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Terminator 3 FilmCardz
Artbox - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to Mick Stockton and David R for assistance!  
Further information and scans are posted at the Artbox website.

Tin: 12 packs of 5 cards + extras.
Common sets: Expect one full set per tin.

No.    Title

 01    The Terminator
 02    T-X
 03    John Connor
 04    Kate Brewster
 05    General Robert Brewster
 06    T-1
 07    My name is John Connor.
 08    I live off the grid.
 09    He's back.
 10    Emery Animal Hospital
 11    Did you call the cops?
 12    Is somebody with you?
 13    Where is John Connor?
 14    You're here to kill me.
 15    Get out of here!
 16    Who are these people?
 17    Keep moving.
 18    I must protect you.
 19    I am wasting my time.
 20    I need this.
 21    Gunning the Throttle
 22    Hang on!
 23    The police car swerves!
 24    I'll drive.
 25    Heavy Metal
 26    Hon? You just get in?
 27    I will help you find her.
 28    Come with me.
 29    Drop your coffin!
 30    We have the building surrounded.
 31    He's not human.
 32    Morphing
 33    A Drive-by RPG
 34    We need a new vehicle.
 35    Looks like we lost her.
 36    Damaged!
 37    Do you want to live?
 38    We have to keep moving.
 39    She's going to kill my father?
 40    Your levity is good.
 41    Skynet Takes Control
 42    Daddy, get away from it!
 43    Skynet has become self-aware.
 44    It's the machines!
 45    I was built here.
 46    Pandora's Box
 47    Bathroom Brawl
 48    Plasma Cannon Charged
 49    Magnetized!
 50    Get to Crystal Peak!
 51    Desire is irrelevant.
 52    T-X Closes In
 53    I'm back.
 54    The True T-X Revealed

CyberEtch Film Cardz (1 set per boxed set)

CE1    You must live.
CE2    On the Trail of John Connor
CE3    Where is she?
CE4    Search and Destroy
CE5    Short Circuit
CE6    Crystal Peak


Rare T-X Film Cardz (1:3 packs)

T-X1   I like that gun.
T-X2   Plasma Blast
T-X3   Still in Hot Pursuit
T-X4   Yes, General.
T-X5   You are terminated!

Ultra-Rare Metal FilmCardz (1:6 packs)

UR1    My mission is to protect you.
UR2    Powering Up!
UR3    Chaos erupts outside CRS.

Box Topper FilmCardz (1:boxed set)

BT1    Your gratitude is not required.
BT2    T-1

View FilmCardz (1:boxed set)

VF1    In the Path of Destruction
VF2    Heavy Load

Viewers (1:boxed set)

 --    Lighted Viewer 1 (Machine)
 --    Lighted Viewer 2 (T-X)
 --    Lighted Viewer 3 (Terminator)
 --    Lighted Viewer 4 (Skynet)

Collector's Tin

 --    (tin, 12 packs, 1 boxtopper, 6 CyberEtch, 1 viewer, 1 exclusive View FilmCardz

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    Terminator 3 (binder)
 --    (pocket pages)

PREVIEW SET (sold separately, numbered to 1008)

PS1    The Terminator
PS2    T-1
PS3    T-X
PS4    Kate Brewster and John Connor
PS5    Terminatrix

"HOT" PREVIEW SET (cards are silvered, not colored)

PS1    The Terminator
PS2    T-1
PS3    T-X
PS4    Kate Brewster and John Connor
PS5    Terminatrix


 P1    The Terminator
 P2    Terminatrix

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©2004, 2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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