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Thor: Ragnarok
   Upper Deck - 2017/2018

Notes: The series accompanies the 2017 motion picture. It was also found in an ePack 
version. Further information and scans are posted at the Cardboard Connection website.

Box: 15 packs of 4 cards.
16 inner boxes/case, 8 inners/outer case. 3 major hits/box.

    No.    Card Text / Title                              Issue / Description


           Parallels include: Base, Blue LTFX foil (# to 199), Red LTFX foil 
           (1:2.5 packs, # to 50).

      0    Despite his refusal to change his treacherous, sel    base  199   50
      1    Skurge tries to impress female guests by telling t    base  199   50
      2    Thor returns to Asgard after a long search for ans    base  199   50
      3    Skurge, who has replaced Heimdall, says that Odin     base  199   50
      4    Thor and Loki travel to New York, where Loki had b    base  199   50
      5    Because Loki does not know the king's exact locati    base  199   50
      6    Odin reveals his greatest mistake and insists that    base  199   50
      7    The woman goes by Hela and Goddess of Death. She m    base  199   50
      8    Thor and Loki try to return to Asgard through the     base  199   50
      9    Scavengers arrive to search for anything of value     base  199   50
     10    A strong female appears at the trash dune and amaz    base  199   50
     11    Thor's captor, Scrapper 142, takes him to the Gran    base  199   50
     12    The Grandmaster is thrilled by Scrapper 142's newe    base  199   50
     13    Although the Grandmaster is unfamiliar with Asgard    base  199   50
     14    Because Loki fell out of the Bi-Frost sooner than     base  199   50
     15    While war wages in Asgard, Hela tours the royal pa    base  199   50
     16    Placed in a gladiator cell, Thor meets Korg, who w    base  199   50
     17    Loki visits Thor and says that he landed in this c    base  199   50
     18    Loki and Thor argue about who is to blame for Asga    base  199   50
     19    Before his match, Thor spots Scrapper 142. Thor re    base  199   50
     20    After a warm-up match, the packed arena is fille w    base  199   50
     21    Incorrectly borrowing the description from Thor, t    base  199   50
     22    The door for the Champion slowly opens, and the mi    base  199   50
     23    Likje the rest of the audience, the Grandmaster is    base  199   50
     24    Thor explains to the audience that he and the Cham    base  199   50
     25    Remembering how well his first encounter with Hulk    base  199   50
     26    Loki nervously watches the event until Hulk whips     base  199   50
     27    Despite Hulk's massive size and hard beatings, Tho    base  199   50
     28    Worried that his long-standing Champion will soon     base  199   50
     29    After conqering most of Asgard, Hela next seeks to    base  199   50
     30    Heimdall has avoided capture thanks to his ability    base  199   50
     31    In Hulk's cushy chambers, Thor realizes that Hulk     base  199   50
     32    Thor asks for Valkyrie to be brought to Hulk's sui    base  199   50
     33    Valkyrie agrees that the Valkyrie were great, but     base  199   50
     34    After asking Valkyrie the whereabouts of the Quinj    base  199   50
     35    Hulk breaks off part of the Quinjet to reach his f    base  199   50
     36    Expecting an outrage over the missing Champion, th    base  199   50
     37    Away from the Grandmaster, Loki blames Valkyrie fo    base  199   50
     38    Because Bruce Banner does not remember anything ov    base  199   50
     39    As Banner tries to remain calm, a parade proceeds     base  199   50
     40    Valkyrie states that she has decided to help Thor.    base  199   50
     41    Overhearing the heroes discuss a terrible wormhole    base  199   50
     42    With Banner's scientific knowledge applied to Valk    base  199   50
     43    Valkyrie approaches the receiving dock, where she     base  199   50
     44    After Thor frees Korg and the other slaves, a riot    base  199   50
     45    Loki helps Thor take down guards, and the two Asga    base  199   50
     46    Based on what he has learned on Sakaar, Thor says     base  199   50
     47    Thor prepares Banner for the shaky voyage they are    base  199   50
     48    Topaz flies a riot ship and welcomes the chance to    base  199   50
     49    On Asgard, Thor tells Hela that he knows she wants    base  199   50


