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Thor Movie Trading Cards
   Upper Deck - 2011

Note: Thanks to cardaddict and robomole for updates!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (81): approx. 1.59 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 16 packs of 5 cards.

No.    Card Text / Title                                  Artist(s)

   1   Thor Movie Credits
   2   Asgard, a planet distant from Earth, is one of
   3   Fandral, whose swordsmanship and bravery are on
   4   Odin's eldest son Thor, a powerful but arrogant
   5   Thor's father, Odin, decides the time to pass h
   6   Thor listens patiently to his father's words on
   7   All of Asgard attends Thor's coronation, and hi
   8   The Warriors Three (Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg
   9   Hogun is the level headed voice of reason of th
  10   Thor's mother, Frigga, and brother, Loki, have
  11   Thor's brother Loki has always felt that Thor h
  12   The Casket of Ancient Winters, an artifact Odin
  13   Loki knows that Laufey, Lord of the Frost Giant
  14   Thor's lifelong friend Sif is as deadly a warri
  15   After the Frost Giants break into the vault in
  16   Laufey considers the Asgardian presence in Jotu
  17   Appalled by his son's actions in Jotunheim, Odi
  18   Odin decides that Thor's actions cannot go unpu
  19   Odin scolds his son, "You are a vain, greedy, c
  20   The Warriors Three watch as Thor is chastised a
  21   Thor's reckless behavior has brought war upon t
  22   Heimdall is the guardian of the Bifrost, the po
  23   Frigga questions her husband Odin's decision to
  24   Odin enters his chambers and prepares to enter
  25   The extravagance of Asgard is everywhere. The b
  26   Thor's coronation was to coincide with Odin's n
  27   With Odin in the Odinsleep and Thor cast out of
  28   Volstagg is the largest and loudest of The Warr
  29   The first meeting between Thor and Jane Foster
  30   Jane, along with Dr. Erik Selvig and intern Dar
  31   Thor wakes up with numerous questions about his
  32   Even though Darcy believes Thor is just some ho
  33   Dr. Erik Selvig is an esteemed professor of ast
  34   Odin sends not only Thor to Earth but also the
  35   S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson gazes upon the
  36   As word spreads of the hammer's arrival, locals
  37   Unable to lift the hammer by hand, one savvy lo
  38   Dr. Selvig is very mistrusting and cautious whe
  39   Thor went from the most powerful warrior in Asg
  40   Jane Foster is an astrophysicist who is very cu
  41   Thor thinks it's time to tell Jane about the wo
  42   Even as Jane's scientific mind tries to compreh
  43   Tracking down the location of Thor's hammer, Mj
  44   S.H.I.E.L.D. has aerected a base around the cra
  45   Agent Coulson has been busy ever since the disc
  46   Thor must navigate a maze of tunnels while batt
  47   Agent Coulson watches intently as Thor smashes
  48   Only those deemed worthy can lift Mjolnir, the
  49   Finding the hammer, Thor feels that all he has
  50   Unable to lift Mjolnir, Thor realizes that he I
  51   Disheartened by his defeat with the hammer, Tho
  52   Agent Coulson is convinced that Thor is an agen
  53   Now the temporary ruler of Asgard, Loki starts
  54   Sif and the Warriors Three are surprised to fin
  55   Thor's friends have no choice but to accept Lok
  56   Lokji looks all too comfortable on the throne a
  57   Going against Loki's wishes, Heimdall "accident
  58   The Destroyer is an animated suit of armor unde
  59   Outside of town, a funnel cloud appears in the
  60   Even though Fandral and his fellow Warriors kno
  61   Thor tries desperately to convince Sif not to f
  62   Thor knows that the Destroyer is here for him a
  63   Following the battle with the Destroyer, Thor m
  64   Jane liooks on as Thor and the Warriors depart.
  65   Frigga, revered for her great wisdom and infini
  66   In order to continue his reign as ruler of Asga
  67   Frigga greets Thor warmly upon his return to As
  68   Brother faces brother as the strength of Thor I
  69   Although Sif would rather trade steel with her
  70   Dr. Selvig, Jane and Darcy conduct their resear
  71   Thor
  72   Loki
  73   Odin
  74   Jane Foster
  75   Dr. Erik Selvig
  76   Darcy Lewis
  77   Volstagg
  78   Fandral
  79   Hogun
  80   Sif
  81   Frigga


Thor Comic Cover Cards (1:1.6 packs)

 T1    Journey Into Mystery #83                           Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott
 T2    Journey Into Mystery, #85                          Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers
 T3    Journey Into Mystery, #119                         Jack Kirby
 T4    Journey Into Mystery, Annual #1                    Jack Kirby
 T5    Thor #126                                          Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta
 T6    Thor #337                                          Walter Simonson
 T7    Thor #362                                          Walter Simonson
 T8    Thor #366                                          Walter Simonson
 T9    Thor #380                                          Walter Simonson
 T10   Thor Vol. 2 #85                                    Steven Epting
 T11   Thor Vol. 3 #3                                     Olivier Coipel, Ed McGuinness
 T12   Thor #600                                          Olivier Coipel, Marko Djurdjevic, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Patrick Zircher

