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Thunder Custom Motorcycle Collector Cards
Thunder Productions / Collector's Edge - 1993

Note:  Also issued as a 100-card sealed factory set.

No.   Commentary                                    Year/Model                   Builder

  1   Undoubtedly the most incredible handcrafted   1991 Nessty                  Arlen Ness
  2   The only thing slow about this bike is the l  2000 Outer Space             Arlin Fatland / Two Wheelers
  3   $5,000 exhaust on two front heads'            1990 Custom                  Cycle Fab
  4   Drag Specialties "Indy Pink" Fat Boy.         1990 Fat Boy                 Donnie Smith
  5   Real Michigan style in this Hamster bike!     1989 Low Rider               Capitol Harley-Davidson & Bob Walter
  6   Fred's Nebraska bar-hopper.                   1983 Sportster               Fred's Speed & Sport
  7   Blown-Beauty!                                 1987 FXST                    Cory Ness
  8   Pearled perfection.                           1987 FXSTC                   Grady Pfeiffer/Bob Brouett
  9   "Lead Sled," Arlen's newest California cruis  1993 Ness "Lead Sled"        Arlen Ness
 10   "Auto-Tec"-hnology in this baby!              1984 FXR Custom              Paul Shadley & Mark Shadley
 11   Cory's "Luxury Liner."                        1989 H-D FXR                 Cory Ness
 12   "Blown Panhead"                               1958 Panhead                 Donnie Smith
 13   Kurt calls this bike the "Soybean Sportster.  1976 Sportster               Fred's Speed & Sport
 14   Arlen's "blacked-out low rider."              1990 H-D                     Arlen Ness
 15   Donnie's talent is obvious here!              1975 FXE                     Donnie Smith
 16   Arlen's "Two Bad" is the first twin engine s  1971 Dual Engine Sportsterx  Arlen Ness
 17   Donnie & Dave team up!                        1985 FXRS                    Donnie Smith
 18   Arlen calls this beauty "Orange Blossom."     1975 H-D                     Arlen Ness
 19   Stock sucks! Huh, Lance?                      1978 H-D                     Lance R. Gudmundson
 20   "Pro-fection" was two years in the making!    1978 Shovelhead              Cycle Fab
 21   One fine lady's ride.                         1973 Sportster               Bill Mesenbrink
 22   Don's Iowa Evo moved to California.           1991 FXRS                    Don Hotop
 23   "Radical Pat's" bike, "Notorious."            1977 H-D                     Patrick O'Brien, Sr.
 24   Check out the flames on this hot scoot!       1992 H-D                     Donnie Smith
 25   Check out Donnie's custom rear fender!        1984 Softail - Pro Street    Donnie Smith
 26   Exquisite engraving by Dave Perewitz!         1988 Custom built            Mark Shadley/Brad Lovley
 27   Grady's admiration for Ness is apparent on t  1981 Low Rider               Grady Pfeiffer
 28   "Tec'd" out!                                  1992 Custom                  Mark Shadley / Auto-Tec
 29   Sleek & clean!                                1979 H-D FXH                 Donnie Smith/Rob Roehl
 30   Custom fabricated foot pegs, shift & brake l  1991 Completion              Donnie Smith/Steve Laugtug
 31   "Bo" knows bikes!                             1984 FXRTH                   Donnie Smith/William Kozak III
 32   Test bed for Ness Softail parts.              1990 H-D FXST                Arlen Ness
 33   Cubanize it again, Fred.                      1983 FX                      Fred's Speed & Sport
 34   Just say "Iso", Bob.                          1989 H-D                     Cycle Fab/Rick Sansone
 35   Just a few Ness baubles on this beauty!       1989 Ness                    Ness Enterprises - Woody
 36   Set off alarms with that exhaust, Donnie?     1986 883 Sportster           Donnie Smith/Jason Mitchell
 37   A show-stopping Sportster!                    1969 Sportster               Cycle Fab
 38   Stretched out & power filled!                 1979 Custom                  Donnie Smith
 39   Donnie says, "It's plenty kick-ass and trick  1991 H-D                     Donnie Smith
 40   "The Old Guy" shows off his work!             1978 FXE                     Jerry Scherer
 41   Fred's Hamster yellow 1989 Sturgis project!   1986 FXR                     Fred's Speed & Sport
 42   This bike was inspired by the early Harley r  Nesstique                    Arlen Ness
 43   Dave's chrome yellow beauty.                  1989 Low Rider               Capitol H-D & Bob Walter
 44   Grady calls this bike the "Green Lizard."     1986 FXRS                    Grady Pfeiffer
 45   One of Arlen's most famous creations. This b  1959 Panhead                 Arlen Ness
 46   Another Hamsters' glory.                      1987 FLST                    Donnie Smith/Alkis Arambadjis
 47   Chris calls this bike "Puppet Master."        1988 FXRS                    Chris Barbieri - H-D of Camden County Inc.
 48   Diamonds are forever!                         1979 H-D Low Rider           Darrol Martin
 49   Awesome California colors!                    1992 H-D                     Arlen Ness/Danny Rappley
