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The E-mail: First Edition Female Characters
Largo Intergalactic - 2004 (released 2005)

Notes:  The first card set in the evolving science fiction saga features female 
characters, and was issued in a boxed 60-card set. A 70-card set featuring the 
male characters will follow. Note that the "base" cards are skip-numbered and 
span both the Female and Male sets. Further information, story lines, and 
scans are posted at the The E-mail website.

    No.      Title                     Team

  2 of 110   Sonora                    D. S. Das Emblema
  6 of 110   McKaylla                  D. S. Das Emblema
  8 of 110   Vermillia                 D. S. Das Emblema
 11 of 110   Scarlett                  D. S. Das Emblema
 12 of 110   D. S. Das Emblema         D. S. Das Emblema
 18 of 110   Olivia                    The Guardians
 19 of 110   Ninmah                    The Guardians
 23 of 110   Luft                      Phenomena One
 24 of 110   Cy'B                      Cybernéria
 25 of 110   Val                       Cybernéria
 29 of 110   Xandra                    The Widows
 30 of 110   Romana                    The Widows
 31 of 110   Lala-La                   The Widows
 32 of 110   U'yara                    The Widows
 33 of 110   Never                     The Widows
 34 of 110   The Widows                The Widows
 35 of 110   Villach                   Quantum Numeric
 36 of 110   Sybilla                   Quantum Numeric
 37 of 110   Sadivich                  Quantum Numeric
 38 of 110   K'saharah                 Quantum Numeric
 39 of 110   Rahm                      Quantum Numeric
 43 of 110   Quantum Numeric           Quantum Numeric
 45 of 110   Caliso                    Linguistic Phenoms
 48 of 110   Paloma                    Linguistic Phenoms
 49 of 110   Frescura                  Linguistic Phenoms
 51 of 110   Arcadia                   Linguistic Phenoms
 52 of 110   Lola                      Linguistic Phenoms
 55 of 110   Linguistic Phenoms        Linguistic Phenoms
 57 of 110   Merrill                   Psycho Panic
 58 of 110   Nadia                     Psycho Panic
 59 of 110   Phalanx                   Psycho Panic
 60 of 110   Olga                      Psycho Panic
 61 of 110   Libi                      Psycho Panic
 62 of 110   Psycho Panic              Psycho Panic
 66 of 110   Felicia                   The House of Cagliari
 68 of 110   Dora                      The House of Cagliari
 71 of 110   Mercedes                  The House of Cagliari
 72 of 110   Cesilia                   The House of Cagliari
 75 of 110   Katrina                   The House of Cagliari
 76 of 110   The House of Cagliari     The House of Cagliari
 82 of 110   The Dancer                Red Ion Ninjas
 83 of 110   Yukari                    Red Ion Ninjas
 85 of 110   Yumi                      Red Ion Ninjas
 87 of 110   Yin                       Red Ion Ninjas
 90 of 110   Romi                      Red Ion Ninjas
 93 of 110   Red Ion Ninjas            Red Ion Ninjas
 97 of 110   Chantel                   Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
 99 of 110   Jana                      Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
101 of 110   T'kelah                   Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
102 of 110   Ash                       Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
104 of 110   Star                      Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
107 of 110   Fuma Ninjas               Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan
109 of 110   The Fuma Ninjas           Chantel's Fuma Ninja Clan

Special Edition Chase Cards

S1  of 10S   Vicius                    D. S. Das Emblema
S2  of 10S   S Phosphor S
S2V of 10S   V Phosphor V
S6  of 10S   HyEn Cytoguathysinenine
S7  of 10S   The Dancer A.E.

Infinity Special Edition Chase Cards

 P1 of 2P    Olga Psychosis
 P2 of 2P    Olga PsySkin


       P2    Olga
       P3    Mezmo [promo for Male Characters set]

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