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Thrilling Stories
   Goudy Gum - 1934

Notes: The series features 8-page booklets with an illustrated story, 
measuring approximately 1-15/16" x 2-1/2", in eight subsets. They were 
distributed in two sub-series, evidenced by printing on booklet backs: 
"One of a series of 30 Thrilling Stories." The groupings below represent 
the presumed membership in the subseries. American Card Catalog 
reference is R25. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title

Corporal Blake - Of the Northwest Mounted

  1   The Train Robbery
  2   Trailing the Masked Terror
  3   The Tell-Tale Mask
  4   The Trail in the Snow
  5   Mountie against Giant
  6   The Raging Torrent
  7   The Villains Trapped
  8   Once a Mountie Always a Mountie

Crafty Keen - The Detective

  1   Martin Murder Mystery
  2   Accusing Fingerprints
  3   The Deaf Storekeeper
  4   In the Face of Death
  5   The Secret Service Aide
  6   The Robbers' Revenge
  7   The Dead Man Helps!

Hal Hunter - Among the Savages

  1   The Man-Eating Tiger
  2   Captured by Zoodoos
  3   An Enemy and a Friend
  4   Saved by the Giant Bird
  5   A Lady's Life in Peril
  6   Hunting Human Heads
  7   The Slaves in Revolt

Yip Roper - The Young Cowboy

  1   The Indian Attack
  2   The Cattle Rustlers
  3   The "Tenderfoot" Springs a Surprise
  4   The Sheriff's Star
  5   The Runaway
  6   Facing the Killer
  7   The Half-Breed's Plot
  8   The Shot at the Wedding

Flash Brown - The Super Scientist

  1   The Mysterious Band
  2   Foiling the Kidnappers
  3   S-O-S
  4   Fight against Death
  5   Chinese Bandits
  6   Trapped in the Stratosphere
  7   World Spies
  8   The Mad Inventor

Mirtho - The Clown

  1   The Fatal Wreck
  2   Blazing Tents
  3   Murder on the Flying Trapeze
  4   A Thief in the Dark
  5   Kidnapped
  6   A Ferocious Lion Loose
  7   The Battle with the Tramp

Operator No. 7 - Of the Secret Service

  1   Robbing the Air Mail
  2   Trapping the Smugglers
  3   Telltale Finger Print
  4   The Carved Dagger
  5   The Arsenal Explosion
  6   ?
  7   Trail of the Bills

Reckless Steele - Soldier of Fortune

  1   Over the Top
  2   Death to the Tyrant
  3   War on Gangsters
  4   The Mystery Racer
  5   Desert Bandits
  6   The Mad Man
  7   Doomed by the Savage King
  8   Treachery

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