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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 25 Years On
   Unstoppable Cards - 2017

Notes: Cards were not licensed for direct sale in the United States. Thanks to 
David Rosciszewski for assistance! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Unstoppable Cards website.

Box: 72 base set + 9 foil.
Ultra Limited Edition box: 999 made; 3 hits/box.

   No.    Title

     1    Terminator 2: Judgment Day
     2    Crushed
     3    Deadly
     4    Battle
     5    Resistance
     6    Through Time
     7    Confrontation
     8    Gun
     9    Ready
    10    Shotgun
    11    Cop Killer
    12    New Identity
    13    Locked Up
    14    Enquiries
    15    Vision
    16    Cybernetic
    17    Searching
    18    Fire
    19    Gunshots
    20    Looking
    21    Chased
    22    Truck
    23    Explosive
    24    Protection
    25    T-1000
    26    Discovery
    27    Stabbed
    28    Change
    29    Hidden
    30    Twins
    31    Escape?
    32    Inject
    33    Saviour
    34    Split
    35    Armed
    36    Morphed
    37    Retaliate
    38    Fix
    39    Chip
    40    Watching
    41    Research
    42    Foe?
    43    Hands Up
    44    Baby
    45    Arsenal
    46    Weapon of Choice
    47    Pensive
    48    No Fate
    49    Blast
    50    Ready to Fight
    51    Targeted
    52    Shot
    53    Scared
    54    Reveal
    55    Hack
    56    Entrance
    57    Cop or Killer?
    58    Firepower
    59    Deadly Force
    60    Explosion
    61    Grenade Launcer
    62    Damaged
    63    Aerial Attack
    64    Shape Shift
    65    Chopper
    66    Frozen
    67    Shoot
    68    Regenerate
    69    One Last Shot
    70    Into the Fire
    71    Checklist [1-45]
    72    Checklist [46-72, chase]


Silver Foil Puzzle-Back Cards

    F1    Biker
    F2    Shooting
    F3    Kill or Be Killed
    F4    Sarah Connor
    F5    Under Fire
    F6    In the Arcade
    F7    Shot At
    F8    Friend
    F9    The End?

Autograph Cards (on-card; 1:box)

   AR1    Abdul Slaam el Razzaac as Gibbons
   KG1    Ken Gibbel as Douglas
   ML1    Mark Christopher Lawrence as Burly Attendant

Cut Autograph Cards

  AS1-    Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator    AS1  through AS8
  DAS1-   Dan Stanton as Lewis as T-1000             DAS1 through DAS6
  DOS1-   Don Stanton as Lewis the Guard             DOS2 through DOS4
  EF1-    Edward Furlong as John Connor              EF1  through EF3
  LH1-    Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor             LH1  through LH13
  NC1-    Nikki Cox as Girl                          NC1  through NC6
  RP1-    Robert Patrick as T-1000                   RP1  through RP4

Film Cell Cards (1 cell or sketch or plate per box)

   FC1    (many different cells)

Prop Cards

   BC1    Prototype' Brain Chip (# to 21)
   CC1    Computer Chip (# to 4; 5" x 7")

Case Bonuses

    --    Gold Foil Master Box (10th box)
            (base, foil, 1 sketch, 3 on-card autographs, 1 film cell, 1 printing plate pair)
    --    (case-topper sketch card)
          (printing plate pairs: base, foil, PR3)

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)
    B1    (Arnold; exclusive promo card, # to 300)
    B2    (Sarah; exclusive promo card, # to 300)

Artist Sketch Cards

          SK1 cards have the border on the short side; SK2 is on the long side.