Behind the Lens Cards (1:3.75 packs)

  BTL1     Chris Hemsworth's and Mark Ruffalo's chairs on the
  BTL2     In a moment of down time, Taika Waititi uses his d
  BTL3     Cate Blanchett, in costume complete with capture m
  BTL4     Taika Waititi points out an effect that is not sta
  BTL5     Part of Sakaar's wasteland sits on a shore.
  BTL6     Taika Waititi gives direction to the Grandmaster,
  BTL7     Taika Wititi makes dual purpose of the chair in th
  BTL8     Taika Waititi wears a motion capture suit while po
  BTL9     In front of a rocky backdrop, a camera captures Id
  BTL10    Thor's time in the Contest of Champions arena is f
  BTL11    Chris Hemsworth adjusts Taika Waititi's outfit jus
  BTL12    On Sakaar, the Hulk sleeps comfortably in a bed th
  BTL13    Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are in a jovial
  BTL14    Taika Waititi makes Executive Producer Louis D'Esp
  BTL15    Taika Waititi sits at the edge of Valkyrie's quart
  BTL16    One of the Grandmaster's ships is mounted on a sim
  BTL17    A close-up of a Grandmaster's ship's cockpit shows
  BTL18    Director Taika Waiti works with Cate Blanchett on
  BTL19    Some of the Grandmaster's ships have party suites,
  BTL20    Taika Waititi stands in for a character during reh

Mistress of Death Cards (1:30 packs)

    MD1    In a flashback, the Valkyrie ride into battle agai
    MD2    Hela uses the Bi-Frost to enter Asgard and she exc
    MD3    Because Hela has proved too much for Odin, he call
    MD4    Hela throws what looks like the sword mentioned in
    MD5    In a flashback, Hela is shown in her full form. Sh

Grandmaster's Contenders Cards (1:30 packs)

    GC1    Thor
    GC2    Hulk
    GC3    Valkyrie
    GC4    Grandmaster
    GC5    Loki

Dyson Cards (1:15 packs)

           Cards can be "Ripped" at perforations to reveal mini inserts.

   D-1     New Avengers: Illuminati #0
   D-2     Incredible Hulk #88
   D-3     Incredible Hulk #89
   D-4     Incredible Hulk #90
   D-5     Incredible Hulk #91
   D-6     Incredible Hulk #92
   D-7     Incredible Hulk #93
   D-8     Incredible Hulk #94
   D-9     Incredible Hulk #95
   D-10    Incredible Hulk #96
   D-11    Incredible Hulk #97
   D-12    Incredible Hulk #98
   D-13    Incredible Hulk #99
   D-14    Incredible Hulk #100
   D-15    Incredible Hulk #101
   D-16    Incredible Hulk #102
   D-17    Incredible Hulk #103
   D-18    Incredible Hulk #104
   D-19    Incredible Hulk #105
   D-20    Giant-Size Hulk #1
   D-21    Thor Vol. 3 #1
   D-22    Thor Vol. 3 #2
   D-23    Thor Vol. 3 #3
   D-24    Thor Vol. 3 #4
   D-25    Thor Vol. 3 #5
   D-26    Thor Vol. 3 #6
   D-27    Thor Vol. 3 #7
   D-28    Thor Vol. 3 #8
   D-29    Thor Vol. 3 #9
   D-30    Thor Vol. 3 #10
   D-31    Thor Vol. 3 #11
   D-32    Thor Vol. 3 #12
   D-33    Thor Vol. 3 #600
   D-34    Thor Vol. 3 #601
   D-35    Thor Vol. 3 #602
   D-36    Thor Vol. 3 #603
   D-37    Thor Vol. 3 #604
   D-38    Thor Vol. 3 #605
   D-39    Thor Vol. 3 #606
   D-40    Thor Vol. 3 #607

