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Terror Monsters - Series 2
   Rosan Printing - 1963

Notes: Series 2 features purple border fronts and purple print backs. Series 1 
contained cards 1-64 and two unnumbered cards, which are inserted in the 
sequence to allow Series 2 to begin with card 67. Card backs include trivia 
questions; some of the card-front captions are misspelled.

No.   Title

 67   One Eyed Monster Strikes
 68   The Cruel Terror
 69   Konga
 70   The Terror Beyond Space
 71   Invasion of the Saucer Men
 72   Invasion of the Saucer Men
 73   Teenage Werewolf
 74   Rodan
 75   Creation of Frankenstein
 76   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
 77   Goliath and the Barbarians
 78   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
 79   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
 80   Konga
 81   Teenage Werewolf Meets Frankenstein
 82   Goliath and the Dragon
 83   Satan's Curse
 84   The Cruel Monster
 85   The Cruel Monster
 86   The She Creature
 87   The Colossal Man
 88   The Head Shrinker
 89   Konga
 90   The 13th Ghost
 91   The Apeman
 92   The Chocker
 93   The Aligator People
 94   The Claw
 95   Frankenstein
 96   Frankenstein
 97   Return of the Fly
 98   The Angry Red Planet
 99   Skeleton Women
100   Goliath and the Dragon
101   The House of Usher
102   The Tingler
103   Return of the Fly
104   The Blood of Dracula
105   Invasion of the Saucer Men
106   The Mad Scientist
107   Curse of the Mummy
108   The Aligator People
109   Invasion of the Saucer Men
110   The Amazing Colosal man
111   The Witch Strikes
112   Konga
113   The Hook
114   Konga
115   The Educated Skeleton
116   Mumy's Curse
117   The Devil's Curse
118   Goliath and the Barbarians
119   The Blood of Dracula
120   Half Human
121   The Blood of Dracula
122   The Fire Monster
123   Skeleton Man
124   The Voo Doo Man
125   The Giant Lizard
126   The Phantom of Opera
127   Rodan
128   Time Machine
129   The Spider
130   The 13th Ghost
131   The She Creature
132   The She

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