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Tempest of the Gods Collectible Card Game
Black Dragon Press - 1995

Notes:  In most booster packs, cards are distributed as follows (starting with
the cards face-up: Commons, positions 1-9; Uncommons, 10-13; Rares, 14-15.
However, I was "lucky" enough to find a booster box without any Rares, where
Uncommons took their places.

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Title                         Type         Rarity     Pantheon   Artist

Abhore, Mistress Night        Demi-God     Uncommon   Evil       Daryl Elliot
Abol                          Deity        Rare       Evil       Matthew Yarro
Ally's Blessing               Miracle      Uncommon              Damon Denys
Alms Priest                   Priest       Common     Good       Brad Teare
Apocolypse                    Miracle      Rare       Chaos      Mark Poole
Arcanum Brotherhood           Follower     Common     Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Archmage Mithian              Champion     Uncommon   Good       Matthew Yarro
Armored Golem                 Guardian     Common     Chaos      Lawrence Alan Williams
Avatar                        Deity        Common                Brad Williams
Avenging Angel                Guardian     Uncommon   Good       Randy Gallegos
Azerous, The Lich King        Priest       Rare       Evil       Daryll Elliott
Bane Blade                    Relic        Common     Evil       Lawrence Alan Williams
Banish                        Miracle      Common                Dave Flora
Basilisk                      Guardian     Rare       Chaos      Randy R. Gallegos
Battering Ram                 Relic        Common                Eric Thevenot
Battle Fury                   Miracle      Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Beggar                        Follower     Common                Gregg Glymph
Berserkers                    Followers    Common     Chaos      Brad Williams
Besha, The Kissing Goddess    Demi-God     Rare       Good       Damon Denys
Bitterfrost                   Miracle      Rare       Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Black Orcon                   Relic        Rare       Evil       Darryl Elliott
Blackgate                     Temple       Uncommon   Evil       Mark Poole
Blasphemy                     Miracle      Rare                  Matthew Yarro
Blood Altar                   Relic        Rare       Evil       Joel M. Poppleton
Blood Covenant                Miracle      Uncommon              Joel M. Moppleton
Book of Black Magic           Relic        Rare       Evil       Susan Van Camp
Book of Life and Death        Relic        Rare       Good       Joel M. Poppleton
Breath of Mist                Relic        Rare                  Lynne Hyde
Bull Elk                      Guardian     Common     Chaos      Lynne Hyde
Burrow Worms                  Guardian     Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Candle of the All Father      Relic        Rare       Good       Brad Williams
Caravan                       Follower     Common                William Pace
Catapult                      Relic        Uncommon              Brad Williams
Celestial Palace              Temple       Rare       Good       Joel M. Poppleton
Celestial Pegasus             Guardian     Uncommon   Good       Lynne Hyde
Cemetary                      Temple       Common     Evil       Mark Poole
Changeling                    Guardian     Rare       Chaos      Darryl Elliott
Chaos Runes                   Miracle      Common     Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Chariot of Horne              Relic        Uncommon   Chaos      Mark Poole
Charming                      Guardian     Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Chimeran                      Guardian     Rare       Good       Brad Williams
City of the Dead              Temple       Uncommon   Evil       Mark Poole
Clairvoyance                  Spell        Common                Randy Gallegos
Cloak of Deception            Relic        Uncommon              Susan Van Camp
Close Portal                  Spell        Common                Brad Teare
Cloud Spirit                  Guardian     Common     Good       Matthew Yarro
Cloudwalk                     Spell        Uncommon              Randy Gallegos
Comet of Fates                Miracle      Rare                  Lynne Hyde
Crossed Swords                Follower     Common                Brad Williams
Crusaders of Galadon          Followers    Common     Good       Néne Thomas
Crypt Feeder                  Guardian     Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Crystaltear                   Temple       Common     Good       Linda Yarro
Daggers of the Mind           Spell        Uncommon              Susan Van Camp
Dark Chant                    Miracle      Common     Evil       Dave Flora
Dark Creation                 Guardian     Rare       Evil       Alan Clark
Dark Summons                  Miracle      Common     Evil       Gregg Glymph
Dark Walker                   Champion     Common     Good       Matthew Yarro
Dead Bones                    Relic        Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Deadly Ichor                  Relic        Common     Evil       Alan Clark
Deadwood                      Temple       Uncommon   Evil       Susan Van Camp
Death Cult                    Follower     Common     Evil       Damon Denys
Death Knight                  Champion     Common     Evil       Mark Poole
Death Vow                     Miracle      Uncommon   Good       Damon Denys
Deathly Corpse                Guardian     Common     Evil       Steve Venters
Deathmask                     Follower     Common                Lawrence Alan Williams
Defile                        Miracle      Uncommon   Evil       Damon Denys
Despair                       Miracle      Rare                  Néne Thomas
Destroying Angel              Miracle      Rare       Evil       Mark Poole
Devourer of the Fallen        Guardian     Uncommon   Evil       Lawrence Alan Williams
Disenchantment                Spell        Common                William Pace
Divination                    Miracle      Rare       Good       Brad Williams
Diviner's Mask                Relic        Rare                  Joel M. Poppleton
Dolphin                       Guardian     Common     Good       Lynne Hyde
Domination                    Spell        Rare                  Michelle Billich
Doom Steeds                   Guardian     Rare       Evil       Lynne Hyde
Double                        Spell        Rare                  Matthew Yarro
Dram the Black                Demi-god     Rare       Chaos      Susan Van Camp
Druine                        Priest       Common     Evil       Lawrence Alan Williams
Druish King                   Champion     Uncommon   Chaos      Néne Thomas
Drums of Doom                 Relic        Rare       Evil       Susan Van Camp
Druna, the Protector          Demi-God     Uncommon   Good       Steve Venters
Dungeons of Thalhautma        Temple       Common     Evil       Mark Poole
Dwarven Hero                  Champion     Common     Chaos      Darryl Elliot
Dwarven Stonemasons           Follower     Uncommon              Brad Williams
Elivari Archers               Follower     Common     Good       Brad Williams
