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Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary
   Unstoppable Cards - 2015

Notes: Thanks to David Rosciszewski and Jonathan for assistance! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 58 cards. 12 boxes/case, 1799 numbered boxes.
Common sets (54): approx. 1.78 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title                              Episode

      1   Thunderbirds 50 Years
      2   Crushed...
      3   Mole Ready to Drill
      4   Landing
      5   Firefly in Action
      6   First on the Scene
      7   Bridge Collapse
      8   Reconnaissance
      9   The Hood                           Desperate Intruder
     10   Delicate Balance
     11   Enemy
     12   Chess Anyone?
     13   Cutting Through
     14   Safecracker
     15   Shoot First
     16   Through the Fire
     17   International Rescue?
     18   Tied Up
     19   Tour
     20   Worse for Wear
     21   Fast and Furious
     22   Art Lovers
     23   On the Edge
     24   Alligator!
     25   Alien Invasion
     26   Hang On!
     27   Taking Control
     28   All at Sea
     29   Crablogger
     30   Explosion
     31   Fancy Dress
     32   Satellite Rescue
     33   Christmas
     34   Thunde3rbird 1 [flying]
     35   Thunderbird 1 [hangar]
     36   Thunderbird 2 [emerging]
     37   Thunderbird 2 [roving]
     38   Thunderbird 3 [atmosphere]
     39   Thunderbird 3 [space]
     40   Thunderbird 4 [hangar]
     41   Thunderbird 4 [roving]
     42   Thunderbird 5 [green background]
     43   Thunderbird 5 [blue background]
     44   The Mole
     45   Firefly
     46   Monobrake
     47   Domo
     48   Elevator Car
     49   Excavator
     50   Transmitter Truck
     51   Thunderiser
     52   Fire Truck
     53   Checklist [1-41]
     54   Checklist [42-54 + specials]


ReflectoMirror Foil Cards

   F1     Pilot Thunderbird 1: Scott Tracy
   F2     Thunderbird 1
   F3     Pilot Thunderbird 2: Virgil Tracy
   F4     Thunderbird 2
   F5     Astronaut Thunderbird 3: Alan Tracy
   F6     Thunderbird 3
   F7     Aquanaut Thunderbird 4: Gordon Tracy
   F8     Thunderbird 4
   F9     Space Monitor: John Tracy
   F10    Thunderbird 5

Autograph Cards (1:16 packs)

   BJ     Brian Johnson - Special Effects
   DE     David Elliott - Director
   DG1    David Graham - The Voice of Aloysius Parker
   DG2    David Graham - The Voice of Gordon Tracy
   G3D    David Graham - The Voice of Brains
   JW     Jeremy Wilkin - The Voice of Virgil Tracy
   JC     Joy Cuff - Puppetmaker
   MZ     Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Alan Tracy
   MZ2    Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Ned Cook
   MZ3    Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Zombite Controller
   SR     Shane Rimmer - The Voice of Scott Tracy
   SA1    Sylvia Anderson - The Voice of Lady Penelope

       Autograph Cards ("special locations and fan clubs"; also scarce in packs)

  MZ1V    Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Slim
  MZ2V    Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Bill Craddock
  MZ3V    Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Alfred
  MZ4     Matt Zimmerman - The Voice of Eddie Kerr [fan club and Yearset only]

       Double Autograph Card (1:1728 packs)

   DA1    Sylvia Anderson & David Graham - The Voice of Lady Penelope & the Voice of Parker

Cut Autograph Cards

    --    Gerry Anderson (# GA1 to GA12)

Printing Plate Cards (each in cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

    --    (base and foil cards)

Case-Topper Autograph Card (limited to 150)

   SA2    Sylvia Anderson - Co-Creator

Case-Topper Postcards (blank backs; 3 sets:case)

    --    (5-4-3-2-1; 4" x 6")
    --    (Thunderbird 1; 4" x 6")
    --    (Thunderbird 2; 4" x 6")
    --    (Thunderbird 3; 4" x 6")
    --    (Thunderbird 4; 4" x 6")
    --    (Thunderbird 5; 4" x 6")

Motion Postage Stamp Cards (Case-Topper Set)

   PS1    97 (black)
   PS1    88 (green)
   PS1    60 (purple)
   PS1    41 (yellow)

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)
   DG4    David Graham - The Voice of Kyrano (some also in packs)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:48 packs)

       Cards are marked SK1 or SK2 and are in horizontal or vertical orientation.

          Adam "ATC" Cleveland       horizontal  vertical
          Anastasia Catris           horizontal  
          Andy Fry                   horizontal  vertical
          Bruce Gerlach              horizontal  vertical
          Chris Henderson            horizontal  vertical
          Christopher Chamberlain    horizontal  vertical
          Clay Sayre                 horizontal  vertical
          Clinton Yeager             horizontal  vertical
          Danielle Ellison           horizontal  vertical
          Danishson Borgonos         
          David Day                  horizontal  vertical
          Don Pedicini Jr                        vertical
          Elbert Smith               horizontal  vertical
          Enid-Elvin Ramos           horizontal  vertical
          Graham Bleathman                       vertical
          j(ay)                      horizontal  
          Jason Westlake             horizontal  vertical
          Jeff Abar                  horizontal  vertical
          Jerry Fleming              horizontal  vertical
          Joe Miller                 horizontal  vertical
          Kevin Meinert              horizontal  vertical
          Kitty Lydia-Dye            horizontal  vertical
          Laura Inglis               horizontal  vertical
          Louise Draper              horizontal  vertical
          Marcia Dye                 horizontal  vertical
          Nick "NIK" Neocleous                   vertical
          Paul Cowan                 horizontal  vertical
          Paul Williams              horizontal  vertical
          Rich Molinelli             horizontal  vertical
          Rupam "Grimouevre" Gupta               vertical
          Scott Fellowes             horizontal  vertical
          Solly Mohamed              horizontal  vertical
          Steven Burch               horizontal  vertical
          Sue Thomas                 horizontal  vertical
          Tom Savage                 horizontal  vertical
          Westley Smith              horizontal  vertical

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Sketch/Autograph Cards (1:6 cases)

  MZ1V    Matt Zimmerman as Slim
  M2ZV    Matt Zimmerman as Craddock
  MZ4     Matt Zimmerman as Eddie Kerr

  DG5     David Graham as Borender
  DG6     David Graham as Jameson


  AP1     (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; ams-78; limited to 40)
  BRP1    (Mole; Dealer; Unique Trading Cards)
  CCP1    (TB1 in street; Dealer; The Cyber Cellar)
  CDP1    (Thunderbird 3; Dealer; Cards Downunder)
  CTP1    (Thunderbird 1; Dealer; Coastsidetoys)
  DTP1    (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; Derek's Trading Cards)
  GP1     (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; Gazzagames Trading Cards)
  MP1     (Thunderbird 4; Dealer; mitchy9210)
  NSP1    (TB1 hovering; Dealer; nonsportstradingcards
  PCP1    (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; # to 30; Premier Cards)
  PCP1    (Thunderbird 5; Dealer; Premier Cards)
  PHP1    (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; Paul Hart Trading Cards)
  RP1     (Thunderbird 2; Dealer; Rydeclive)
  SFP1    (TB1 at monorail; Dealer; Scifi Cards)
  UMP1    (TB1 flying; Dealer; Umbrella Trading Cards)
  UP1     (5-4-3-2-1; general distribution)
  WEB1    (Mole; Exclusive Web Promo)
  WEB2    (FAB 1; internet)

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