Dyson Rip Short Print Cards (Hobby only, # to 15 or 5)

  DS-1     Thor #337                  15
  DS-2     Thor #338                  15
  DS-3     Thor #339                  15
  DS-4     Thor #340                  15
  DS-5     Thor #341                  15
  DS-6     Thor #342                  15
  DS-7     Thor #343                  15
  DS-8     Thor #344                  15
  DS-9     Thor #345                  15
  DS-10    Thor #346                  15

  DSS-1    Thor #347                   5
  DSS-2    Thor #348                   5
  DSS-3    Thor #349                   5
  DSS-4    Thor #350                   5
  DSS-5    Thor #351                   5
  DSS-6    Thor #352                   5
  DSS-7    Thor #353                   5
  DSS-8    Thor #354                   5
  DSS-9    Thor #355                   5
 DSS-10    Thor #366                   5

Mini Comics Cards

           Found inside ripped Dyson cards. Variations include standard and acetate.

    C1     Thor                      standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #83
    C2     Jane Foster               standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #84
    C3     Loki                      standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #85
    C4     Odin                      standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #86
    C5     Thor                      standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #89
    C6     Thor                      standard  acetate    Avengers #1
    C7     Ice Giants                standard  acetate
    C8     Hela                      standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #102
    C9     Enchantress               standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #103
    C10    Grey Gargoyle             standard  acetate
    C11    Thor/Hulk                 standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery #112
    C12    Destroyer                 standard  acetate
    C13    Volstagg                  standard  acetate
    C14    Thor/Hercules             standard  acetate    Journey Into Mystery Annual #1
    C15    Thor                      standard  acetate
    C16    Medusa                    standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #146
    C17    The Wrecker               standard  acetate
    C18    Adam Warlock              standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #165
    C19    Gaea                      standard  acetate    Doctor Strange #6
    C20    Balder The Brave          standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #274
    C21    Odin                      standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #294
    C22    Beta Ray Bill             standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #337
    C23    Thor                      standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #353
    C24    Thor                      standard  acetate
    C25    Thor                      standard  acetate    Thor Vol. 1 #366
    C26    Eric Masterson            standard  acetate
    C27    Thor                      standard  acetate
    C28    Thor                      standard  acetate
    C29    Thor                      standard  acetate    Thor The Mighty Avenger #1
    C30    Thor                      standard  acetate    Thor God of Thunder #1

Mini Comics Actor Autograph Cards (inserted in Dyson Rip cards)

  CAA1     Chris Hemsworth           standard  acetate
  CAA2     Rachel House              standard  acetate
  CAA3     Taika Waititi             standard  acetate    Korg
  CAA4     Tessa Thompson            standard  acetate
  CAA5     Taika Waititi             standard  acetate    Director

Mini Comic Creator Autograph Cards (inserted in Dyson Rip cards)