 50   Check out the meticulous paint job on this b  1986 FXR H-D                 Gary Franta
 51   Evidence that Arlen Ness is an artist who ne  1992 FXRP                    Arlen Ness
 52   Check out "Scooter's" airdam!                 1992 H-D FXRS-SP             Jim Salzbrunn
 53   "Kwik Silver," Arnie's 15-year inspiration,   1986 Police                  Arnie Araujo
 54   This Iowa builder's latest creation.          1992 H-D Softail             Don's Speed & Custom/Sieg Weiler
 55   Perewitz loves painting those flames!         1992 H-D Rigid               Cycle Fab/Rick's Fabrication
 56   All this bike needs is diamonds!              1969 XL Sportster            Al Reichenbach/AJR Custom Cycle
 57   Black Gold!                                   1986 H-D Big Twin            Al Reichenbach/AJR Custom Cycle
 58   These Hamsters sure like yellow!              1987 H-D FXLRH               John Frey
 59   It doesn't get hotter than this!              1990 H-D Springer            Ed Kerr/Ken Rasp
 60   Ron's custom creation.                        1985 H-D FXR                 Ron Banks
 61   "Wildman's" stroked, ported, fast, low & lea  1987 H-D FXST                Cycle Fab
 62   All that engraving by Cycle Fab!              1989 H-D FXRS                Cycle Fab
 63   Bob had "Walters" incorporated into the grap  1988 - Assembled - H-D       Bob Walter
 64   A paint job to match his Hamster t-shirt?     1985 FXR                     Gene Koch
 65   Rick joins the "Ol Daze" with the new.        1992 Rigid Evo               Rick Pew
 66   Jim's Black Beauty!                           1988 H-D FXRS                Jim Betlach/Donnie Smith/Tom Motzko
 67   Donnie miraculously pulled off a 2 month dea  1992 FLHTC                   Donnie Smith/D.S.
 68   Lots of chrome for Larry to polish!           1989 H-D FXLR                Cycle Fab
 69   Dave's '81 Sporty puts most others to shame!  1981 XL Hamster              Cycle Fab
 70   A mint Heritage!                              1988 H-D Heritage            Cycle Fab/Rick Sansone
 71   "Strictly Business" started life as Hayward   1980 H-D FX                  Arlen Ness
 72   Custom crafted & painted to perfection!       1987 H-D FXR                 Cycle Fab
 73   Radical Sporty!                               1977 H-D XL                  Cycle Fab/Dave & Jackie Silvia
 74   "Sinister Purpose"                            1989 H-D FXRS                Cycle Fab/Tom Dwyer
 75   Evidence Bob's understated style!             1986 FXR                     Bob Walter
 76   Another FXR gets Cubanized!                   1986 H-D FXR                 Fred's Speed & Sport
 77   Donnie makes 1980 look real good!             1980 FXWG                    Donnie Smith/Dave Roeld
 78   Best E.T. 10:10 - 127.89 mph.                 1992 FX                      Chris Barbieri - H-D of Camden County Inc.
 79   This super clean FXR is a great example of w  1989 H-D FXR                 Arlen Ness
 80   Looks fast even standing still!               1991 FXRP                    Doug Reopke
 81   Pan-tastic!                                   1965 Panhead                 Arlen Ness
 82   Built by Minnesota's best builder for the st  1992 H-D FXSTC               Donnie Smith/D.S.
 83   Wait till next year!                          1991 FLSTC                   Tom Motzko
 84   You figure it out!                            1995 Panhead                 2-Wheelers
 85   East Coast style from an East Coast shop.     1984 FXR                     Cycle Fab
 86   The "Doctor o'Love's" fine putt.              1988 H-D FXR                 Joe Procopio, Jr.
 87   Ssss! Hot!                                    1987 FXR                     Cory Ness/Jon Borneman
 88   You name it, Donnie changed it!               1986 H-D FXR                 Donnie Smith
 89   Original hardtail springer frame.             1949 H-D                     John Frey
 90   What's a "gold rush!"                         1985 H-D FXRP                Al Reichenbach/AJR Custom Cycle
 91   This "Blower Bike" still blows everyone's mi  1980 Ness                    Arlen Ness
 92   Hot family scoot!                             1989 H-D FLHTC w/side car    Cycle Fab
 93   Lean, mean, green machine!                    1988 FXRS                    AJR Custom Cycles
 94   A flawless Reichenbach gold reaction.         1957 XL Sportster            Al Reichenbach/AJR Custom Cycle
 95   Reminiscent of Arlen's early California chop  1991 H-D FXST                Arlen Ness
 96   Barb's "Midnight Rider."                      1988 FXRS                    Chris Barieri
 97   Black Chrome!                                 1982 H-D Wide Glide          Cycle Fab
 98   100% customized from the ground up!           1984 Custom                  Donnie Smith
 99   Hang 'em high, Bob!                           1992 H-D                     Cycle Fab
100   Johnny Pag gave "The Heirloom" to his son, J  1979 H-D FLH (at one time)   Pag Bros. Cycles


Foil Cards


Uncut Sheets

--    (Unnumbered, 2 different)

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