Enchanted Armor               Relic        Uncommon              Brad Teare
Enchanted Weapon              Relic        Uncommon              Brad Williams
Enigma                        Demi-God     Rare                  Thomas Martinez
Entombment                    Miracle      Rare                  Susan Van Camp
Erland's Tomb                 Relic        Rare       Good       Susan Van Camp
Erodan Knight                 Champion     Common     Good       William Pace
Etheral Worms                 Guardian     Common     Chaos      Randy Gallegos
Exodus                        Miracle      Uncommon              Joel M. Poppleton
Falconer                      Follower     Common                Néne Thomas
False Prophet                 Priest       Rare                  Brad Williams
Familiar                      Guardian     Uncommon              Alan Clark
Famine                        Miracle      Uncommon              Joel M. Poppleton
Farmer                        Follower     Common                Linda & Ralph Yarro
Father of Shadows             Priest       Common     Evil       Ralph Yarro
Fathfyrn the Mighty           Deity        Rare       Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Feet of the Jaguar            Spell        Common                Susan Van Camp
Fetish Shaman                 Follower     Common                William Pace
Flash Flood                   Miracle      Rare                  K.C. Lancaster
Forest Giant                  Guardian     Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Forges of MountainUnder       Temple       Rare       Chaos      Brad Williams
Fortuna                       Deity        Common     Chaos      Doug Shuler
Fountain of Souls             Relic        Rare       Evil       Susan Van Camp
Freeze Blast                  Spell        Common                Christina Wald
Frontiersman                  Follower     Common                Brad Teare
Garrison                      Follower     Common                Brad Teare
Giant Kin                     Miracle      Uncommon   Chaos      Brad Williams
Gidron The Defiler            Priest       Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Golden Lake                   Temple       Common     Chaos      Mark Poole
Grand Inquisitor              Priest       Common                Thomas Martinez
Grandmindor                   Temple       Rare       Evil       Alan Clark
Graveyard of Ships            Temple       Rare       Evil       Jeff Menges
Great Umber Bear              Guardian     Common     Chaos      Lynne Hyde
Greater Warlock               Priest       Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Grimfang the Great            Demi-God     Rare       Evil       Susan Van Camp
Gryvern                       Guardian     Uncommon   Evil       Susan Van Camp
Guard Dog                     Guardian     Uncommon              Brad Williams
Gydon the Red                 Demi-God     Common     Chaos      Susan Van Camp
Halo                          Miracle      Uncommon   Good       Néne Thomas
Harbinger Eagle               Guardian     Common     Good       Brad Williams
Harvest Season                Miracle      Rare       Good       Dave Flora
Harvest Symbol                Relic        Uncommon   Good       Joel M. Poppleton
Healers of Southton Abbey     Priest       Common     Good       Brad Williams
Helm of War                   Relic        Rare       Chaos      Mark Poole
Herb Garden of Isa            Temple       Common     Good       K.C. Lancaster
Highlands Unicorn             Guardian     Uncommon   Good       Lynne Hyde
Hogmuv Coven                  Priest       Common     Chaos      Lawrence Alan Williams
Horne, God of War             Deity        Uncommon   Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Hrothgar                      Demi-god     Rare       Evil       Doug Shuler
Ilgit, the Great Vulne        Champion     Uncommon   Evil       Randy Gallegos
Inner Sanctum                 Relic        Rare       Good       Matthew Yarro
Iron Slugs                    Guardian     Rare                  Brad Teare
Izgul The Mad                 Priest       Uncommon   Chaos      Daryl Elliot
Jaxx, Lord of Ghouls          Champion     Uncommon   Evil       Shane Larson
Karthanon, The Builder        Temple       Uncommon   Good       Christina Wald
Khrin Ruins                   Miracle      Rare                  Mark Poole
King Erland                   Deity        Uncommon   Good       Néne Thomas
King Erodan                   Deity        Rare       Good       Shane Larson
King Ettin's Crown            Relic        Rare       Chaos      William Pace
Kings Statue                  Relic        Uncommon   Chaos      Christina Wald
Knights of Three              Demi-God     Rare       Good       Mark Poole
Krill Vortex                  Miracle      Rare       Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Lawspeaker                    Priest       Common     Good       Néne Thomas
Legions of Doom               Miracle      Rare       Evil       Ralph Yarro
Living Lightning              Miracle      Uncommon   Chaos      Darryl Elliot
Lord Dwarvendunne             Demi-God     Uncommon   Good       Matthew Yarro
Lord Gamrin                   Demi-God     Common     Good       Brad Teare
Lord of Storms                Demi-god     Rare       Chaos      Jeff Menges
Loremaster                    Follower     Uncommon              Thomas Martinez
Lost Temple of Baharat        Temple       Uncommon   Chaos      Mark Poole
Lurker of the Deep            Guardian     Uncommon              Brad Teare
Mage Master                   Follower     Uncommon              Brad Williams
Maldorian Pirates             Follower     Common                Lawrence Alan Williams
Martyr Massacre               Miracle      Uncommon   Chaos      William Pace
Master Archer                 Follower     Rare                  Gregg Glymph
Mazer the Misguided           Demi-god     Rare       Evil       Matthew Yarro
Meld                          Miracle      Common     Chaos      Joel Poppleton & Colin Murcray
Mesidian Gargoyle             Guardian     Common     Chaos      Shane Larson
Messilist the Destroyer       Deity        Rare       Evil       Darryl Elliott
Meteor Shower                 Miracle      Rare                  Lynne Hyde & Matthew Yarro
Millenium                     Miracle      Rare       Good       Néne Thomas
Minak Orb                     Relic        Uncommon   Chaos      Daryl Elliot
Mind Shield                   Spell        Common                Lawrence Alan Williams
Misdirection                  Spell        Common                K.C. Lancaster
Mithra The Huntress           Demi-God     Common     Chaos      Mark Poole
Mob Leader                    Follower     Uncommon              Joel M. Poppleton
Mokenth Charm                 Relic        Rare                  Joel M. Poppleton
Mountain Oracle               Priest       Common     Good       William Pace
Mythander Thundertongue       Demi-God     Rare       Good       Matthew Yarro
Necromancer                   Priest       Common     Evil       Damon Denys
Necros, Lord of Xzulne        Deity        Common     Evil       Darryl Elliott
Nightfall                     Miracle      Rare                  Susan Van Camp
Order of the Vanari           Priest       Common     Good       Gregg Glymph