Thor Concept Series Cards (1:1.5 packs)

 C1    (right profile, raising Mjolnir)
 C2    (sitting with hammer)
 C3    (looking up right, Mjolnir raised)
 C4    (leading with hammer, right fist ready)
 C5    (green and sepia)
 C6    (prancing with hammer raised)
 C7    (climbing peak)
 C8    (right profile and full face)
 C9    (walking right with hammer raised)
 C10   (defending, arms back)
 C11   (leaning forward)
 C12   (tossing Mjolnir)
 C13   (flying behind hammer)

Costume Memorabilia Cards (1:12 Hobby packs, 1:48 Retail packs)

 F1    Thor (red)
 F2    Jane Foster (dark brown)
 F3    Odin (dark red)
 F4    Loki
 F5    Heimdall
 F6    Sif
 F7    Hogun
 F8    Fandral
 F9    Frigga
 F10   Volstagg
 F11   Odin (gold)
 F12   Jane Foster (denim)
 F13   Thor (plaid)

PETG Movie Cel Cards (1:16 packs)

M-1    (Asgard)
M-2    (raising hammer before throne)
M-3    (Throne steps and Odin)
M-4    (Thor, portrait)
M-5    (Loki shows blue vest)
M-6    (Loki, sinister)
M-7    (Hogun with mace)
M-8    (Sif raises sword)
M-9    (Thor and Hogun)
M-10   (statue)
M-11   (Warrior Sif)
M-12   (Odin with hammer)
M-13   (Thor accedes to Loki)
M-14   (Warriors Four)
M-15   (Odin sitting in gold)
M-16   (Odin's bedroom)
M-17   (Volstagg raised cup)
M-18   (Thor and flashlights)
M-19   (Thor shirtless)
M-20   (Darcy computes)
M-21   (Mjolnir's crater)
M-22   (Coulson on cell phone)
M-23   (Thor in leather)
M-24   (Selvig in lab)
M-25   (Jane in blue jacket)
M-26   (Jane head shot)
M-27   (Jane in plaid and Thor)
M-28   (Jane distressed looks over rock)
M-29   (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
M-30   (Mjolnir embedded)
M-31   (Thor raised Mjolnir)
M-32   (Odin in helmet)
M-33   (Warriors Four face throne)
M-34   (Volstagg peering)
M-35   (street scene)
M-36   (Thor crawls)
M-37   (Destroyer looms)
M-38   (Sif concerned)
M-39   (Frigga raises sword)
M-40   (Loki with scepter)
M-41   (Loki with horns and green cape)
M-42   (glass walls)

Autograph Cards (1:288 Hobby packs, 1:2500 Retail packs)

 KB    Kenneth Branagh
 JD    Joshua Dallas
 CG    Clark Gregg
 CH    Chris Hemsworth
 TH    Tom Hiddleston

       Unreleased Autograph Cards (included with Avengers Additions set)

       JA    Jaimie Alexander
       KD    Kat Dennings
       IE    Idris Elba
       CF    Colm Feore

Artist Sketch Cards (1:40 packs)

 --    Jason Adams
 --    Irma Ahmed
 --    Kate Bradley
 --    Joel Carroll
 --    Jim Cheung
 --    Wendy Chew
 --    Joyce Chin
 --    George "GEO" Davis
 --    Mark de Castro
 --    George Deep
 --    Michael Duran
 --    Arvin "John ACE" Evangelista
 --    Jerry Gaylord
 --    Kevin Gentilcore
 --    Dan Gorman
 --    Matt Grigsby
 --    Mark Henry
 --    Jose Jaro
 --    Ryan Kincaid
 --    Andy MacDonald
 --    David Mack
 --    Renato "Butch" Mapa
 --    Billy Martin
 --    Sebastian Mazuera
 --    Mark McKenna
 --    Lord Mesa
 --    Johnboy Meyers
 --    Mike Miller
 --    Jake Minor
 --    Hanie Mohd
 --    Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
 --    Richard Molinelli
 --    Gilbert Monsanto
 --    Graham Nolan
 --    Richard Pace
 --    Dan Panosian
 --    Joe Pekar
 --    Jason Keith Phillips
 --    Wilson Ramos, Jr.
 --    Lawrence Reynolds
 --    Dave Ryan
 --    Brandon Singleton
 --    Cal Slayton
 --    Aaron Sowd
 --    Cat Staggs
 --    Ken Steacy
 --    Bryan Turner
 --    Travis Walton
 --    Frankie B. Washington
 --    Sarah Wilkinson
 --    Ben Young

Printing Plate Cards (1:288 packs)

 --    (items x4, cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

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