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Thunderbirds Premium
   Cards, Inc. - 2001

Notes:  A Preview Set was produced. Thanks to Nicholas Thorp for the updates! There 
appear to have been considerable instances of "short printed" or short-distributed 
cards.  Based on my experience with four boxes and by checking with other 
collectors in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, 47 of the 72 base cards were 
printed about twice as much as 25 other cards, and the short-print list is the same 
across continents.  From the U.S. and U.K. data, cards 13 and 39 are "extreme" in 
their scarcity and cards 23, 49, and 67 are "severe."  But the extreme instances 
may have been coloured by poor collation and luck. The 25 in the short list are 
noted with an "s" in the checklist below.

The "1966" set available through the redemption card was published by Barratt & Co., 
Ltd. confections, titled "Thunderbirds, A Second Series of 50."  It consists of 50 
trade-card-sized cards; publication  date is listed as 1968 in the Murray Cards 
International catalog.

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.39 per box if collation were perfect
  (but see note about potential short-prints).
Common sets, if suspicions on single- vs. double-prints are correct:
  1.51 per box on average.

No.   Title

  1   Premium Trading Cards Series 1 [title card]

Marvellous Machines

  2   Thunderbird 1
  3   Inside Thunderbird 1
  4   Thunderbird 2
  5 s Inside Thunderbird 2
  6   Thunderbird 3
  7   Inside Thunderbird 3
  8   Thunderbird 4
  9 s Inside Thunderbird 4
 10   Thunderbird 5
 11   Inside Thunderbird 5
 12   FAB 1
 13 s The Mole
 14   Firefly

Secrets of Tracy Island

 15   Thunderbird 1 hanger
 16   Thunderbird 1 is launched
 17 s Thunderbird 2 hanger
 18   Thunderbird 2 ready to launch
 19   Boarding Thunderbird 3
 20 s Thunderbird 3 makes for space
 21 s A normal everyday family?
 22   Receiving the rescue call


 23 s Jeff Tracy
 24 s Scott Tracy
 25   Virgil Tracy
 26   Gordon Tracy
 27   John Tracy
 28 s Alan Tracy
 29   Brains
 30   Lady Penelope
 31   Parker
 32   Kyrano
 33 s Tin-Tin
 34   Grandma Tracy

"Yes m'Lady" - Adventures of Lady Penelope & Parker

 35   The Hood
 36 s Secret Agents Lady Penelope & Parker
 37   A Lady of leisure?
 38   The fabulous FAB 1
 39 s Cracking the safe
 40   A little too much to drink
 41   Agents of International Rescue
 42   The perils of Lady Penelope
 43 s FAB 1 opens fire

The Many Faces of the Hood

 44 s The world's foremost villain
 45   The evil powers of the Hood
 46 s A master of disguise
 47   Stealing Thunderbirds' secrets
 48   A dangerous enemy

Incredible Rescues

 49 s Virgil controls the Mobile Elevator Cars
 50   Recovery Vehicles fire the cables
 51   Waiting for a train?
 52 s Making the news
 53 s Thunderbirds arrive to save the day
 54   Thunderbird 4 clears the debris
 55 s Thunderbird 4 is launched
 56   Thunderbird 4 is launched
 57 s Lives in the balance
 58   Shot down in the desert
 59 s Escaping the Sun just in time
 60 s Scott at the helm of the Fireflash
 61   "Oh no I'm sealed in!"
 62   The Hood's trap is set
 63   The Mole through the flames
 64 s Adrift in space

Brains's Teasers

 65   Brains's Teaser 1
 66   Brains's Teaser 2
 67 s Brains's Teaser 3
 68   Brains's Teaser 4
 69   Brains's Teaser 5
 70   Brains's Teaser 6
 71   Brains's Teaser 7

 72 s Premium Trading Cards Series 1 Checklist


Thunderbirds Are Go Foil Cards (1:5 packs)

   F.A.B.ulous Thunderbirds

F1    Thunderbird 1
F2    Thunderbird 2
F3    Thunderbird 3
F4    Thunderbird 4
F5    Thunderbird 5

   Heroes of International Rescue

F6    Scott Tracy
F7    Virgil Tracy
F8    Gordon Tracy
F9    John Tracy
F10   Alan Tracy

   Allies & Enemies

F11   Brains
F12   Lady Penelope & Parker
F13   Jeremiah Tuttle
F14   The Hood
F15   The Zombites

Ultra-Rare Cards (1:72 packs)

 R1   Christmas with the Tracys
 R2   At home with Lady Penelope
 R3   "Where to now m'Lady?"
 R4   "You rang m'Lady!"

Autographed Cards (1:72 packs)

 A1   Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds Creator & Producer, 800 signed)
 A2   Sylvia Anderson (London Agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, 600 signed)
 A3   Shane Rimmer (Thunderbird 1 Pilot Scott Tracy, 800 signed)
 A4   Jeremy Wilkin (Thunderbird 2 Pilot Virgil Tracy, 800 signed)
 A5   Matt Zimmerman (Thunderbird 3 Pilot Alan Tracy, 800 signed)
 A6   David Graham (Inventor & Engineer Brains, 800 signed)
 A7   David Graham (Aloysius Parker, 800 signed)
 A8   Bob Bell (Thunderbirds Art Director, 800 signed)

1966 Set Redemption (approx. 1:5 boxes)

R01   Redemption Offer

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (10 9-pocket pages)


P1      Coming May 2001
P2      Coming May 2001 (Gum Guide)
P3      (Thunderbird 2; inserted with Thunderbirds comics)
--      5 4 3 2 1 Thunderbirds (dealer sell sheet)

TP2-P1   Series 2 Trading Cards Coming Soon (set was not issued)

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