  CCA1     Walt Simonson             standard  acetate    face fwd
  CCA2     Carlo Pagulayan           standard  acetate    Hulk in helmet orange
  CCA3     Esad Ribic                standard  acetate    face fwd, R hand on sword
  CCA4     Gerry Conway              standard  acetate    face fwd, eyes fwd
  CCA5     Robert Rodi               standard  acetate    face fwd, running
  CCA6     Jim Starlin               standard  acetate    R profile
  CCA7     Aaron Lopresti            standard  acetate    Hulk with shield
  CCA8     Michael Avon Oeming       standard  acetate    wielding Mjolnir
  CCA9     Chris Samnee              standard  acetate    L profile, L arm out
             (no CCA10)
  CCA11    Gerry Conway              standard  acetate    1/16-R profile, eyes up
  CCA12    Carlo Pagulayan           standard  acetate    Hulk face fwd
  CCA13    Ron Garney                standard  acetate    L profile, cape
  CCA14    Sal Buscema               standard  acetate    bearded R arm raised
  CCA15    Chris Samnee              standard  acetate    face fwd. eyes up
  CCA16    Ron Garney                standard  acetate    face fwd, L arm out
  CCA17    Aaron Lopresti            standard  acetate    Hulk in helmet
  CCA18    Gerry Conway              standard  acetate    2/3-R profile, attacking
  CCA19    Carlo Pagulayan           standard  acetate    Hulk standing with sceptre
  CCA20    Robert Rodi               standard  acetate    2/3-R profile
  CCA21    Esad Ribic                standard  acetate    long hair down
  CCA23    Michael Avon Oeming       standard  acetate    R arm up
  CCA24    Sal Buscema               standard  acetate    Thor vz. Hulk
  CCA25    Jim Starlin               standard  acetate    Hulk running L arm down

Stars of Sakaar Actor Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

           Tier A: 1:1602 packs, Tier B: 1:801 packs, Tier C: 1:368 packs, Tier D: 1:267 packs.

  SS-1     Chris Hemsworth as Thor      Tier B            face fwd, arms down
  SS-5     Chris Hemsworth as Thor      Tier A            walking, shield on L arm
  SS-2     Rachel House as Topaz        Tier D            sceptre
  SS-7     Rachel House as Topaz        Tier C            hands down
  SS-3     Taika Waititi as Director    Tier D            hands up
  SS-6     Taika Waititi as Korg        Tier C            club out
  SS-4     Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie   Tier B            gray armor and cape
  SS-8     Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie   Tier A            blue armor standing

        Stars of Sakaar Dual Actor Autograph Cards (1:2000 packs)

  SSD-1    Chris Hemsworth as Thor / Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
  SSD-2    Rachel House as Topaz / Taika Waititi as Director
  SSD-3    Rachel House as Topaz / Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
  SSD-4    Chris Hemsworth as Thor / Rachel House as Topaz
  SSD-5    Taika Waititi as Korg / Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  SSD-6    Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie / Taika Waititi as Director

The Armory Single Memorabilia Cards (1:16 packs)

  AS-1     Thor                         staff held low
  AS-2     Heimdall                     4/5-R profile
  AS-3     Loki                         face fwd, smile
  AS-4     Grandmaster                  weapon out
  AS-5     Loki                         shouting
  AS-6     Valkyrie                     armor and cape
  AS-7     Bruce Banner                 hand down
  AS-8     Loki                         3/4-R profile
  AS-9     Grandmaster                  4/5-L profile
  AS-10    Valkyrie                     blue armor
  AS-11    Thor                         arms down
  AS-12    Loki                         1/8-L profile
  AS-13    Topaz                        sceptre
  AS-14    Hela                         green, hands out
  AS-15    Bruce Banner                 R hand up
  AS-16    Loki                         1/3-R profile
  AS-17    Topaz                        hands down
  AS-18    Heimdall                     L hand at hip
  AS-19    Grandmaster                  hands on hips
  AS-20    Loki                         face fwd, stern

        The Armory Dual Memorabilia Cards (1:40 packs)

           Tier A: 1:294 packs, Tier B: 1:147 packs, Tier C: 1:68 packs.

  AD-1     Thor / Loki                  Tier C
  AD-2     Grandmaster / Bruce Banner   Tier B
  AD-3     Thor / Valkyrie              Tier A
  AD-4     Loki / Heimdall              Tier C
  AD-5     Thor / Grandmaster           Tier C
  AD-6     Grandmaster / Topaz          Tier B
  AD-7     Heimdall / Hela              Tier A
  AD-8     Thor / Bruce Banner          Tier B
  AD-9     Grandmaster / Loki           Tier B
  AD-10    Topaz / Valkyrie             Tier A

        The Armory Triple Memorabilia Cards (1:80 packs)

