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Terror Tales (Movie Monsters)
Topps - 1967

Notes:  The series is generally known by the title used on card backs ("Terror Tales"), 
but packaging is marked "Movie Monsters." Black-and-white images from American 
International Pictures are overlaid with humorous dialog in speech balloons.

No.   Caption

  1   Don't move, there's a bug on your coat.
  2   This is a nice city to visit - but I wouldn't wanna live here.
  3   Wow - a fire sale!
  4   Let's play charades!
  5   Let's stop playing leapfrog.
  6   Daddy, tell me a bedtime story.
  7   I hate visiting the dentist.
  8   Stop that snoring.
  9   What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
 10   Funny - I smell burning ape fur!
 11   What a beautiful head - I can use it as a paperweight.
 12   Mommy, I had a nightmare!
 13   Who says I'm too young to shave.
 14   Miss, could you spare $50 for a face lift?
 15   Drat it! We lose more astronauts by feeding them K-Rations.
 16   Remember, only you can prevent forest fires
 17   I told you we were low on gas.
 18   Yiich! This man never bathes!
 19   Ah, these massages are so invigorating
 20   Let's tell scary stories.
 21   You go to my head.
 22   I can't get a date, do you think it's my breath?
 23   My ice cream melted.
 24   My father worked in a peanut brittle factory.
 25   Quick, Henry... the Flit
 26   See, I told you my hair restorer would work.
 27   I think I'll go see a horror movie today.
 28   OK, who called my friend "ugly"?
 29   Peek-a-boo! I'm watching you!
 30   I better stop washing my room... it keeps shrinking.
 31   Okay Junior, you can have the car!
 32   I must do something about these Peeping Toms.
 33   The soap was too strong!
 34   Ah ha, and your secretary tole me you weren't in!
 35   Strangest egg I ever laid.
 36   Say Uncle!
 37   I'm a restless sleeper.
 38   Ah - that's a load off my mind.
 39   Dear, your mother's here.
 40   OK, Mr. Gulliver, time for your polio shot.
 41   What a crazy way to dry spaghetti
 42   Good grief, I've got dandruff!
 43   Hey, you broke my wrench!
 44   This is the last time I pick up a hitchhiker.
 45   I wonder if these isometric excercises will help!
 46   I wouldn't date you if you were the last ape on Earth!
 47   Next time park where you're supposed to.
 48   I warn you - I know judo!
 49   That lousy haircut ruined my looks!
 50   It's a swell car - Let's eat it.
 51   It only hurts when I laugh.
 52   What a case of Dishpan Hands.
 53   My wife is always fainting.
 54   I always lose my head at parties.
 55   Touch my canary and I'll scream.
 56   I just got a loan at the Blood Bank.
 57   I love taffy pulls.
 58   Well, it beats lifting weights.
 59   That's the last time I let you give me a haircut.
 60   This is the last time I go on a blind date.
 61   Peek A Boo
 62   Why's everybody running away?
 63   Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?
 64   I've got to go home... It's past my bedtime.
 65   One moment Sir, I'll transfer your call.
 66   I'll monkey around here awhile
 67   Come on Dear, the groom has to carry the bride over the threshold.
 68   I better stop taking those reducing pills.
 69   I'm sorry to bust in on you like this...
 70   So this is how you do the Frug.
 71   Who took my tom-tom?
 72   Those picknickers always litter the park.
 73   I used to be a 98-pound weakling.
 74   Which one would you prefer?
 75   ... And leave the driving to us.
 76   Hey, my watch is slow
 77   So, big deal! You've got a headache
 78   Hey, how come everybody left the beach?
 79   About that lighter you sold me...
 80   Sorry, we're looking for smugglers.
 81   G-gosh, I hope this park if free of muggers.
 82   Hi, I'm your new roommate.
 83   There, there... You'll outgrow your acne.
 84   Phew, I wish you'd use a mouthwash.
 85   Worst sore throat I ever had.
 86   Trick or Treat.
 87   Bellhop, show me to my room
 88   I hate doing dishes!

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