Oxylonn The Dire Worm         Demi-God     Uncommon   Chaos      Lawrence Alan Williams
Part Water                    Miracle      Uncommon              Joel M. Poppleton
Passage                       Miracle      Common                Damon Denys
Peaseant                      Follower     Common                Brad Teare
Phantasm                      Spell        Common                Eric Thevenot
Pilgrim                       Follower     Common                Damon Denys
Pillar of Eyes                Relic        Rare                  Joel M. Poppleton
Pit Fighter                   Follower     Common                Matthew Yarro
Pit of Fire                   Miracle      Common     Good       Steve Venters
Plague                        Miracle      Rare                  Darryl Elliott
Poison Touch                  Spell        Uncommon              Matthew Yarro
Pools of Druna                Relic        Rare       Good       Christina Wald
Powers on High                Miracle      Common     Good       Lawrence Alan Williams
Rain of Arrows                Spell        Rare                  Brad Teare
Revenant Sorcerer             Champion     Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Reverse Gravity               Spell        Uncommon              Lawrence Alan Williams
Rillobrigg                    Demi-God     Common     Chaos      Brad Williams
Ring of Linking               Relic        Uncommon              Joannah Soderborg
Ring of Many Wonders          Relic        Rare                  Joel Poppleton
Ring of Nine Lives            Relic        Rare                  Susan Van Camp
Ring of Water Walking         Relic        Uncommon              Douglas Shuler
Ringen The Valiant            Champion     Uncommon   Good       Lawrence Alan Williams
River of Fire                 Miracle      Uncommon              Jeff Menges
Rose Ossuary                  Temple       Uncommon   Good       Néne Thomas
Rose Pedal Brotherhood        Priest       Common     Good       Joel M. Poppleton
Rumormonger                   Priest       Rare                  Randy Gallegos
Sacred Earth                  Miracle      Uncommon   Good       Linda & Ralph Yarro
Salvation                     Miracle      Uncommon   Good       Damon Denys
Sanctuary                     Miracle      Rare       Good       Joel M. Poppleton & Matthew Yarro
Sand of Ages                  Miracle      Rare                  Joel M. Poppleton
Savanah Monkeys               Guardian     Uncommon              Matthew Yarro
Scathos                       Demi-God     Uncommon   Evil       Shane Larson
Secret Combinations           Miracle      Rare                  Joel M. Poppleton
Seven Seals of Doom           Miracle      Rare                  Mark Poole
Shadow Cat                    Guardian     Common     Evil       Susan Van Camp
Shadow Giant                  Guardian     Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Shadow Slayer                 Miracle      Uncommon   Evil       Matthew Yarro
Shadowy Spirits               Guardian     Common     Evil       Matthew Yarro
Shapeshifter                  Guardian     Rare       Chaos      Susan Van Camp
Shield of Shadows             Miracle      Common     Evil       Dave Flora
Silandril's Salvation         Relic        Uncommon   Good       Marie Swenson
Skaine The Vile               Demi-God     Common     Evil       Alan Clark
Skeleton Legions              Guardian     Common     Evil       Alan Clark
Sleep                         Spell        Uncommon              Darryl Elliott
Soothsayer                    Priest       Common                Damon Denys
Sothtis the Traveller         Demi-god     Rare       Evil       Brad Teare
Soul Stealer                  Relic        Uncommon   Evil       Damon Denys
Southton Abbey                Temple       Uncommon   Good       Mark Poole
Spider Plague                 Spell        Uncommon              Matthew Yarro
Spindlethorn                  Spell        Common                Joel M. Poppleton
Staff of the Pure Heart       Relic        Rare       Good       Susan Van Camp
Stairway of the Eternities    Miracle      Rare                  Brad Teare
Stewards Hall                 Temple       Uncommon   Good       Shane Larson
Stewards of Thale             Champion     Common     Good       Joel M. Poppleton
Stones of Drakma              Relic        Rare       Good       Brad Teare
Storm Season                  Miracle      Rare       Chaos      Mark Poole
Stormwatch                    Temple       Rare       Chaos      Steve Venters
Strong Bow                    Relic        Rare                  Matthew Yarro
Swarm Skine                   Guardian     Uncommon   Evil       William Pace
Sword of Lost Quests          Relic        Rare       Good       Marie Swenson
Teleport                      Spell        Uncommon              Matthew Yarro
Thanter Kandis                Demi-God     Uncommon   Evil       Susan Van Camp
The Lost King                 Champion     Uncommon   Good       Darryl Elliott
Thief                         Follower     Rare                  Susan Van Camp
Time Sphere                   Relic        Rare       Chaos      Mark Poole
Times Past to Present         Spell        Rare                  Mark Poole
Tremors                       Miracle      Common                Néne Thomas
Twin Towers                   Temple       Uncommon   Evil       Randy Gallegos
Urns of Gold                  Relic        Uncommon              Néne Thomas
Usher, Guardian of Time       Demi-God     Uncommon   Good       Brad Teare
Vale of the Sleeping Giants   Temple       Uncommon   Chaos      Joel Poppleton
Vasuul, Prince of Xzulne      Demi-God     Uncommon   Evil       Randy Gallegos
Veil of Darkness              Miracle      Rare                  K.C. Lancaster
Vulne                         Guardian     Common     Evil       Lynne Hyde
Wandering Wizard              Follower     Common                Jeff Menges
War Galley                    Relic        Uncommon              Joel M. Poppleton
War Horse                     Guardian     Common                Néne Thomas
War Standard                  Temple       Common     Chaos      Lawrence Alan Williams
War Tower                     Temple       Uncommon   Chaos      Brad Williams
War Wheel                     Relic        Rare       Chaos      Daryll Elliot
Wargate                       Temple       Common     Good       Darryl Elliott
Warking of Thrangmar          Champion     Rare       Chaos      Matthew Yarro
Warlock                       Priest       Common     Chaos      Mark Poole
Warp Staff                    Relic        Rare       Chaos      Gregg Glymph
Whitefire Spirit              Guardian     Uncommon   Good       Alan Clark
Wild Lands                    Guardian     Rare                  Matthew Yarro
Witchfire                     Spell        Rare                  Matthew Yarro
Witching Moon                 Miracle      Rare       Evil       Damon Denys
Witching Season               Miracle      Rare       Evil       Susan Van Camp
Woodland Drue                 Priest       Common     Chaos      Doug Shuler
Wyverthoom                    Demi-God     Uncommon   Chaos      Susan Van Camp
Yunume                        Deity        Rare       Good       Matthew Yarro
Zealot                        Follower     Common                K.C. Lancaster

