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Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans
   Doughnut Corp. of America - 1937

Notes: This series featured cards that were packaged in 6-card strips with blank backs. 
Card fronts give a clue that the holder is expected to use to identify the person depicted. 
I have alphabetized the names based on the card album, but some collectors have assigned 
mistaken identities or different formats, and the "answer" might match the artwork but 
may be arguable. (For instance, Sam Houston was not the first U.S. Senator from Texas.) 

Cards are 1-3/4" x 2-3/4". American Card Catalog reference is D146. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

   Person                              Clue                                                    Color

   "Mad Anthony" Wayne                 A Famous General of the Revolutionary War               red
   "Sitting Bull"                      This Indian Chief Made History                          green
   Abraham Lincoln                     Our Greatest President of Civil War Days                yellow
   Admiral George Dewey                The Hero of The Battle of Manila Bay                    red
   Admiral Matthew C. Perry            This Admiral "Opened the Door" to Japan                 green
   Admiral Richard E. Byrd             He Gave Us "Little America"                             yellow
   Admiral Robert Edwin Peary          The First Man to Reach the North Pole                   red
   Alexander Graham Bell               This Inventor's Name is a Household Word                red
   Alexander Hamilton                  A Noted American Killed in a Duel                       green
   Alvin C. York                       He Captured 125 Soldiers Single Handed                  blue
   Amelia Earhart Putnam               She's Soloed Across Both the Atlantic & Pacific         red
   Andrew Carnegie                     The Most Hated Name in Steel                            yellow
   Barney Oldfield                     A Famous Auto Racing Star                               green
   Benjamin Franklin                   The Name of This Early American is World Famous         green
   Betsy Ross                          To Her We Owe Our Flag                                  yellow
   Bill Tilden                         The Master Tennis Player of All Time                    red
   Buffalo Bill                        He Won His Fame in Wild West Days                       red
   Captain Bob Bartlett                The Hero of Many Polar Adventures                       blue
   Captain Eddie Rickenbacker          America's Ace in the World War                          green
   Captain Miles Standish              Famous Because Priscilla Preferred Another              yellow
   Carl Akely                          African Jungles Were Like Home to Him                   green
   Carrie Nation                       She Was a Militant Pioneer for Prohibition              red
   Charles P. Steinmetz                An Electrical Wizard of Yesterday                       blue
   Chas. A. Lindbergh                  Aviation's Brightest Star                               red
   Chief Black Hawk                    One of the Greatest Indian Chiefs                       red
   Commander Edward Ellsberg           A Famous Deep-Sea Diver                                 blue
   Cyrus W. Field                      The Man Who Laid The First Atlantic Cable               blue
   Daniel Boone                        The Indians Respected This Famous Scout                 green
   David Sarnoff                       He Caught the SOS of the Tragic Titanic                 blue
   Davy Crockett                       Noted Scout and Alamo Hero                              yellow
   Dolly Madison                       She "Saved" the Declaration of Independence             green
   Dr. Victor Heiser                   The Hero of a Thrilling Shark Story                     blue
   Earl Sande                          The Nation Cheered His Stirring Victories               green
   Fougere Audobon                     America's First Great Naturalist                        blue
   Francis Scott Key                   He Wrote Our National Anthem                            blue
   Frank "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Buck   He Brings Them Back Alive                               yellow
   Frank Luke                          He was the "Balloon Buster" of the World War            blue
   General Custer                      Fought a Vain but Glorious Battle                       blue
   George Herman "Babe" Ruth           Beloved Baseball Idol of Al Boys                        yellow
   George Washington                   First in War, First in Peace                            green
   George Washington Goethals          He Built the Panama Canal                               yellow
   Gertrude Ederle                     The World Cheered Her Channel Swim                      yellow
   Glenn Cunningham                    Nothing Could Stop This Champion                        green
   Glenna Collett                      Many Times the National Golf Champion                   red
   Jack Dempsey                        He Climbed Back to Win a Great Fight                    red
   James W. Marshall                   Started the Gold Rush to California                     yellow
   Jimmy Doolittle                     A Famous "ACE" of the Air                               yellow
   John Charles Fremont                A Pioneer of the Far West                               yellow
   John J. Pershing                    Our Great Army Leader in the World War                  yellow
   John L. Sullivan                    A Famous Fighter of Early Boxing Days                   blue
   John Paul Jones                     The Father of the United States Navy                    green
   Knute Rockne                        The Football World Will Never Forget Him                red
   Leland Stanford                     His Golden Spike Linked Oceas Together                  blue
   Major Whittlesey                    He Brought the Lost Battalion Safely Back               red
   Molly Pitcher                       Washington's Soldiers Changed Her Name                  blue
   Nathan Hale                         He Regretted He Had Only One Life to Give His Country   red
   Patrick Henry                       Asked for Death, Without Liberty                        yellow
   Paul Revere                         His Ride Through the Night Is History                   yellow
   Red Grange                          A Football Hero of Undying Fame                         blue
   Richmond Pearson Hobson             A Hero of the Spanish American War                      red
   Robert Fulton                       He Gave the Steamship to the World                      green
   Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones           He Won the "Grand Slam" of Golf                         green
   Sam Houston [sic]                   Texas Honored Him as Her First U.S. Senator             red
   Samuel F. B. Morse                  The Inventor of the Telegraph                           blue
   Stonewall Jackson                   He was the "Stonewall" of the Civil War                 blue
   Theodore Roosevelt                  Loved as "Teddy" By Us All                              yellow
   Thomas Alva Edison                  The Greatest Inventor of All Times                      green
   Thomas Jefferson                    He Wrote the Declaration of Independence                green
   Wiley Post                          He Flew Around the World in Eight Days                  red
   Will Rogers                         He Helped Teach Us How to Laugh                         green
   William Beebe                       Descended 1400 Feet into the Ocean                      blue
   Wright Bros.                        Famous Pioneer Brothers of Aviation                     yellow


   (Card Album)

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