  AT-1     Thor / Heimdall / Valkyrie
  AT-2     Loki / Thor / Grandmaster
  AT-3     Thor / Loki / Hela
  AT-4     Hela / Valkyrie / Topaz
  AT-5     Thor / Bruce Banner / Grandmaster

        The Armory Autographed Memorabilia Cards (1:480 packs)

  ASA1     Thor - Chris Hemsworth                 face fwd, arms down
  ASA2     Topaz - Rachel House                   sceptre
  ASA3     Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson
  ASA4     Thor - Chris Hemsworth                 1/2-L profile
  ASA5     Topaz - Rachel House                   hands down

        The Armory Dual Autographed Memorabilia Cards (1:1440 packs)

  ADA1     Thor - Chris Hemsworth / Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson
  ADA2     Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson / Topaz - Rachel House
  ADA3     Thor - Chris Hemsworth / Topaz - Rachel House

Grandmaster's Prized Possessions Autographed Chain Cards (# to 100)

  GP-1     Chris Hemsworth - Thor
  GP-2     Tessa Thompson - Valkyrie
  GP-3     Taika Waititi - Korg
  GP-4     Rachel House - Topaz
  GP-5     Taika Waititi - Director

        Grandmaster's Prized Possessions Dual Autographed Chain Cards (# to 15)

  GPD-1    Rachel House - Topaz / Tessa Thompson - Valkyrie
  GPD-2    Tessa Thompson - Valkyrie / Chris Hemsworth - Thor
  GPD-3    Chris Hemsworth - Thor / Taika Waititi - Korg

Artist Sketch Cards (1:54 packs, marked 1/1)

           Abdul Ghofur
           Adalisa Zarate
           Alex Lugo
           Allen Grimes
           Alvin Cleofas
           Andre Toma
           Andrew Barraza
           Andy Carreon
           Andy Duggan
           Anthony Fowler Jr.
           Apriyadi Ksbiantoro
           Babisu Kourtis
           Ben Abu Saada
           Bennyboy Goddard
           Brad Hudson
           Brian Schillinger
           Bridgit Connell
           Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
           Charlie Cody
           Chris "Mr. Havoc" Alvarez
           Dan Curto
           Danielle Ellison
           Danny Silva
           Darrin Pepe
           David Hindelang
           Diego Moreira
           Don Kunkel
           Eddie Price
           Elise Priola
           Elvin Hernandez
           Eric Fournier
           Ernest Romero
           Erwin Ropa
           Estrella Rivera
           Ethan Gray
           Fabian Quintero
           Floris Hoolhorst
           Geoffrey Gwin
           Gil Garcia
           Huy Truong
           Irma Suriani Ahmed
           Ivan Rodriguez
           J Hammond
           J.R. Weingartner Jr.
           Jason Sobol
           Jeff Abar
           Jesus Marquez
           Jim Nelson
           Jim O'Riley
           Jim Sabo
           Jomar Bulda
           Jude Gallagher
           Justin Ayers
           Keith Akers
           Leonardo Pertuzzatti
           Liubov Korotkova
           Lydi Li Tubillara
           Marcia Dye
           Marllon Sheep
           Mason Easley
           Matias Streb
           Matt Applegate
           Matt Hebb
           Matt Langford
           Matthew Lopez
           Melike Acar
           Michael Mastermaker
           Michelle Guerrero
           Mitch Ballard
           Myles Wohl
           Natasa Kourtis
           Nicholas Dertinger
           Nick Justus
           Nicole Virella
           Omar Soto
           Peejay Catacutan
           Phil Back
           Reid Fisher
           Rich Molinelli
           Robert Chapman
           Ryan Van Der Draaij
           Scott Lost
           Sean Anderson
           Seth Ismart
           Sherwin Santiago
           Synclaire Kaptur
           Tim Smith III
           Timothy Geathers
           Uko Smith
           Zachary Rorick

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