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The Tick Collectible Stickers
Panini-Fleer/SkyBox - 1995

Note:  Stickers are 1-7/8" x 3".

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 3.85 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Caption

  1   Ho!
  2   Arthur, we're superheroes! Something always
  3   Let's get outta here!
  4   Stop your evil ways! You face The Tick!
  5   Big blue jerk! He's going to ruin everythin
  6   Egad! Unsightly!
  7   Oof! Sooo... That's the way you want it, e
  8   Owww!
  9   Are you alright? / Yes... Thank you.
 10   (no caption)
 11   Aghh! Careful, careful! These things are se
 12   (no caption)
 13   Keen! The crime of the century!
 14   (no caption)
 15   Stop! Don't go shaking zose!
 16   (no caption)
 17   Zese babies can really burn!
 18   Now I ask you... Is that a birthday present
 19   Sooo... You guys got any... super action go
 20   No, it's pretty quiet up here. See you late
 21   Hop in, boys.
 22   (no caption)
 23   The Tick caters to no man!
 24   Oh, diamonds ...How original.
 25   Happy birthday, Chairface! I hope you like
 26   Ooh, I like him!
 27   Hey! Where did you people grow up?!
 28   Tick! What are you doing?!
 29   Hey! You're American Maid!
 30   (no caption)
 31   This must be the part where I reveal my sin
 32   I, Chairface Chippendale, will write my nam
 33   ...Because I'm going to feed you to my pit
 34   Swing with me, Arthur!
 35   Hisssss! / Snap! / Snap!
 36   Crunch!
 37   Chairface
 38   We've only got seconds to thwart Charface's
 39   C! / Kablam!
 40   Nnggg!
 41   Wonderful! Wonderful!
 42   It's that terrible rabbit person - He's run
 43   En garde!
 44   Ngaa! Unsettling trend!
 45   (no caption)
 46   The party's over, Chairface! Give it up, or
 47   No prison can hold Chairface Chippendale!
 48   And thwart we did!
 49   Say-y-y! You've got a little... yes... some
 50   ...He's got some pretty heavy things on his
 51   Today is our day off. We're going to spend
 52   Welcome to Dinosaur Grotto
 53   I never knew I could learn so much. Now jus
 54   Hey, smooth!
 55   Bad move, Neil! / Gasp
 56   Ah, well... No harm done.
 57   Child-proof cap! Impossible!
 58   Tick! Take off that shirt!
 59   Dot! H-hi!
 60   Are you O.K.? You look a little... big!
 61   Dad really messed you up, didn't he?
 62   Live 17
 63   ... is now seventy feet tall and walking do
 64   (no caption)
 65   M-must... s-save... c-city!!!
 66   Arrrrghhh!
 67   (no caption)
 68   To action!
 69   Hey! Dinosaur Neil! What are ya doin'?!
 70   Swat!
 71   O-oh... I seeee...
 72   Arthur! Fight that wild hair!!!
 73   (no caption)
 74   (no caption)
 75   (no caption)
 76   Prepare to fire!
 77   (no caption)
 78   Nnggg!
 79   (no caption)
 80   Egad!
 81   Oof! Ugh! Hut!
 82   Geronimo!
 83   Down the hatch, big boy! Aspirin away!!!
 84   Ugh! Nnnnnngh!
 85   Ha!
 86   (no caption)
 87   To the showers with us!
 88   Unique, Neil... Unique.
 89   ... But I'm still not going to do the dishe
 90   Once again, my friend, we find that science
 91   (no caption)
 92   ... And it can really ruin a good day off!
 93   (no caption)
 94   (no caption)
 95   Ow! Watch out! Big dog!
 96   (no caption)
 97   Whoops! Heh-heh...
 98   Smash!
 99   This looks like a job for Legal Tender!
100   (no caption)
101   Excellent!
102   Grrrrrrr... / No, oh, uh... no! Quit it, Sk
103   (no caption)
104   Hmmm, good... Ha! Good, good.
105   Lovely, beautiful, thinking brains!!!
106   (no caption)
107   (no caption)
108   Hmmmm... Being 'here' is a lot like being l
109   We saw it first! Egad! Is that your brain?!
110   Arthur's being attacked by major name-brand
111   (no caption)
112   Any time, Tick! Any time you want to help..
113   (no caption)
114   Evil is afoot!
115   Must use every muscle in sinewy concert to
116   Uhhh... Lookin'... good.
117   Hellloooo, boys! Come in, we've been expect
118   Oh, that's right... You two haven't met Cha
119   Crisit! Crisis!
120   ... The Tick would like to 'rap' with you!
121   Smash the Moon into the Earth
122   Whoa! Hey! / Uh-oh. Oww! / Chomp! Chomp! Ch
123   Cha
124   (no caption)
125   Ch
126   I dare because I care! The Tick is one happ
127   (no caption)
128   CH
129   Heh-heh! That was fun. Let's do it again!
130   Cleaning this mess up is coming out of your
131   Little man, have we learned our lesson?
132   (no caption)
133   What fun! ... And for free!
134   You didn't tell me he was so big!
135   Your will is mine! / Whoa... Okay.
136   Cluck. Cluck. Cluck.
137   Tick!!! / Hel-lo.
138   (no caption)
139   Control yourself!
140   I just had the craziest dream.
141   Tick! I'm still in control here!
142   (no caption)
143   Ewww... Slimy!
144   (no caption)
145   Pendecker
146   Pendecker
147   Thinking Cap
148   (no caption)
149   I wonder what the Tick's worst nightmare wi
150   Noooooooooooo!!!
151   Ohhhhh... That feels... good!
152   No... thank you...
153   Nothing can stop me. I shall rule the world
154   (no caption)
155   ... The headache I've got!
156   ... And let's try and keep that in mind!

---   (Sticker Album)

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