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                                                     Strength/ Summoning
Title                         Rarity     Pantheon      Faith     Cost


Archmage Mithian              Uncommon   Good           6/3        4
Dark Walker                   Common     Good           3/3        4
Death Knight                  Common     Evil           3/3        3
Druish King                   Uncommon   Chaos          4/3        3
Dwarven Hero                  Common     Chaos          5/2        3
Erodan Knight                 Common     Good           5/3        4
Ilgit, the Great Vulne        Uncommon   Evil           2/1        3
Jaxx, Lord of Ghouls          Uncommon   Evil           5/3        4
Revenant Sorcerer             Uncommon   Evil           3/3        3
Ringen The Valiant            Uncommon   Good           5/3        3
Stewards of Thale             Common     Good           4/3        3
The Lost King                 Uncommon   Good           6/3        5
Warking of Thrangmar          Rare       Chaos          5/2        5


Abol                          Rare       Evil           *.*       20
Avatar                        Common                   10/15      15
Fathfyrn the Mighty           Rare       Chaos         15/10      20
Fortuna                       Common     Chaos         6/11       15
Horne, God of War             Uncommon   Chaos         12/7       17
King Erland                   Uncommon   Good          9/11       15
King Erodan                   Rare       Good          10/10      15
Messilist the Destroyer       Rare       Evil          11/9       15
Necros, Lord of Xzulne        Common     Evil          10/10      17
Yunume                        Rare       Good           */*       20


Abhore, Mistress Night        Uncommon   Evil           4/7        8
Besha, The Kissing Goddess    Rare       Good           2/6        7
Dram the Black                Rare       Chaos         10/6        9
Druna, the Protector          Uncommon   Good           5/7        7
Enigma                        Rare                      0/0        0
Grimfang the Great            Rare       Evil           7/5        8
Gydon the Red                 Common     Chaos          8/6        9
Hrothgar                      Rare       Evil           5/3        5
Knights of Three              Rare       Good           7/5        7
Lord Dwarvendunne             Uncommon   Good           8/5        8
Lord Gamrin                   Common     Good           5/5        5
Lord of Storms                Rare       Chaos          4/3        9
Mazer the Misguided           Rare       Evil           3/5        5
Mithra The Huntress           Common     Chaos          9/6        7
Mythander Thundertongue       Rare       Good           6/6        8
Oxylonn The Dire Worm         Uncommon   Chaos          7/5        5
Rillobrigg                    Common     Chaos          5/5        6
Scathos                       Uncommon   Evil           4/3        7
Skaine The Vile               Common     Evil           5/5        5
Sothtis the Traveller         Rare       Evil           6/4        7
Thanter Kandis                Uncommon   Evil           6/6        9
Usher, Guardian of Time       Uncommon   Good           7/9       10
Vasuul, Prince of Xzulne      Uncommon   Evil           9/7       10
Wyverthoom                    Uncommon   Chaos          9/6        7


