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Thomas & Friends: Sodor Adventures Collectipaks
Upper Deck - 2010

Notes:  Thanks much to Katrina Andrews for the update! Further information 
and scans are posted at the Upper Deck website.

Box: 36 packs of 4 sticker-cards + 1 each pop-up, tattoo, destination.
Blister Box: 20 blister packs (2 basic packs) per box, 12 boxes/case.
Sticker-card sets (18): approx. 8.0 per box if collation were perfect.
Pop-up sets (8): approximately 4.5 per box.
Tattoo sets (8): approximately 4.5 per box

    Title                                       Puzzle Back

Cards (4:pack)

    Thomas the Tank Engine No. 1 [blue]         green top-left or bottom-right
    Thomas the Tank Engine No. 1 [yellow]       green straight
    Edward the Blue Engine No. 2 [blue]         blue straight
    Henry the Green Engine No. 3 [green]        green straight
    Gordon the Big Express Engine No. 4 [blue]  red top-right or bottom-left
    James the Red Engine No. 5 [red]            green top-left or bottom-right
    Percy the Small Engine No. 6 [green]        red top-right or bottom-left
    Toby the Tram Engine No. 7 [yellow]         blue top-left or bottom-right
    Emily [green]                               blue top-right or bottom-left
    Thomas [landscape]                          blue top-right or bottom-left
    Thomas [landscape]                          red straight
    Edward [landscape]                          red top-left or bottom-right
    Henry [landscape]                           green top-right or bottom-left
    Gordon [landscape]                          blue top-left or bottom-right
    James [landscape]                           red straight
    Percy [landscape]                           blue straight
    Toby [landscape]                            green top-right or bottom-left
    Emily [landscape]                           red top-left or bottom-right

Pop-Up Cards (1:pack)


Tattoos (1:pack)

    Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas No. 1
    Bust My Buffers - Percy No. 6
    Full Steam Ahead - Emily
    Greetings from Sodor - James
    True Blue - Edward
    Right on Time - Toby
    The Big Express Engine - Gordon
    All Aboard - Henry No. 3

Destination Card (1:pack)

    Tidmouth Sheds / Railroad Race Rules

Lenticular Cards (Blister packs)


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