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The Three Musketeers
SkyBox - 1993

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                            Subset

 01   The Three Musketeers
 02   The Man of God
 03   Had Enough?
 04   One Insult Too Many
 05   Girard's Family Brute Squad
 06   The Musketters Disbanded!
 07   All But Three
 08   Branded Outlaws!
 09   Love at First Sight
 10   Nothing but Ashes
 11   A Matter of Manners
 12   The World's Biggest Windbag
 13   Cupid Plays a Jest
 14   A Small Falling-Out
 15   A Wolf among Sheep
 16   Louis Makes a Stand
 17   D'Artagnan Finds the Musketeers
 18   Three Becomes Four
 19   On Guard!
 20   Tools of the Trade
 21   Aramis Prays for the Fallen
 22   Jussac Meets His Match
 23   I'll Take Him Myself
 24   A Prisoner in the Bastille!
 25   A Mysterious Lady
 26   Where Are the Rebels?
 27   It's Him!
 28   Only Seconds Till Death
 29   Answer to Prayer
 30   Heavenly Intercession
 31   Compliments of the Cardinal!
 32   The Cardinal's Wrath
 33   D'Artagnan Tells of Conspiracy
 34   Too Hot to Handle!
 35   The Art of Wenching
 36   A Tragic Love Story
 37   Bounty Hunters Attack!
 38   Queen Anne's Dilemma
 39   Richelieu Lays His Trap
 40   D'Artagnan Learns of His Father
 41   I'll Kill You Myself!
 42   Deadly Beauty
 43   Milady's Captive
 44   Ship of Death
 45   It's Porthos the Pirate!
 46   Come and Get Me!
 47   Sabine Returns
 48   Treaty of Riddles
 49   Imprisoned Hearts
 50   Sabine's Final Gift
 51   Goodbye Forever
 52   We'll Do it Together
 53   D'Artagnan Spies the Assassin
 54   Target for Murder
 55   Battle on the Rooftop
 56   The Musketeers Challenge!
 57   Against Huge Odds
 58   Nowhere to Go!
 59   Porthos to the Rescue!
 60   Chaos in the Courtyard
 61   I Shall Be King!
 62   Athos Falls
 63   D'Artagnan Reclaims His Sword
 64   Leaving So Soon?
 65   By the Grace of God
 66   The Fury of Vengeance
 67   Ugly!!
 68   You're No Musketeer
 69   Richelieu's Plan Foiled
 70   Richelieu Flees
 71   A New Musketeer
 72   All Choked Up
 73   All for One, and One for All!

   Behind the Scenes

 74   Just a Quick Peek
 75   What Can We Blow Up Next?
 76   Lights! Camera! Wait!
 77   Working It Out
 78   It's a Wrap!


 79   D'Artagnan
 80   Athos
 81   Aramis
 82   Porthos
 83   Cardinal Richelieu
 84   Milady de Winter
 85   Captain Rochefort
 86   Constance
 87   Queen Anne
 88   King Louis

 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


Foil Cards (1:36 packs)

F1    Aramis
F2    Athos
F3    Porthos
F4    D'Artagnan

Spectra (Embossed) Cards (1:18 packs)

S1    Adventure The World Over
S2    The Real Musketeers?
S3    The Saga Continues!


S1    The Three Musketters

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