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Terror Cards 2009
Necroscope - 2009

Notes:  2009 saw a new release of cards from the Blood Edition, Directors 
Series, Scream Queens, and, in particular, cards related to the Ghost Month 
movie. Cards are not numbered, so I use the stock number from the website 
as a guide below. Further information and scans are posted at the Terror Cards 

No.   Title

Ghost Month Movie Autographs (2009) 

(45)  Shirley To / Danny Draven / Marina Rena
(46)  Marina Reza as Alyssa
(47)  Shirley To as Miss Wu

Ghost Month Monster Cards (2009)  (special offer with 3 autographs)

(48)  (hooded monster)
(48)  (veined monster)

Scream Queens Autographs (2009) 

(52)  Bianca Barnett
(53)  Raine Brown
(55)  Rachel Grubb
(60)  Suzi Lorraine

Blood Edition Actors Autographs (2009) 

(49)  Stephanie Beaton
(50)  Bianca Barnett
(51)  Rick Irvin
(54)  Rachel Grubb
(56)  Melantha Blackthorne
(58)  Suzi Lorraine
(59)  Bill Hinzman

Blood Edition Directors Series Autograph (2009)

(57)  Danny Draven

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©2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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