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Terminator 2
   Impel - 1991

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set, including an Arnold Schwarzenegger
hologram and a "Stan Winston - Special Effects Artist" card. The merchandise
cards listed below were inserted one-per-pack, and are not considered part of
the basic set. Thanks to Philip Brazina, Jim Sinclair, and Redemption for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets (140): approx. 3.07 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Cyborg Returns
  2   Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  3   Terminator's Creator
  4   On the Battlefield
  5   Score One for the Resistance
  6   Armed and Ready
  7   I Can't Let You Take the Man's Bike, Son.
  8   What Terminator Wants, Terminator Gets
  9   Terminator Begins His Mission
 10   The Unstoppable T-1000
 11   John Connor, Not So Average American Kid
 12   Sarah Connor, Former Waitress
 13   Observing a Mental Patient
 14   Dreams Meet Reality for Kyle and Sarah
 15   I Feel Much Better Now...
 16   You Have to Let Me See My Son.
 17   Officer X Stalks Its Prey
 18   Hunting for John
 19   Terminator Carries Roses for His "Date"
 20   If John Thinks This Game Is Intense, Just Wait ...
 21   The T-1000 Closes In On John
 22   Terminator Explodes Through the Shop Window
 23   A Rough Landing
 24   Terminator Gets Back Up
 25   Exiting the Parking Garage
 26   Director James Cameron Stages the "Tow-Truck From Hell" Scene
 27   How Fast Can This Bike Go?
 28   Terminator Searches for John
 29   700 Pounds of Airborne Harley
 30   Too Hot to Handle?
 31   Terminator and John Escape Again
 32   When Cops Are Everywhere, It's Easy to Blend In
 33   Who Is This Guy I'm Riding With?
 34   Terminator
 35   Terminator and John Infiltrate Pescadero
 36   You Have To Do What I Say?!
 37   You Can't Just Go Around Killing People.
 38   Talk To Us, Don't You Care?
 39   The Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
 40   The T-1000 Dispatches Lewis the Guard
 41   The Face of Sarah's Worst Nightmares
 42   Come with Me If You Want to Live.
 43   The Escape Is Almost Complete, When ...
 44   Go!  Run!
 45   Firing at Point-Blank Range
 46   A Close Call
 47   John Stares at the Unstoppable T-1000
 48   Terminator Sews Up Sarah's Wound
 49   Does It Hurt?
 50   Terminator's Switch Is Reset to "Learn"
 51   Resetting Terminator's Computer Chip
 52   Keeping Watch
 53   Miles Dyson, Computer Genius
 54   Sunday Morning at the Home of Miles Dyson
 55   James Cameron Directs at the "Compound"
 56   Going for Guns
 57   Oye, Big John, Who's Your Large Friend?
 58   Enrique Salceda's Compound: An "Oasis" in the Desert
 59   Drop By Any Time ...
 60   High-Five
 61   Ready for War
 62   Ready to Cruise
 63   No Fate
 64   Sarah Takes Aim At Dyson
 65   Mom? You Okay?
 66   James Cameron Directs Schwarzenegger
 67   Terminator Is Prepared to Go to Extremes
 68   The Truth Is Revealed
 69   Maybe This Will Convince Dyson to Help
 70   We Have to Destroy Everything!
 71   Evening, Paul. These Are Friends of Mine ...
 72   Are These Authorized Personnel?
 73   Let Me Try Mine.
 74   Armed and Dangerous
 75   Can they Change the World's Fate?
 76   Will the Destruction of Cyberdyne Save the World?
 77   Give Me That Thing a Second.
 78   John's Auto-Teller Experience Pays Off
 79   Filming the Siege of Cyberdyne
 80   Cyberdyne is Under Siege
 81   Human Casualties: 0
 82   The Vault Is Opened
 83   Handing Over the Evidence
 84   Sarah Confronts the SWAT Team
 85   Go, Dyson Tells Sarah
 86   For Miles Dyson, The End Is Near
 87   Termination Override
 88   The SWATs Can't Stop Him
 89   Ill Be Back, Terminator Says Again.
 90   A Total Rout
 91   The SWAT Van Crashes Into the Lobby
 92   Airborne Kawasaki
 93   Inside a Rolling Armory
 94   The T-1000 Prepares To Fire Again
 95   Sarah Fires On the T-1000's Chopper
 96   Come On, Mom, We Gotta Keep Moving ...
 97   T-1000 Commandeers a Tanker
 98   Faster, He's Right On Us.
 99   Drive for a Minute.
100   The T-1000 Borrows a Tanker Truck
101   Terminator Rides the Tanker
102   Hasta La Vista, Baby.
103   The T-1000 Reforms Once More
104   Come On, Mom, You Can Do It!
105   The T-1000 Sticks To Its Mission
106   The Gun Points Right At the Audience
107   Steel Fingers Aim the M-79
108   The Battle Is Joined
109   John Finds His Mother Among the Machines
110   Terminator Frees Himself from the Machine's Jaws
111   Terminator Goes After the T-1000
112   Sarah Shoots the T-1000
113   The Stiletto Goes In
114   The T-1000 Skewers Sarah
115   Will This Stop the T-1000?
116   The T-1000 Strikes Back
117   The T-1000 Hammers Terminator
118   The Eye Servo Glares Red
119   Terminator Drags Himself After the T-1000
120   The Real Sarah Connor Seals Her Fate
121   The Grenads Explodes Inside the T-1000
122   The End of the T-1000
123   It's Over
124   The T-1000 Meets a Fiery Fate
125   Director and Actor Confer
126   Please Don't Go
127   I Know Now Why You Cry.
128   The Final Good-Bye
129   Are You Afraid?
130   The Endoskeleton Shows Through
131   Into the Fire
132   Mission Completed
133   Producer-Director James Cameron
134   Arnold Scharzenegger, "Terminator"
135   Linda Hamilton - "Sarah Conner"
136   Edward Furlong, "John Conner"
137   Robert Patrick, "T-1000"
138   Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
139   Checklist 1
140   Checklist 2

Merchandise Offer Cards (Advertising inserts, 1:pack)

 --   T2 15 oz. Collector's Mug
 --   Action Photos
 --   Buttons
 --   Cap
 --   Edition Poster Featuring All 140 T2 Movie Cards
 --   Embroidered Emblem
 --   Laser T-Shirts
 --   Pen & Pencil Set
 --   Sweatshirt
 --   Tyvek Jacket

Card Album (wrapper offer)

 --   (binder)


 --   T2  (nnumbered)

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