Arcanum Brotherhood           Common     Chaos          2/1        2
Beggar                        Common                    0/0        2
Caravan                       Common                    1/1        0
Crossed Swords                Common                    2/1        0
Death Cult                    Common     Evil           1/1        0
Deathmask                     Common                    5/1        3
Dwarven Stonemasons           Uncommon                  2/1        2
Elivari Archers               Common     Good           2/1        1
Falconer                      Common                    1/1        0
Farmer                        Common                    1/1        0
Fetish Shaman                 Common                    1/2        0
Frontiersman                  Common                    2/1        0
Garrison                      Common                    2/2        2
Loremaster                    Uncommon                  0/1        3
Mage Master                   Uncommon                  4/1        2
Maldorian Pirates             Common                    2/1        2
Master Archer                 Rare                      2/1        1
Mob Leader                    Uncommon                  2/1        3
Peaseant                      Common                    1/1        0
Pilgrim                       Common                    1/2        0
Pit Fighter                   Common                    3/1        1
Thief                         Rare                      2/1        3
Wandering Wizard              Common                    2/1        0
Zealot                        Common                    1/2        0
Berserkers                    Common     Chaos          3/0        2
Crusaders of Galadon          Common     Good           */1        1


Armored Golem                 Common     Chaos          1/1        1
Avenging Angel                Uncommon   Good           5/5        5
Basilisk                      Rare       Chaos          3/0        5
Bull Elk                      Common     Chaos          2/1        1
Burrow Worms                  Uncommon   Chaos          2/0        3
Celestial Pegasus             Uncommon   Good           2/1        3
Changeling                    Rare       Chaos          2/3        4
Charming                      Uncommon   Chaos          3/1        3
Chimeran                      Rare       Good           */2        5
Cloud Spirit                  Common     Good           1/0        1
Crypt Feeder                  Uncommon   Evil           3/1        3
Dark Creation                 Rare       Evil           5/0        5
Deathly Corpse                Common     Evil           1/1        1
Devourer of the Fallen        Uncommon   Evil           2/0        5
Dolphin                       Common     Good           1/0        1
Doom Steeds                   Rare       Evil           2/1        2
Etheral Worms                 Common     Chaos          2/0        3
Familiar                      Uncommon                  1/0        1
Forest Giant                  Uncommon   Chaos          3/1        5
Great Umber Bear              Common     Chaos          3/0        1
Gryvern                       Uncommon   Evil           3/0        3
Guard Dog                     Uncommon                  1/0        1
Harbinger Eagle               Common     Good           1/0        1
Highlands Unicorn             Uncommon   Good           4/0        2
Iron Slugs                    Rare                      1/0        3
Lurker of the Deep            Uncommon                  3/0        3
Mesidian Gargoyle             Common     Chaos          3/1        5
Savanah Monkeys               Uncommon                  1/0        2
Shadow Cat                    Common     Evil           3/0        3
Shadow Giant                  Uncommon   Evil           3/1        5
Shadowy Spirits               Common     Evil           0/1        0
Shapeshifter                  Rare       Chaos          */4        6
Skeleton Legions              Common     Evil           2/1        1
Swarm Skine                   Uncommon   Evil           1/0        2
Vulne                         Common     Evil           1/0        0
War Horse                     Common                    2/0        1
Whitefire Spirit              Uncommon   Good           */0        3
Wild Lands                    Rare                      0/0        3


Ally's Blessing               Uncommon                  0/0        *
Apocolypse                    Rare       Chaos          0/0        7
Banish                        Common                    0/0        *
Battle Fury                   Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        2
Bitterfrost                   Rare       Chaos          0/0        7
Blasphemy                     Rare                      0/0        5
Blood Covenant                Uncommon                  0/0        *
Chaos Runes                   Common     Chaos          0/0        1
Comet of Fates                Rare                      0/0        5
Dark Chant                    Common     Evil           0/0        3
Dark Summons                  Common     Evil           1/1        0
Death Vow                     Uncommon   Good           0/0        5
Defile                        Uncommon   Evil           0/0        *
Despair                       Rare                      0/0        3
Destroying Angel              Rare       Evil           0/0        7
Divination                    Rare       Good           0/0        2
Entombment                    Rare                      0/0        5
Exodus                        Uncommon                  0/0        5
Famine                        Uncommon                  0/0        5
Flash Flood                   Rare                      0/0        7
Giant Kin                     Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        3
Halo                          Uncommon   Good           0/0        3
Harvest Season                Rare       Good           0/0        5
Khrin Ruins                   Rare                      0/0        5
Krill Vortex                  Rare       Chaos          0/0        5
Legions of Doom               Rare       Evil           0/0        8
Living Lightning              Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        *
Martyr Massacre               Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        3
Meld                          Common     Chaos          0/0        5
Meteor Shower                 Rare                      0/0        *
Millenium                     Rare       Good           0/0        6
Nightfall                     Rare                      0/0        5
Part Water                    Uncommon                  0/0        3
Passage                       Common                    0/0        3
Pit of Fire                   Common     Good           0/0        *
Plague                        Rare                      0/0        5
Powers on High                Common     Good           0/0        3
River of Fire                 Uncommon                  0/0        3
Sacred Earth                  Uncommon   Good           0/0        6
Salvation                     Uncommon   Good           0/0        3
Sanctuary                     Rare       Good           0/0        5
Sand of Ages                  Rare                      0/0        5
Secret Combinations           Rare                      0/0        5
Seven Seals of Doom           Rare                      0/0        7
Shadow Slayer                 Uncommon   Evil           0/0        *
Shield of Shadows             Common     Evil           0/0        3
Stairway of the Eternities    Rare                      0/0        5
Storm Season                  Rare       Chaos          0/0        5
Tremors                       Common                    0/0        *
Veil of Darkness              Rare                      0/0        5
Witching Moon                 Rare       Evil           0/0        7
Witching Season               Rare       Evil           0/0        5


