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Terror Cards Blood Edition and Specials
Necroscope - 2006-07

Notes:  The Blood Edition cards and special-distribution autographs followed 
the previous 2004 edition and the 2005-06 XL Edition distribution. Cards are 
not numbered, so I use the stock number from the website as a guide below. 
Thanks to Peter Vermaele for the assistance! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Terror Cards website.

No.   Title

Blood Edition Actors

 (1)  Debbie Rochon
 (2)  Tina Krause

Blood Edition Directors

 (1)  Tim Ritter
 (2)  Robert Massetti
 (3)  Chuck Williams

Nightmare Cards

 (1)  Debbie Rochon
 (2)  Tina Krause

Autograph Combo Deal (special offer)

(BE1) Debbie Rochon (Blood Edition)
(BE2) Tina Krause (Blood Edition)
(BD1) Tim Ritter (Director Series)
(BD2) Robert J Massetti (Director Series)
(BD3) Chuck Williams (Blood Edition)
(N2)  Tina Krause (Nightmare)

Sin-Jin Smyth Boxed Set

 --   Special Agent Kingsbreaker
 --   (5 other autos)
 --   (6 foil parallels)

Other Distribution

      Spicy Sisters DVD

 --    Lilith Stabs / Ryli Morgan / Jasi Cotton Lanier / Amy Lynn Best
        (some with only 2 signatures)

      Death Plots DVD

 --    Debbie Rochon (as Mistress Misty)

      Direct Offers from Signers

 --    Debbie Rochon (promo, same image as BE#1)
 --    Debbie Rochon (autographed promo)

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©2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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