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Terminator 2 FilmCardz
Artbox - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to Karl Halmich for the original checklist and to David R 
and Antonio Maurizio La Monica for updates!  Further information and scans 
are posted at the Artbox website.

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards + 1 bonus cyber-etch card.
Common sets: approx. 1.22 per box if collation were perfect.
Cyber-Etch sets: 1.00 per box, on average.

No.    Title

  1    The Terminator
  2    Endoskeleton
  3    John Connor
  4    T1000
  5    Sarah Connor
  6    Miles Dyson
  7    T1000
  8    Dr. Peter Silberman
  9    Enrique Salceda
 10    Cyberdyne Technology...Skynet Controlled
 11    Heading to L.A.
 12    Time to Roll
 13    Assessing Sarah Connor
 14    I Am Much Better Now
 15    Sarah Pleads to See Her Son
 16    The Search for John Connor
 17    Awating His Adversary
 18    Tracking a Terminator
 19    John Connor at the Galleria
 20    Closing in on Its Prey
 21    A Frightened John Connor
 22    Encounter at the Mall
 23    Outpacing a Kenworth
 24    Entering the Flood Control Channel
 25    Hot Pursuit on a Harley
 26    Who Sent You?
 27    Escaping the Inferno
 28    You Are a Terminator...Right?
 29    Interrogation
 30    Not Quite Seeing Eye to Eye
 31    Now Don't Move!
 32    Squeezing through the Bars
 33    Dr. Silberman Watches in Disbelief
 34    Surviving a Point-Blank Blast
 35    Old Friends
 36    You Get Out Tonight, Too, Okay?
 37    No Problemo
 38    Nuclear Nightmare
 39    Forseeing the Future
 40    No Fate
 41    Zeroing in on Dyson
 42    Sarah and John Connor
 43    Dyson's Future Revealed
 44    Gaining Entry
 45    Changing the Future
 46    Inside Cyberdyne's Vault
 47    Dyson Destroys Life's Work
 48    Everything Must Be Destroyed
 49    Buying Time outside Cyberdyne
 50    T1000 Arrives at the Scene
 51    Morphing into Position
 52    The Chase Is On
 53    T1000 in Helicopter
 54    A Narrow Escape
 55    A Dangerous Load
 56    Headed for a Showdown
 57    Unstoppable
 58    Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen
 59    Confronting the T1000
 60    The Ever-Morphing T1000
 61    Final Stand
 62    Locked and Loaded
 63    Surprise!
 64    Hole in the Head
 65    Sneak Attack
 66    Bad Move
 67    Damage Inflicted by a M-79
 68    I Need a Vacation
 69    Saying Goodbye
 70    A Fateful Decision
 71    It Must End Here...
 72    John Gets a Final Thumbs Up

 --    Checklist (paper card)


Bonus CyberEtch FilmCardz (1 per pack)

CE01   The Fate of Mankind
CE02   Hunting Humans
CE03   The T1000 Spots Its Target
CE04   A Close Resemblance
CE05   Trouble at the Mall
CE06   Close Behind
CE07   Creator of the Machines
CE08   Stopping for Nothing
CE09   Escaping the Insanity
CE10   Protecting the Mission
CE11   Liquid-Floor Effect
CE12   You Broke My Arm!
CE13   Hunted by a Killing Machine
CE14   A Clever Disguise
CE15   The Terminator Stitches Sarah Connor
CE16   A Welcome Greeting
CE17   Observing the Terminator
CE18   Why Do You Cry?
CE19   Destroy Cyberdyne
CE20   Trading Places
CE21   Chase on the Freeway
CE22   Air Assault
CE23   The T1000 Shatters into Pieces
CE24   The T1000 Prepares to Destroy the Connors

Rare Metal FilmCardz (1:8 packs)

 R1    On the Hunt
 R2    Chasing John Connor
 R3    Shotgun Blasts to the Chest
 R4    In the Face of Death
 R5    Sarah Fights to Change the Future
 R6    Altering the Neural-Net Processor

Ultra-Rare Metal FilmCardz (1:12 packs)

UR1    Seek And Destroy
UR2    Fight to the Death
UR3    Get Out

Autographed Cards (1:24 packs)

 --    Robert Patrick as T1000 (275 Signed)
 --    Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor (275 Signed)
 --    Edward Fulong as John Connor
 --    Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
 --    Joe Morton as Miles Dyson
 --    Don Stanton as Lewis the Guard
 --    Dan Stanton as the T1000/Guard
 --    Dan Stanton/Don Stanton Dual Auto (Case-Topper; also listed below)

FilmWear Cards (1:24 packs)

FW1    Pants worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800
FW2    Camouflage Jacket worn by Edward Furlong as John Connor
FW3    Police Pants worn by Robert Patrick as T1000
FW4    Shirt worn by Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
FW5    Black Leather worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800
CT1    Shirt worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800 (Case Topper; also listed below)

FilmFX-Wear Card (30 Produced)

FX1    Liquid-Metal material from morphing T1000

Ultra-Rare Metal FilmCardz (Box Toppers)

BT1    The Face of the Future
BT2    The Real Sarah Connor?
BT3    Come with Me If You Want To Live

Case Topper Cards

 --    Dan Stanton/Don Stanton (Dual Autograph; 400 signed)
CT1    Shirt worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800 (exclusive FilmWear Card)

Card Album

 --    Terminator 2 Judgment Day (binder)

Film Card Viewer (sold separately)

 --    (Lighted viewer)

Factory Tin (approximately 9" x 6" x 2-1/2")

 --    Terminator 2 Judgment Day (tin)
 --    (5 Hobby foil packs)
 --    (Lighted filmcard viewer)
 --    (2 AA batteries)
 T2    On the Inside

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; numbered to 1008)

PS1    The Terminator
PS2    Endoskeleton
PS3    Sarah Connor
PS4    Model T1000
PS5    John Connor

"HOT" PREVIEW SET (all cards are silver, not colored)

PS1    The Terminator
PS2    Endoskeleton
PS3    Sarah Conner
PS4    Model T1000
PS5    John Connor


 P1    I'll Be Back
 P2    Endoskeleton
 --    I'll Be Back [metallic, similar to "Hot" Preview Set]
 --    Endoskeleton [metallic, similar to "Hot" Preview Set]
 --    FilmCardz Preview Set (dealer sell sheet)
 --    Shipping May, 2003 (dealer sell sheet)

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