Alms Priest                   Common     Good           0/2        0
Azerous, The Lich King        Rare       Evil           3/3        4
Druine                        Common     Evil           1/1        0
False Prophet                 Rare                      1/2        1
Father of Shadows             Common     Evil           2/2        3
Gidron The Defiler            Uncommon   Evil           3/2        1
Grand Inquisitor              Common                    2/2        2
Greater Warlock               Uncommon   Chaos          3/3        2
Healers of Southton Abbey     Common     Good           1/2        2
Hogmuv Coven                  Common     Chaos          1/2        1
Izgul The Mad                 Uncommon   Chaos          3/3        4
Lawspeaker                    Common     Good           3/3        2
Mountain Oracle               Common     Good           1/3        2
Necromancer                   Common     Evil           2/1        0
Order of the Vanari           Common     Good           2/3        3
Rose Pedal Brotherhood        Common     Good           1/1        0
Rumormonger                   Rare                      1/1        0
Soothsayer                    Common                    0/2        2
Warlock                       Common     Chaos          2/1        1
Woodland Drue                 Common     Chaos          1/1        0


Bane Blade                    Common     Evil           0/0        3
Battering Ram                 Common                    0/0        2
Black Orcon                   Rare       Evil           0/0        5
Blood Altar                   Rare       Evil           0/0        7
Book of Black Magic           Rare       Evil           0/0        6
Book of Life and Death        Rare       Good           0/0        5
Breath of Mist                Rare                      0/0        5
Candle of the All Father      Rare       Good           0/0        5
Catapult                      Uncommon                  0/0        3
Chariot of Horne              Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        5
Cloak of Deception            Uncommon                  0/0        3
Dead Bones                    Uncommon   Evil           0/0        3
Deadly Ichor                  Common     Evil           0/0        1
Diviner's Mask                Rare                      0/0        1
Drums of Doom                 Rare       Evil           0/0        3
Enchanted Armor               Uncommon                  0/0        1
Enchanted Weapon              Uncommon                  0/0        1
Erland's Tomb                 Rare       Good           0/0        5
Fountain of Souls             Rare       Evil           0/0        6
Harvest Symbol                Uncommon   Good           0/0        1
Helm of War                   Rare       Chaos          0/0        5
Inner Sanctum                 Rare       Good           0/0        8
King Ettin's Crown            Rare       Chaos          0/0        3
Kings Statue                  Uncommon   Chaos          5/0        3
Minak Orb                     Uncommon   Chaos          0/0        7
Mokenth Charm                 Rare                      0/0        3
Pillar of Eyes                Rare                      0/0        5
Pools of Druna                Rare       Good           0/0        3
Ring of Linking               Uncommon                  0/0        4
Ring of Many Wonders          Rare                      0/0        3
Ring of Nine Lives            Rare                      0/0        1
Ring of Water Walking         Uncommon                  0/0        1
Silandril's Salvation         Uncommon   Good           0/0        3
Soul Stealer                  Uncommon   Evil           0/0        3
Staff of the Pure Heart       Rare       Good           0/0        7
Stones of Drakma              Rare       Good           0/0        5
Strong Bow                    Rare                      0/0        3
Sword of Lost Quests          Rare       Good           0/0        3
Time Sphere                   Rare       Chaos          0/0        5
Urns of Gold                  Uncommon                  0/0        1
War Galley                    Uncommon                  2/0        2
War Wheel                     Rare       Chaos          0/0        5
Warp Staff                    Rare       Chaos          0/0        5


Clairvoyance                  Common                    0/0        3
Close Portal                  Common                    0/0        4
Cloudwalk                     Uncommon                  0/0        2
Daggers of the Mind           Uncommon                  0/0        2
Disenchantment                Common                    0/0        *
Domination                    Rare                      0/0        *
Double                        Rare                      0/0        4
Feet of the Jaguar            Common                    0/0        2
Freeze Blast                  Common                    0/0        *
Mind Shield                   Common                    0/0        2
Misdirection                  Common                    0/0        2
Phantasm                      Common                    0/0        2
Poison Touch                  Uncommon                  0/0        *
Rain of Arrows                Rare                      0/0        *
Reverse Gravity               Uncommon                  0/0        5
Sleep                         Uncommon                  0/0        4
Spider Plague                 Uncommon                  0/0        2
Spindlethorn                  Common                    0/0        2
Teleport                      Uncommon                  0/0        3
Times Past to Present         Rare                      0/0        5
Witchfire                     Rare                      0/0        4


Blackgate                     Uncommon   Evil          10/0        7
Celestial Palace              Rare       Good          10/0       10
Cemetary                      Common     Evil           2/0        1
City of the Dead              Uncommon   Evil           8/0        9
Crystaltear                   Common     Good           3/0        4
Deadwood                      Uncommon   Evil           3/0        2
Dungeons of Thalhautma        Common     Evil           6/0        8
Forges of MountainUnder       Rare       Chaos         10/0       10
Golden Lake                   Common     Chaos          3/0        4
Grandmindor                   Rare       Evil           7/0        7
Graveyard of Ships            Rare       Evil           3/0        4
Herb Garden of Isa            Common     Good           2/0        3
Karthanon, The Builder        Uncommon   Good           5/7        7
Lost Temple of Baharat        Uncommon   Chaos          2/0        4
Rose Ossuary                  Uncommon   Good           3/0        4
Southton Abbey                Uncommon   Good           4/0        6
Stewards Hall                 Uncommon   Good           6/0        5
Stormwatch                    Rare       Chaos          8/0        8
Twin Towers                   Uncommon   Evil           6/0        8
Vale of the Sleeping Giants   Uncommon   Chaos          3/0        5
War Standard                  Common     Chaos          2/0        1
War Tower                     Uncommon   Chaos          5/0        5
Wargate                       Common     Good           8/0        8