          Andrew Lopez                  SK1  SK2
          Andy Bohn                     SK1  SK2
          Andy Fry                      SK1  SK2
          Anthony Skubis                SK1  SK2
          B. Jones                      SK1  SK2
          BC Hepner                     SK1  SK2
          Bekah & Adam Cleveland        SK1  SK2
          Bianca Thompson               SK1  SK2
          Bobby Breed                   SK1
          Brendan Purchase              SK1  SK2
          Bruce Gerlach                 SK1  SK2
          Bryan Abston                  SK1  SK2
          Clay Sayre                    SK1  SK2
          Clinton Yeager                SK1
          Dan Curto                     SK1  SK2
          Danielle Adams                SK1  SK2
          Danielle Ellison                   SK2
          Danny "Grubbymunky" Hayman    SK1  SK2
          Dave Fowler                   SK1  SK2
          Dave Gaskin                   SK1  SK2
          Dave Strong                   SK1  SK2
          David Dabila                  SK1  SK2
          Dennis Gortakowski            SK1  SK2
          Don Pedicini, Jr.             SK1
          Edgar A. Hernandez            SK1  SK2
          Enid Elvin Ramos              SK1  SK2
          Foy Grey                      SK1
          Garrett Dix                   SK1  SK2
          Huy Truong                    SK1  SK2
          j(ay)                         SK1
          Jack Chattox                  SK1  SK2
          Jamie Richards                SK1  SK2
          Jason Heil                    SK1  SK2
          Jason Westlake                SK1  SK2
          Jeff Abar                     SK1  SK2
          J. Hammond                    SK1  SK2
          Jon Gregory                   SK1  SK2
          Jonty Gates                   SK1
          Kevin Graham                  SK1
          Kevin Meinert                 SK1
          Kevin P. West                 SK1
          Kitty-Lydia Dye               SK1
          Lee Brown                     SK1  SK2
          Lily Mercado                  SK1  SK2
          Louise Draper                 SK1  SK2
          Marc Ducrow                   SK1  SK2
          Marcia Dye                    SK1
          Mark Stroud                   SK1  SK2
          Mark Wright                   SK1
          Matt Stewart                  SK1  SK2
          Matthew W. Parmenter          SK1
          Mike Hannan                   SK1  SK2
          Mike Mastermaker              SK1  SK2
          Mike Torri                    SK1  SK2
          Mohammed Jilani               SK1  SK2
          Nick "NIK" Neocleous          SK1
          Paul Cowan                    SK1  SK2
          Phil Hassewer                 SK1  SK2
          Phil Juliano                  SK1  SK2
          Rich Molinelli                SK1  SK2
          Scott Fellowes                SK1
          Solly Mohamed                 SK1  SK2
          Tim Shay                      SK1
          W.B. White                    SK1  SK2
          Westley Smith                 SK1  SK2

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

    --    (sketch cards)
    --    (set of 3 on-card autographs, Print Proofs; # to 18)


  PR1     Coming Soon (Arnold; British Horror Collection Series 1 case-topper)
  PR1       (printing proof)
  PR2     Coming Soon (Sarah Connor; British Horror Collection Series 1 case-topper)
  PR3     Summer 2017 (exoskeleton; Gerry Anderson Collection case-topper)
  PR3       (printing plate card pair)
  B1      (Arnold; exclusive binder promo, # to 300)
  B2      (Sarah; exclusive binder promo, # to 300)
PS1-PS4   (Preview Set - 2017 Unstoppable Yearset)

  AS1     Dealer Promo (ams-78)
  CC1     Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
  CC2     Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
  DT1     Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
  DT2     Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
  EM1     Dealer Promo (, Acme 3000)
  EM2     Dealer Promo (, Acme 3000)
  GG1     Dealer Promo (Gazza Games)
  JW1     Dealer Promo (Jason Wright JDW Cards; limited to 25)
  JW2     Dealer Promo (Jason Wright JDW Cards; limited to 25)
  JW3     Dealer Promo (Jason Wright JDW Cards; limited to 25)
  JW4     Dealer Promo (Jason Wright JDW Cards; limited to 25)
  MB1     Dealer Promo (Trytradingcards)
  MH1     Dealer Promo (Matt Hawkins)
  MB1     Dealer Promo (MB-Trading-Cards, brettkuh0, color # to 5)
  MB1     Dealer Promo (MB-Trading-Cards, brettkuh0, grayscale # to 2)
  MB2     Dealer Promo (MB-Trading-Cards, brettkuh0, limited to 20)
  MH2     Dealer Promo (Matt Hawkins)
  MP1     Dealer Promo (Mitchy9210)
  MP2     Dealer Promo (Mitchy9210)
  OC1     Dealer Promo (Of Course Collectables)
  PC1     Dealer Promo (Premier Cards)
  RC1     Dealer Promo (Rydeclive)
  RF1     Dealer Promo Richard Farley, triple-frog; # to 5)
  RK1     Dealer Promo (Roman Krause; limited to 30, wrongshoe)
  RK2     Dealer Promo (Roman Krause; limited to 30, wrongshoe)
  TC1     Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
  TC2     Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
  TC3     Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
  UT1     Dealer Promo (Umbrella Trading Cards)
  UT2     Dealer Promo (Umbrella Trading Cards)

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