom
  5   Bryan McMillion                         Bryan McMillion
  6   Dr. Gunsmith                            Dr. Gunsmith
  7   Hurricane Hannah                        Hurricane Hannah
  8   Kurt Winterguild                        Kurt Winterguild
  9   TEK                                     TEK
 10   Skycars                                 Skycars
 11   Weapons                                 Weapons
 12   The Freezer                             The Freezer
 13   Greater Los Angeles                     Greater Los Angeles
 14   Moonbase I                              Moonbase I
 15   Miami Slum                              Miami Slum
 16   It's a hazy summer morning              Forced to land
 17   Kurt Winterguild of the Internation     Gomez holds Jake back
 18   Janet McMillion, a close friend of      Walt Bascom's tower
 19   Their client tells Jake and the         Skycar crash
 20   Their client was certain that her       The vidphone message
 21   Janet starts to sob.  "I'm afraid."     The thugs
 22   Beth explains to Jake and the           Android McMillion
 23   Janet, angry, graps hold of Beth.       An angry Janet
 24   Beth explains that her father's old     Heading for the lab
 25   As Jake flies toward the Ventura        Message from Bascom
 26   It could be dangerous if somebody       The Lab
 27   Beth spots the fallen guardbat,         A fallen Guardbot
 28   Jake and Beth discover that her         The empty cabinet
 29   "What do you figure, Jake?" asks Beth   A deadly blast
 30   Meanwhile, Gomez had started            McMillion's missing ashes
 31   The deadly lazgun blast misses          Beth takes aim
 32   The next morning Jake and Gome          Heading for Miami Slum
 33   By midday Gomez and Jake are            Skyvan attack
 34   Chihuahua! exclaims Gomez.              Dogfight
 35   As Jake maneuvers their skycar          Disabler beam
 36   It's mid afternoon when Gomez           Miami Beach Safezone
 37   Alone, Gomez crosses into the           Entering Miami Slum Zone
 38   Jake flies over to Skull Key to call    JiJi's Beach Boutique
 39   Gomez is strolling through the          The Explosion
 40   Before he even lands, Jake starts       Jake comforts JiJi
 41   As Gomez, pains zigzagging thro         Gomez at Hospital
 42   Jake persuades the grateful, and        JiJi hurriedly packs
 43   Jiji explains that when she realize     JiJi gets into Skycar
 44   Gomez locates Talkshow, a reliabl       The Informant
 45   Gomez doesn't catch up with Jak         Lets find Hannah!
 46   Late in the afternoon the vidphone      Janet gets a call
 47   So Hurricane Hannah works for           Geadubg fir Tampa Enclave
 48   Safely settled in the Tampa Enclave     At the Ritz
 49   By himself, Gomez ventures to           Gomez arrives at Hannah's
 50   Gomez has just sat down when a          Fanny spots Gomez
 51   When Gomez arrives at Fanny's           A surprise at Fanny's
 52   Before the second thug can get at       Jake blasts thugs
 53   "I didn't," insists Fanny, "set you     Fanny offers info
 54   I've never dated the guy, Gomez         SportsBots, Ltd.
 55   "This is a real surprise, Fanny" sa     Distracting the guard
 56   The daner leads them upwards thr        Searching the warehouse
 57   High up in the warehouse they co        The crate
 58   Jake yanks the front of the grate       the body in the crate
 59   Dropping to one knee beside the b       He's alive
 60   Chihuahua! exclaims Gomes.  "T          Attacked by androids
 61   Struggling to his feet, Jake is able    Backoff
 62   Was I not chiquita, impressive?         Androids out cold
 63   Ay, observes Gomez as they ma           On the trail again
 64   Not a sign of anybody, says Go          No sign of the andy
 65   Still across the street from their s    Exploding Skycar
 66   So where, wonders Gomez, did t          Morning at Fishsan Sammy's
 67   After they rent a skycar to replace     Renting a Skycar
 68   After seeing Fanny off, the partne      Saying Goodbye to Fanny
 69   Landing a safe distance from Hurri      Hannah's Hideaway
 70   Suddenly out of the brightening m       IDCA Raid
 71   Once the IDCA vans are in place,        Surrender or else
 72   Hurricane Hannah, wielding a lazri      A stunned Hannah
 73   Winterguild and his men have bee        Jake confronts Winterguild
 74   Early that afternoon Jake makes         A mysterious crate
 75   Of course you can trust him--he's       Shuttle lot
 76   The shuttle speeds on its way to        Heading for the moon
 77   This ship we borrowed from my cousin    Docking at Moonbase I
 78   As the robot bellhop escorts them       Moonbase Inn
 79   Jake and Gomez look up an infor         Visiting Newsboy Nevins
 80   Decked out as maintenance men,          Sneaking into the Casino
 81   Once inside the lower level of the      Casino Control Center
 82   By checking the array of monitor s      McMillion
 83   Jake and Gomez make their way u         Office 20C
 84   Dr. Gunsmith comes in to the roo        Enter Dr. Gunsmith
 85   Dr. Gunsmith says, "Now that I've       Jake and Gunsmith
 86   Suddenly Jake ducks, shoulderin         Jake and the Android
 87   Using the man's gunhand as a lev        Losing the Stungun
 88   Jake turns the detached stungun         A stunned Gunsmith
 89   A few moments later Gomez says,         A door bursts open
 90   Kurt Winterguild and a band of his      Enter Winterguild
 91   Striving not to look too smug, Jak      IDCA escorts
 92   Moments later the partners take t       Leaving Moonbase
 93   We'll turn McMillion's brain over to    A little bit of McMillion
 94   Jake tells Janet, "Gunsmith wanted      Back at Bascom's
 95   At sundown Jake and Beth walk a         Jake and Beth
 96   Checklist / Marvel No. 8                Checklist / Marvel
 97   Checklist / Marvel No. 1                Checklist / Marvel
 98   Checklist / Marvel No. 9                Checklist / Marvel
 99   William Shatner's TEKWORLD              Marvel Comic Series
100   William Shatner                         William Shatner


Tekchrome Cards

 T1   Jake Cardigan
 T2   Sid Gomez
 T3   Dr. Gunsmith
 T4   Beth and Jake

Autographed Cards

 --   (William Shatner)
 --   (Lee Sullivan)


Proto 1
Proto 2
Proto 3
 --     (4-up panel; 1993 Comicfest)
 --     (4-up panel; San Diego Comic Con)

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