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Title                         Type         Pantheon

Common Cards (90)

Alms Priest                   Priest       Good
Arcanum Brotherhood           Follower     Chaos
Armored Golem                 Guardian     Chaos
Avatar                        Deity
Bane Blade                    Relic        Evil
Banish                        Miracle
Battering Ram                 Relic
Beggar                        Follower
Berserkers                    Followers    Chaos
Bull Elk                      Guardian     Chaos
Caravan                       Follower
Cemetary                      Temple       Evil
Chaos Runes                   Miracle      Chaos
Clairvoyance                  Spell
Close Portal                  Spell
Cloud Spirit                  Guardian     Good
Crossed Swords                Follower
Crusaders of Galadon          Followers    Good
Crystaltear                   Temple       Good
Dark Chant                    Miracle      Evil
Dark Summons                  Miracle      Evil
Dark Walker                   Champion     Good
Deadly Ichor                  Relic        Evil
Death Cult                    Follower     Evil
Death Knight                  Champion     Evil
Deathly Corpse                Guardian     Evil
Deathmask                     Follower
Disenchantment                Spell
Dolphin                       Guardian     Good
Druine                        Priest       Evil
Dungeons of Thalhautma        Temple       Evil
Dwarven Hero                  Champion     Chaos
Elivari Archers               Follower     Good
Erodan Knight                 Champion     Good
Etheral Worms                 Guardian     Chaos
Falconer                      Follower
Farmer                        Follower
Father of Shadows             Priest       Evil
Feet of the Jaguar            Spell
Fetish Shaman                 Follower
Fortuna                       Deity        Chaos
Freeze Blast                  Spell
Frontiersman                  Follower
Garrison                      Follower
Golden Lake                   Temple       Chaos
Grand Inquisitor              Priest
Great Umber Bear              Guardian     Chaos
Gydon the Red                 Demi-God     Chaos
Harbinger Eagle               Guardian     Good
Healers of Southton Abbey     Priest       Good
Herb Garden of Isa            Temple       Good
Hogmuv Coven                  Priest       Chaos
Lawspeaker                    Priest       Good
Lord Gamrin                   Demi-God     Good
Maldorian Pirates             Follower
Meld                          Miracle      Chaos
Mesidian Gargoyle             Guardian     Chaos
Mind Shield                   Spell
Misdirection                  Spell
Mithra The Huntress           Demi-God     Chaos
Mountain Oracle               Priest       Good
Necromancer                   Priest       Evil
Necros, Lord of Xzulne        Deity        Evil
Order of the Vanari           Priest       Good
Passage                       Miracle
Peaseant                      Follower
Phantasm                      Spell
Pilgrim                       Follower
Pit Fighter                   Follower
Pit of Fire                   Miracle      Good
Powers on High                Miracle      Good
Rillobrigg                    Demi-God     Chaos
Rose Pedal Brotherhood        Priest       Good
Shadow Cat                    Guardian     Evil
Shadowy Spirits               Guardian     Evil
Shield of Shadows             Miracle      Evil
Skaine The Vile               Demi-God     Evil
Skeleton Legions              Guardian     Evil
Soothsayer                    Priest
Spindlethorn                  Spell
Stewards of Thale             Champion     Good
Tremors                       Miracle
Vulne                         Guardian     Evil
Wandering Wizard              Follower
War Horse                     Guardian
War Standard                  Temple       Chaos
Wargate                       Temple       Good
Warlock                       Priest       Chaos
Woodland Drue                 Priest       Chaos
Zealot                        Follower

Uncommon Cards (90)

