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Terrorist Attack
Piedmont - 1987

Note:  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Terrorist Attack
  2   Terrorist Attack Checklist
  3   Mad Dog Kaddafi
  4   The Ayatullah Speaks
  5   On The Front Line
  6   Mastermind Of Terror
  7   A Sadistic Ritual
  8   Madman in Munich
  9   The Brutal Dictator
 10   American Terrorist
 11   The Training Camp
 12   Suicide Driver
 13   A Sad Day for America
 14   Guards Kill Gandhi
 15   Innocent Tortured!
 16   The President Slain!
 17   The Pope Shot!
 18   Caught!
 19   Making A Bomb
 20   A Bomb For Thatcher
 21   Demands Are Ignored
 22   Looking For Publicity
 23   Striking back at terrorists... [Card back]
 24   Kaddafi Gets His!
 25   Target U.S.A.
 26   Attack On Liberty!
 27   Sneak Attack!
 28   Goodbye!
 29   The End Of New York?
 30   Will It Ever End?
 31   Missiles In Space
 32   Poison Gas Attack
 33   "Run, Children, Run!"
 34   America Under Guard
 35   No More Muammar!

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