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Terror Cards XL 05/06 Series
Necroscope - 2005-06

Notes:  The "XL" cards are a supplement to the 2004 Terror Cards set, and feature 
a series of autographed "Death Edition" cards, additional "Scream Queen" cards, a  
a new subset featuring "Directors," and cards featuring "Death by Engagement." 
Further information and scans are posted at the Terror Cards website.

No.   Title

Autographed Cards

  1   Debbie Rochon
  2   Brain Dead Barry
  3   Gunnar Hansen
  4   Tiffany Shepis
  5   Brett Kelly
  6   Brinke Stevens
  7   Linnea Quigley
  8   Jim O'Rear
  9   Ben Chapman
 10   Amy Lynn Best
 11   April Monique Burril
 12   Isabelle Stephen
 13   Glen Baisley
 14   Reggie Bannister
 15   Irwin Keyes
 16   Joe Bob Briggs
 17   Allan Trautman
 18   Trent Haaga
 19   Beverly Randolph
 21   Kane Hodder
 22   Wendy Kremer
 24   Robert Glazier

Scream Queen Autos

 (1)  Tiffany Shepis (standing)    Sexcetera
 (2)  Tiffany Shepis (reclining)   Sexcetera
 (3)  Ryli Morgan                  The Demons 5
 (4)  Heidi Martinuzzi             
 (5)  P. J. Soles
 (6)  Edie Dearing
 (7)  Christa Campbell
 (8)  Julian Berlin


 D1   John Johnson                 Shadow Hunters
 D2   J.R. Bookwalter              The Dead Next Door

Death By Engagement

 (1)  Quad autograph card (limited to 15 copies)
         (P. J. Soles, Christa Campbell, Juliane Berlin, Edie Dearing)
 (2)  Dual autograph card (P. J. Soles, Christa Campbell)


 ---  Scream Queens (four facsimile signatures)
         (P. J. Soles, Christa Campbell, Tiffay Shepis, Ryli Morgan)

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©2005, 2006, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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