Abhore, Mistress Night        Demi-God     Evil
Ally's Blessing               Miracle
Archmage Mithian              Champion     Good
Avenging Angel                Guardian     Good
Battle Fury                   Miracle      Chaos
Blackgate                     Temple       Evil
Blood Covenant                Miracle
Burrow Worms                  Guardian     Chaos
Catapult                      Relic
Celestial Pegasus             Guardian     Good
Chariot of Horne              Relic        Chaos
Charming                      Guardian     Chaos
City of the Dead              Temple       Evil
Cloak of Deception            Relic
Cloudwalk                     Spell
Crypt Feeder                  Guardian     Evil
Daggers of the Mind           Spell
Dead Bones                    Relic        Evil
Deadwood                      Temple       Evil
Death Vow                     Miracle      Good
Defile                        Miracle      Evil
Devourer of the Fallen        Guardian     Evil
Druish King                   Champion     Chaos
Druna, the Protector          Demi-God     Good
Dwarven Stonemasons           Follower
Enchanted Armor               Relic
Enchanted Weapon              Relic
Exodus                        Miracle
Familiar                      Guardian
Famine                        Miracle
Forest Giant                  Guardian     Chaos
Giant Kin                     Miracle      Chaos
Gidron The Defiler            Priest       Evil
Greater Warlock               Priest       Chaos
Gryvern                       Guardian     Evil
Guard Dog                     Guardian
Halo                          Miracle      Good
Harvest Symbol                Relic        Good
Highlands Unicorn             Guardian     Good
Horne, God of War             Deity        Chaos
Ilgit, the Great Vulne        Champion     Evil
Izgul The Mad                 Priest       Chaos
Jaxx, Lord of Ghouls          Champion     Evil
Karthanon, The Builder        Temple       Good
King Erland                   Deity        Good
Kings Statue                  Relic        Chaos
Living Lightning              Miracle      Chaos
Lord Dwarvendunne             Demi-God     Good
Loremaster                    Follower
Lost Temple of Baharat        Temple       Chaos
Lurker of the Deep            Guardian
Mage Master                   Follower
Martyr Massacre               Miracle      Chaos
Minak Orb                     Relic        Chaos
Mob Leader                    Follower
Oxylonn The Dire Worm         Demi-God     Chaos
Part Water                    Miracle
Poison Touch                  Spell
Revenant Sorcerer             Champion     Evil
Reverse Gravity               Spell
Ring of Linking               Relic
Ring of Water Walking         Relic
Ringen The Valiant            Champion     Good
River of Fire                 Miracle
Rose Ossuary                  Temple       Good
Sacred Earth                  Miracle      Good
Salvation                     Miracle      Good
Savanah Monkeys               Guardian
Scathos                       Demi-God     Evil
Shadow Giant                  Guardian     Evil
Shadow Slayer                 Miracle      Evil
Silandril's Salvation         Relic        Good
Sleep                         Spell
Soul Stealer                  Relic        Evil
Southton Abbey                Temple       Good
Spider Plague                 Spell
Stewards Hall                 Temple       Good
Swarm Skine                   Guardian     Evil
Teleport                      Spell
Thanter Kandis                Demi-God     Evil
The Lost King                 Champion     Good
Twin Towers                   Temple       Evil
Urns of Gold                  Relic
Usher, Guardian of Time       Demi-God     Good
Vale of the Sleeping Giants   Temple       Chaos
Vasuul, Prince of Xzulne      Demi-God     Evil
War Galley                    Relic
War Tower                     Temple       Chaos
Whitefire Spirit              Guardian     Good
Wyverthoom                    Demi-God     Chaos

Rare Cards (90)

Abol                          Deity        Evil
Apocolypse                    Miracle      Chaos
Azerous, The Lich King        Priest       Evil
Basilisk                      Guardian     Chaos
Besha, The Kissing Goddess    Demi-God     Good
Bitterfrost                   Miracle      Chaos
Black Orcon                   Relic        Evil
Blasphemy                     Miracle
Blood Altar                   Relic        Evil
Book of Black Magic           Relic        Evil
Book of Life and Death        Relic        Good
Breath of Mist                Relic
Candle of the All Father      Relic        Good
Celestial Palace              Temple       Good
Changeling                    Guardian     Chaos
Chimeran                      Guardian     Good
Comet of Fates                Miracle
Dark Creation                 Guardian     Evil
Despair                       Miracle
Destroying Angel              Miracle      Evil
Divination                    Miracle      Good
Diviner's Mask                Relic
Domination                    Spell
Doom Steeds                   Guardian     Evil
Double                        Spell
Dram the Black                Demi-god     Chaos
Drums of Doom                 Relic        Evil
Enigma                        Demi-God
Entombment                    Miracle
Erland's Tomb                 Relic        Good
False Prophet                 Priest
Fathfyrn the Mighty           Deity        Chaos
Flash Flood                   Miracle
Forges of MountainUnder       Temple       Chaos
Fountain of Souls             Relic        Evil
Grandmindor                   Temple       Evil
Graveyard of Ships            Temple       Evil
Grimfang the Great            Demi-God     Evil
Harvest Season                Miracle      Good
Helm of War                   Relic        Chaos
Hrothgar                      Demi-god     Evil
Inner Sanctum                 Relic        Good
Iron Slugs                    Guardian
Khrin Ruins                   Miracle
King Erodan                   Deity        Good
King Ettin's Crown            Relic        Chaos
Knights of Three              Demi-God     Good
Krill Vortex                  Miracle      Chaos
Legions of Doom               Miracle      Evil
Lord of Storms                Demi-god     Chaos
Master Archer                 Follower
Mazer the Misguided           Demi-god     Evil
Messilist the Destroyer       Deity        Evil
Meteor Shower                 Miracle
Millenium                     Miracle      Good
Mokenth Charm                 Relic
Mythander Thundertongue       Demi-God     Good
Nightfall                     Miracle
Pillar of Eyes                Relic
Plague                        Miracle
Pools of Druna                Relic        Good
Rain of Arrows                Spell
Ring of Many Wonders          Relic
Ring of Nine Lives            Relic
Rumormonger                   Priest
Sanctuary                     Miracle      Good
Sand of Ages                  Miracle
Secret Combinations           Miracle
Seven Seals of Doom           Miracle
Shapeshifter                  Guardian     Chaos
Sothtis the Traveller         Demi-god     Evil
Staff of the Pure Heart       Relic        Good
Stairway of the Eternities    Miracle
Stones of Drakma              Relic        Good
Storm Season                  Miracle      Chaos
Stormwatch                    Temple       Chaos
Strong Bow                    Relic
Sword of Lost Quests          Relic        Good
Thief                         Follower
Time Sphere                   Relic        Chaos
Times Past to Present         Spell
Veil of Darkness              Miracle
War Wheel                     Relic        Chaos
Warking of Thrangmar          Champion     Chaos
Warp Staff                    Relic        Chaos
Wild Lands                    Guardian
Witchfire                     Spell
Witching Moon                 Miracle      Evil
Witching Season               Miracle      Evil
Yunume                        Deity        Good

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