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Television & Radio Stars of N.B.C.
   Bowman - 1952

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3-3/4" and have a copyright  note of "B.C.H.L.I. - 1952." American 
Card Catalog reference is R701-14. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.      Actor(s)                      Current Vehicle

No. 1    Gertrude Berg                 The Goldbergs
No. 2    Bob Elliot & Ray Goulding     Bob & Ray
No. 3    Joan Davis                    I Married Joan
No. 4    Eddit Cantor                  The Eddie Cantor Show
No. 5    Judy Canova                   The Judy Canova Show
No. 6    Bob Considine                 On  the Line With Bob Considine
No. 7    Robert Cummings               My Hero
No. 8    Dennis Day                    RCA Victor Show
No. 9    Jimmy Durante                 All Star Revue
No. 10   Ralph Edwards                 Truth or Consequences
No. 11   Dave Garroway                 Dial Dave Garroway
No. 12   Dolores Gray                  The Buick Circus Hour
No. 13   Phil Harris & Alice Faye      The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
No. 14   Bob Hope                      The Bob Hope Show
No. 15   George Jessel                 All Star Revue
No. 16   Jim & Marian Jordan           Fibber McGee and Molly
No. 17   Pinky Lee                     Those Two
No. 18   Paul Winchell                 Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show
No. 19   Grouch Marx                   You Bet Your Life
No. 20   Joel McCrea                   Tales of the Texas Rangers
No. 21   Randy Merriman                The Big Payoff
No. 22   Bess Myerson                  The Big Pay-off
No. 23   Jan Murray                    Meet Your Match
No. 24   Walter O'Keefe                Double Or Nothing
No. 25   Jane Pickens                  The Jane Pickens Show
No. 26   Marguerite Piazza             Your Show of Shows
No. 27   Martha Raye                   All Star Revue
No. 28   Dinah Shore                   The Dinah Shore Show
No. 29   Kate Smith                    The Kate Smith Hour
No. 30   Olan Soule & Barbara Luddy    The First Nighter
No. 31   Bill Stern                    Today's Sports
No. 32   Martha Stewart                Those Two
No. 33   John Cameron Swayze           Sidelights on the News
No. 34   Lee Tracy                     Martin Kane - Private Eye
No. 35   Willard Waterman              The Great Gildersleeve
No. 36   Meredith Willson              Music Room

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